Sunday, 16 July 2017

Nice guys: Don't believe the hype, these men are manipulative

Most nice guys hide their real personalities

Nice guys are jerks who are afraid to be themselves.

Popular culture would make you believe that nice guys are nice. Well, that's a big fat lie.

Forget what you have read or watched in movies or on TV, nice guys are deceptive and sleazy. The media has always painted the nice guy as the selfless, shy and goofy gentleman. He is seen as the guy who would break his back for the lady he has a crush on.

Mainstream media has churned out numerous scenes where the nice guy after hoping for so long he finally gets his girl. Only if movies were true. In real life, most nice guys are sleazy who don't have the courage to be who they want to be. They are afraid to be themselves.


You see the bad guy or the a**hole is who Mr Nice Guy wants to be. As a matter of fact deep down he thinks like the bad guy. The only reason he hides this part of himself from women is that he wants to manipulate them with his 'niceness." His average mindset is that if he shows a woman how nice he is he can get her over a guy who doesn't care about her feelings.


This is an eye-opener. Nice guys are manipulative. No one in life is nice 100% of the time. Everyone is selfish and thinks of themselves first. When you see a guy doing everything to please a woman, he is manipulative and not nice.

Subconsciously, this is why women don't end up dating nice guys. They prefer guys who are honest and upfront about who they are. They would rather deal with these guys and their imperfections than date men who act nice all the time just to be with them.

It is possible to be a jerk and be nice but when a man is nice all the time, he is sending dangerous signals. First of all, he is hiding some deep issues which he hasn't resolved. Secondly, he doesn't have the courage to be himself and be a leader.

There is nothing romantic about nice guys. They want what most men want but would rather be deceptive and manipulative about it instead of being straightforward.

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