Friday, 11 August 2017

YouTube: Video service now allows you chat and share videos with your friends

Johanna Wright, (VP, Product Management, YouTube) announcing YouTube Go at the Google For Nigeria event in Lagos.

In addition to being able to share videos and chatting, you will also be able to reply to videos you receive with other videos.

YouTube has launched a new sharing feature within its mobile app which it has been testing with some select users. The feature will let YouTube users send videos to their friends and chat — within the app — from a new tab.


The Google-owned company has been testing the feature since 2016 and rolled it out to users in Canada as a kind of “soft launch”. The global rollout of the feature is already underway so if you don’t have it yet, fret not.


The current version of the chat feature with YouTube is rolling out is the result of extensive tests. Those tests have led the company to change the way the user interface appears to users, and it also made the video being shared stick to the top of the chat when you scroll down.

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You will also be able to reply and chat while you’re watching a video, to give the feature more of a real-time feel. However, YouTube has not gone to the extent of integrating things emoji responses and co-viewing.


The idea behind the feature is to keep some of the social activity that happens around videos — sharing of links and chats about the videos themselves — within the YouTube app instead of other messaging apps people usually use. 

In addition to being able to share videos and chatting, you will also be able to reply to videos your receive with other videos and you will also be able to share with a group of up to 30 people.


The feature will be available on Android and iOS worldwide. If you haven’t gotten this feature on your YouTube app, be patient. It will get to you eventually.

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