Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Tekno: Singer’s is about to gift himself the one thing his career desperately lacks

Tekno is gearing up for his debut album titled "Teenage Dreams"

Tekno is finally the getting the one property he lacks in his career - an album.

When Tekno rejected his nomination for the Headies 2016 Next Rated Category, he had personal reasons for doing that. He considered himself a big artist who should be vying for top honors with ‘real awards’, not rookie trophies designed for newcomers.

When his reasons are simplified and looked at, you would find cause to agree with him. Tekno scored his first speculative hit in 2013, when he hooked up with Davido for the single ‘Holiday’. Although the never truly made him a star, his name had been thrown on to the radar. To the music industry practitioners and enthusiasts, he existed. A hit was in the bag, and that was it.

2014 had him drop the incredible party-starter, ‘Dance’, which dominated the airwaves with very minimal promotion and a video. The song flew through the clubs and radio, becoming one of the hottest songs to come out of the country in 2014. But although it further reinforced the singer’s name on the radar, it ultimately did little for his profile.


That’s why the Next Rated category seemed like a good option once he began to enjoy his due from ‘Duro’, ‘Wash’ and more. He blew up in every way possible, developed a strong following, and became a breakout artist. It took two years for him to move from having a speculative hit song, to becoming a champion of pop music. The Headies organisers might have followed the journey, but it was only in 2015 did he fully convince.

Tekno might have felt old in the game, but to everyone who sat on the sidelines and cheered the slim wonder and his weird dance moves, he was a shiny new product.

But Tekno didn’t believe that. To him, he was an ‘OG’. And so he turned down the award.

Regardless of anything, Tekno failed to understand one thing: technically, without an album, every artist is a rookie professional. You might make hit records, chase the brightest lights, sign the biggest deals, and have the loudest fans. But without that project to capture your growth and provide everyone with a body of work to explore your art, you are a rookie.

Regardless of what has become of the album culture of Nigeria, an album is important to not only represent the artist’s level of artistry, but to mark each moment in the artists creative journey. Tekno’s creative journey so far is still a linear story, one that has him working with the aid of a very potent formula to make hit records.

But as an ‘old’ artist, he has no album filled with tunes to capture this moment. That’s why he is still a ‘young’ artist. Every time he makes a move, there’s a crowd that simply invalidates his entire career with just one question: “Where is your album?”

Ouch. That must hurt.

But Tekno has a new answer to that question now. The singer has always been expected to come up with a full body of work in 2017. And he spent a huge part of the year pushing out singles. Take a look at his releases in the past 6 months, it reads like an arsenal of some sorts: ‘Yawa’, ‘Be’ ‘Samantha’, and ‘Go’. You get a sense that there’s something coming. Something bigger tha

“My album is titled “Teenage Dreams,” Tekno says in a new video which he shared on social media. It brings confirmation that the singer is coming through with an LP. It’s the ultimate “It’s coming!’ scream which gives the project a public form.

Tekno is finally the getting the one property he lacks. This new project, whether it turns out to be so good that we all tear our hair out, or it is so bad that we feel sick after the first listen, it satisfies his need for an album. It shuts up the critics of his working ethic, and answers questions regarding his commitment to the art.

No one knows when the project will drop. No one has a date for the work yet. It is probably locked away in some secret safe, waiting for the D-day. But at least we know it exists, and it’s coming. At least, we know that Tekno will shed that rookie tag and become the proud owner of a body of work.

Cheers to “Teenage Dreams.”

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