Wednesday, 9 August 2017

#ThevoiceNigeria Season 2 Battle Recap: The Double Steals And Team Swaps Mark Firsts

#ThevoiceNigeria Season Two has already gotten to the battle stage and the first set of battles provided a lot of drama. Things kicked off interestingly at the first battle episode with coach Patoranking getting exactly what he wants.

Coach Patoranking has so far shown his dexterity at getting what he wants no matter how long it took and he has shown that so far in this season of #ThevoiceNigeria. The battle stage this past week saw the show off his patience as he waited for the right moment to steal one of the talents that hitherto belonged to #TeamWaje in person of Daniel to his team, after his exciting battle with Efezino.

Patoranking had wanted Daniel to be a part of his team from the onset, as he had challenged coach Waje to have the budding Talent be a part of his team during the Blind Auditions when they both turned for him. Daniel had however chosen to join Waje’s team then after she won him over with her lobbying tactics.

Things however changed during the battle stage as Waje picked Efezino for #ThevoiceNigeria Live Shows. Host of #ThevoiceNigeria, IK Osakioduwa had asked Daniel to say a few words before leaving the stage, to which the Talent obliged. As he made his way off stage, Patoranking hit the STEAL buzzer and a stunned Daniel could not believe his luck.

Coach Waje was as excited as the Talent as she screamed and jumped with excitement. Patoranking then made it known to Daniel that he admired him as he said, “Daniel, you’re not going anywhere! I said I was gonna wait for this moment. Things and times change and I told myself, let me just wait for that moment.”

In what seemed like a reciprocated gesture, Coach Waje made the second STEAL for the night by stealing #TeamPato’s Favour, after her electrifying Battle with KessyDriz.

The implications of the night is that Daniel will be going into #ThevoiceNigeria live shows on #TeamPato and Favour on #TeamWaje. It is left to be seen how the change will affect the dynamics of the respective Teams.

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