Friday, 4 August 2017

Tech: Miami is getting a $120 million urban park from the designer of The High Line


Construction is underway for Miami's Underline, a planned park and trail beneath the city's elevated Metrorail line.

Miami's Metrorail transit system, the majority of which runs above ground, stretches 24 miles from south to north in the city. But the areas underneath the metro's two lines, covered in dirt, grass, and asphalt, are mostly unused by residents.

Now the city is turning 10 miles of space beneath to Metrorail into a new park and pedestrian path that will connect South Miami, Coral Gables, and downtown Miami.

Called the Underline, the project is expected to cost $120 million. In late 2016, the City of Miami committed $50 million to build it, and the rest of the money is still being fundraised.

Construction is underway and should wrap up by 2020. Check out the project below.

The Underline will stretch from south Miami to the city's downtown.

The photo below shows what the underpass currently looks like. The Underline was designed by James Ramsey of Raad Studio. Ramsey is also proposing the Lowline in New York City, which would be world's first underground park.

The Underline will incorporate native flowers and vegetation. The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden will provide many of the plants.

The design follows the rising trend of urban projects, like the Wabash Lights in Chicago and the Burnside Skatepark in Portland, that have turned underpasses into public parks.

The plan calls for two parallel paths. One path for cyclists will be 10 feet wide and another for pedestrians will be eight feet wide.

Along the way, the Underline will feature a playground, picnic areas ...

... as well as an outdoor fitness area. There will also be art and events programming open to the public in a few of the larger park spaces.

The path will be built underneath six metro stations, which Underline users will be able to access by stairs.

The goal of the project is to transform the underutilized land below the Metrorail, and provide more car-free space for Miami residents to gather, walk, play, and bike. Here's what one stretch of underpass will look like before and after the Underline is complete:

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