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Wavy The Creator: You have no idea what she is and that's fine

Wavy the Creator, the young creative here to inspire people

Wavy The Creator is just here to inspire the world with what she does.

Aura is defined as a distinctive and pervasive quality or character.

Some people just stand out in a room. When they are in a certain place you know instantly that they are around. All eyes would be on them. They have the power to shift the mood of a place without even trying. Only a few people possess this.

One of such people is Wavy The Creator. It was late June 2017, that I first laid my eyes on the young creative loosely associated with the YBNL crew. It was in the heart of Lekki at a place called The Underground. The event was the 90s Baby Sound Off- a gathering of Nigerian millennials to watch their favourite off-the-mainstream-grid acts perform.


One of the acts billed to perform at the intimate show was Wavy. She didn't have to hold the mic before she a got a lot of people's attention. As she came in there was a noticeable shift. Her aura was so heavy that you had to take your eyes off the person who was performing and just watching. Wavy is magnetic.

"I think I have a very rare vibe. And I am very weird. I have a lot of weird moments. I like to be different. I don't like to be the same because when you are the same in a room you don't stand out. Your goal as a creative is to stand out with whatever you are doing" she tells me during an interview at the Pulse office.


Wavy does do a good job of standing out. Rocking a blond hair cut she looks like a character in a futuristic sci-fi movie than one of the young Nigerians pushing the envelope creatively.

Her visually compelling fashion sense is determined by how she feels and the vibes she receives that day. "How I feel.  I think that's the best way because some days I feel a certain way and I'm like 'okay yes I want to dress like this and put on all my accessories and go out. And some days I'm not feeling it too much. I dress based on the day and how I am feeling and the vibe I am getting" she explains.

Apart from music and photography, Wavy also has two fashion brands- Azif and Very Rare Vibes. Add videos to her resume and you get the picture that Wavy is a multi-disciplined creative. She draws and paints also.

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Jack of all trades and mistress of none doesn't apply to Wavy because they are all a means to one goal. "The master plan is to impact the most people that I can do what I do, just to be an inspiration. I am assuming there are other young creatives like myself out there who are not fully developed in what direction they want to go to. I guess I want to put myself as a symbol of...a guideline I guess just to see.." she calmly says.


Wavy the Creator does not believe in rules. She doesn't believe she has to stick to one thing. She scoffs at the idea of her being a singular artist and says "everything in art is kinda aligned together. So music flows with the fashion, the fashion flows with filming, and the filming flows with photos.  To me I just see it as one thing, it's just art.

"When I create I don't see it as doing different things. When I'm either singing or making a film, it is the same thing I am doing, it is just a different form of art." That singular vision of inspiring others and multi-approach to do art, for the lack of a better phrase, is helping her making waves.

At Lemon Curd 2.0 when it was first announced that she wasn't going to perform due to illness, people were legit sad. They wanted to watch the budding enigma on stage. Adding to her mystery, she popped up on stage to perform her song. Of course, the crowd felt her vibes.


Her single  H.O.D produced single  'H.I.G.H'  released two months ago would soon hit 10,000 streams on Soundcloud. Not bad for someone who started doing music last summer.

H.I.G.H which stands for 'Her In Greater Heights' is a favourite with young music lovers who are not necessarily into the Afrobeats vibe. 'H.I.G.H' is a pleasantly smooth and jazzy trip that you can relax and zone out to.

Wavy admits that she didn't think she could do music in the first place. "To me, I don't even see music as hard. I started making music last summer and I never wanted to make music." However, after recording her first single last summer and seeing the response she got she decided to give the music thing a shot.

I first knew about Wavy thanks to Nigeria's rap star Olamide. He posted a few dope photos of himself on Instagram and tagged someone called @wavythecreator. I was curious to who this person was and checked out her Instagram account. Wavy's Instagram account is a digital photo book of crazy, cool, and weird vibes.


Her path would cross with that of Olamide's in the land of Donald Trump in 2016. Olamide had already known about Wavy during his tour of America last year.

A friend of hers was a supporting act on the tour. Wavy was taking pictures of her friend on stage. She later met with Olamide and introduced herself to him. Baddo saw some of her shots and was interested in working with her.

During his performance at One Africa Fest in Houston Wavy was his personal photographer for the night. "He just loved the work that I did so much and he reached out to me and said he wanted to fly me out to come back to Nigeria. That kind of blew my mind and I was like 'wow, that's crazy'" she explains.

Wavy was meant to be in Nigeria for just a month, December, but the young and vibrant creative scene in the country has made her stretch her stay. "When I came the vibe and everything was just like lovely so I just decided like why not and stay a little bit longer," says Wavy.

"For the longest time, I didn't want to come back. Just because of that fear of 'I don't want to come and it's just like one way' and people just trying to follow all of these rules...I felt like me being here is the right moment, it is the right time. For anyone doing stuff in the creative world, it is the right time to be here. There is so much happening right now" she adds later on about the surprisingly fresh youth culture in Nigeria now.

Olamide isn't the only Nigerian music superstar that has done something with Wavey. D'banj has also felt her a creative prowess. Wavy and D'banj have a mutual friend who one day was rocking one of her hats which she designed called the kambi hat.

"He (D'banj) was like I need so much more of this. So we got in contact and then we just talked a bit and he bought a few of them and he has been rocking them ever since. That one is just a blessing on its own" says Wavy.


In the era of gender neutrality, Wavy fits right in even though she doesn't like being put in a box. Picture her as the new Weird MC on Allen Avenue with a camera in her hand and a microphone in front of her wearing one of her T-shirts or designs. 


One time on Twitter, people were guessing her gender. Is Wavy a boy? Is Wavy a girl? This buzz about her has been with her all her life even in Houston but the speculation about her gender doesn't bother her.

"I think it is the one thing that is intriguing about me when you see me or see me walk by. I like it because I don't like to be figured out all the way. So I think it adds to whatever brand I am trying to create" she states.

She claims that Michael Jackson is her inspiration. "Every single thing that that man did throughout his life was genius. It was crazy. I think I have watched like every single thing about him" she says about the late pop icon who moon-walked into greatness. 


"He has played a huge role in my thinking. When I see him I see like freedom of expression 'cos he was really expressive about his art" she gushes about Michael Jackson.

Wavy expresses herself with no hesitation even though it has gotten her a few looks and stares in conservative Nigeria. "Everywhere I go I get looks and I am not sure if it is a good look or a bad look. One thing I realize again is that change is constant" says Wavy.

She thinks Nigerian mainstream culture can be pushed into accepting new things and new ways. "There is a culture here right? But it is a whole different culture that can be expanded and it can be better and can be more exciting. And I wanted to bring that with me. They see a difference that they may not understand but at some point, we need to accept because it is different. It is something they have never seen before."


Her mission statement is simple. "I am trying to make an impact with every single different thing I make a difference to show people that there are different routes to one goal."

She is already off to a good start.

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