Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Spare The Rod Spoil The Child: 7 alternative whipping tools African parents love

African parent don't play, bruh.

Sometimes, you get the normal pankere, other times koboko. And some other times, you never know what you get.

  • Turning stick: Mummy is making eba. Next thing, eba is on pause and koko is already rising on your head.


  • Frying pan: The pan did nothing to deserve this. You did.


  • Electric kettle wire: If your parents ever used this one you, just know that you were a first class goat.

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  • Broom: Cele parents are especially good with this.


  • Napkin: So you brought napkin but you didn’t bring water to wash hand?


  • Comb: Hold my gele and chop this beating.


  • Hanger: Do you think we are here to play?


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