Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Strategy: Google has shared 5 traits its operational teams have in common

There are many things/traits successful teams share in common, one of which is psychological safety.

There are many things successful teams share in common, but these five characteristics are striking.

Google has identified five common traits and factors that guarantee successful team work among its team and in any organization.

The global tech giant spent  two years studying about 180 of its operational teams across the world. The study which was conducted under its project Aristotle Initiative showed these traits are needed to propel a team to success.

Google stated that the study is aimed at knowing why some teams excelled while others fell behind. These five traits were deduced common among the 180 Google teams understudied, 250 different team attributes analysed and 200 interviews conducted.

1. Dependability

The first trait among these noted successful teams is Dependability.

Each of these teams is observed to highly believe in the competency of its co-team members to get tasks done within the allotted time.

All members would get needed things done and meet expectations.

2. Structure and Clarity

Team thresholds are clearly stated and aligned to the goals of the team or business unit.

Thus, a high-performing team have clear goals and well-defined roles within it.

3. Meaning

Members of these teams were noted to have a personal significance to each other. The inter connectivity of roles and significance of a member to the performance of others are known and understood.

No one team member is too big for the team or important than other.

4. Impact

The teams appreciate the impact of purposeful and positively engagements or activities. Thus, they placed these above doing well.

5. Psychological Safety

There is a relative loose atmosphere among members. They share ideas and opinions without feeling it is dangerous to do so.

The leaders of these teams are noted to have provided air cover and safe zones for all team members. This, thus, helps harness the power of diversity and push the teams to success.

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