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Student Life: Misery, love, company [Episode 2]


Love in the brain from past nightmares.

Countless times I’ve heard the saying, “practise makes perfect” but then a wonderful philosopher came and contradicted that saying, at least to me, by saying “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”.

Practise doesn’t make perfect if lot of things are missing, like: do you love what you’re practising? Are you sure what you are practising is the right/correct thing? Do you find pleasure from doing the same thing over and over?

Misery is being in a phase you aren’t happy to be in. Love is being happy in whatever situation you find yourself in and company is what I would like to call friendship. Doing a double take on my past, I recall when I really hated Mass Communication; not that I really love it now but the hatred back then was worse; I hated sitting in class each day.Watching as time slowed down on each lecture, but the reason I stayed in my MISERY was due to LOVE and COMPANY.

I LOVE my parents and I hated them seeing a bad result from me, I’m the total goody two shoes plus a nerd. I hated a bad grade and I couldn’t seat and watch my grades be bad. And then there’s also COMPANY, back then I had JEMIMAH DENNIS MONDAY, till today. I vividly remembered how I didn’t like her a lot because I felt she stole all my friends from me, but the friends weren’t really mine or they wouldn’t have left.

We met at the beginning of 200 level, sorry I mean, I got to know who she really was then, I’ve known her for a while but we got a bond from being room neighbours as I call it, I was in room 104 and she was in 112. I loved JEMMA; as I call her; because I found we had a lot in common.  We had a similar philosophy to life, we hated being in mass comm too but we were still studious and serious bout the course, she wasn’t the best person but I still cared about her a lot and she motivated me when I was down a lot of times. So this helped me in my suffering.

Yes, suffering, we suffered a lot together and she introduced me to Dasola, who motivated my spirit by being a silent ‘bully’. She’s my frenemy and the three of us were course mates. But like it’s a curse, I was destined never to be too close to anyone and so our friendship was rather distant, thanks to me. I’m a loner and I love my space, so I wouldn’t bother anyone until they bothered me.

If I see someone persistent and intruding my personal space bubble, it takes me a while to adjust and we have issues at the onset but after those rough moments we can get calm and be close buddies.

Mass Communication wasn’t the best course to suffer, even engineering students pitied us, I mean engineering of all the courses.  But I loved engineering; I had a thing for science. I loved sitting with the engineering students as the talked about different things, from circuit calculation to voltage measurement, etc. It fascinated me.

I never really had any male friend till I was in 200 level, here, I met Chukwu Joseph Chibuike. I totally loved him, not the aeronautic love’ but a more platonic love, trust me I never intended to friend zone him, he caused it. I remembered when we first officially met, trust me, I knew a lot of people, but I never talk to them, that’s why you all have to listen to my ‘official meetings’ with people.

Any who, the first day I met him, I was crying, I can’t remember exactly why but I was and he sat with me and listened to me rant about all my flaws. I wasn’t usually the talkative type; that is not until you actually give me the opportunity to talk. I talked and he listened. He didn’t say much and I appreciated that; that’s what drew me to him; a lot of people talked without listening, but he listened and only spoke when I asked him to.

We became close and are even really close till today, I love Cj; as I call him and he made a lot of things bearable for me, it was through him I met someone I’d go on to love till the death of me, but that’s another story for another day. MISERY, LOVE, COMPANY, I just explained those three terms with my short but true stories. But I can’t leave without leaving my philosophy.

Love in the brain from past nightmares

Help from the deepness of the heart

Ghost from the companies kept

It leads to a deeper Misery

Much deeper than the depression of Nigeria

But enjoy my pun if you can and listen to your heart.

I dedicate this episode to everyone who hasn’t given up on me, no matter how many times I had given up on myself, your love and strength helped me through my dark times.

Till I pick my pen again, Ciao Adios.

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