Monday, 17 July 2017

Erotic Story/Edymaniac: My adventures with freaky Titi [Part 6]

Titi and I were having a good time in Lagos. The Jacuzzi was providing us a lot of inspiration of what of what to do next.

"I surprised myself by going after your ass. I have never done that before but it just looked so inviting as it sparkled with water. Of course I remembered that you had washed and it looked so clean. I think I have found a new way to drink wine," I replied.

We decided to get out of the Jacuzzi. We dried off and laid down on the bed. Titi began to stroke my dick into an erect state and then proceeded to suck on it.

She loved to stick her tongue in the little hole and nibble on my dick head. This always made her hot and she needed my dick in her pussy.

She straddled me and aimed my dick in her pussy and rode me until she achieved another orgasm.

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It was time for me to fuck her in the ass so I had her kneel on all fours with her gorgeous ass in the air. She always put her head on the mattress and turned to the side so that she could watch. This time she had the added benefit of mirrors on the wall and ceiling and so could clearly see the penetration. I broke out the lube and put an ample amount in her asshole.

I fingered her ass and pussy at the same time.

"I love the feel of your fingers in my ass and pussy together!" Titi exclaimed.

If there was one thing I liked besides fucking a beautiful ass is preparing an asshole for a good pounding. After several minutes of finger fucking her pussy and asshole I couldn't wait any longer and I had to get my dick in her beautiful ass. I removed my fingers and lined up the head of my dick at her moist puckered ring and pressed forward slowly.

My cock head strained to pop through and she let out a little groan as the pressure from my iron hard dick forced her little ring to open like a flower and suddenly my large mushroom head slipped into her ass. Titi let out a groan as her rear passage was stretched to accommodate my fat dick.

"Oh, you are going to make me like this more than the regular way," she gasped and shivered as I filled her fully and withdrew my dick slightly.

I felt her ass tighten around me and I continued to slowly thrust in and out of her ass until all 8 inches were tightly up her ass.

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Titi really began to moan and her whole body shook in anticipation of what she knew was coming. I began to slowly fuck her but soon picked up the pace as I penetrated her with long hard thrust that used the entire length of my thick dick.

She was going wild as she loved the feel of my dick as it pulled out and then came crashing back in as my big heavy balls bounced off her pussy. Titi was thrashing around uncontrollably, gasping and moaning with pleasure.

When I reached underneath her to stroke her clit she exploded with her third orgasm of the night. I continued to hammer her ass with long strokes then suddenly I felt that familiar tension in my balls and I knew I was close.

I began to thrust my raging dick harder into her bouncy ass in search for my release, which also increased the intensity of her orgasm.

 She was yelling and moaning, clawing and scratching at the cover of the bed begging me to cum.

"Give it to me, give it to me, give me your cum, cum in my ass," she begged.

I felt powerful and dominant with my impressive dick thrusted up the beautiful ass of a woman who could not get enough of me. Titi lay submissively before me on all fours as I towered above her like a wild animal with a strong sexual hold on her.

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I took firm hold of her hips and slammed once more full force into Titi's ass. I did that three or four more times and then I let out a loud groan as I emptied my seed deep into her ass. I couldn't believe how much cum I produced as my dick continued to hammer into her ass.

When I was finished I pulled out of her ass as Titi collapsed on the bed utterly tired. I slumped down next to her trembling body. I looked over at Titi and I noticed my seed oozing from her ass. It resembled a natural spring as the semen just seemed to bubble up as she tried to relax her anal muscles.

Titi and I got up, showered and returned to the Jacuzzi where we soaked our aching muscles. After the Jacuzzi I offered her a massage which she gladly accepted. I had her lay face down and worked her back, legs and buttocks.

Not so surprising I got an erection as I massaged and fingered her ass again. I came a second time that night when I fucked her ass again.

After the ass fuck I rolled Titi over on her back and continued the massage this time working her tits, stomach, legs and back.

I finished her off with another thorough pussy eating which had her screaming my name and humping my face with her volcanic orgasm and then I shoved my cock into her pussy and came for the final time that night.

After that we were really spent and had just enough energy to shower, dress and drive home.

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Over the next couple of years Titi and I continued our affair. We continued to have sex in the office, car, on the road and the hotel. We played games with each other taking turns being a slave and having to do what the other person demanded.

I would fondle her ass and finger-fuck her pussy. Sometimes she got so turned on she pulled off her skirt and begged me to eat her pussy and then fuck her pussy.

She looked so sexy with her skirt down around her thighs that I just had to bend her over my desk and fuck her ass.

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