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Ronke Oshodi-Oke: Actress cries out over 'misleading' interview

Ronke Oshodi Oke

The actress was quoted saying 'if she were the breadwinner of her family, she wouldn't cook for her husband'.

Nollywood actress Ronke Oshodi Oke is upset over an interview with Broadway TV she says has been edited.

According to her, the video was edited to misrepresent her.

The actress was quoted saying 'if she were the breadwinner of her family, she wouldn't cook for her husband'.

It’s not because we don’t want to be in our husband’s house or we are not submissive enough. I am going to pay the NEPA bill if you don’t have. I will do some certain things if you don’t have. So, you now come and expect me to cook for you to eat. It’s not going to work. It is just not going to work,” she said, explaining that role reversals should take place in cases where the woman takes on family responsibilities.

“If you are the man and you do absolutely everything, that’s when you can have total control [over] your wife,” she added.


Meanwhile, Broadway TV has issued a statement on Ronke's claims. According to them, the interview was not in any way edited.

"Ronke Ojo released series of videos on social media in reaction to her interview released on our YouTube Channel, Broadway TV (Broadway Africa TV). She said the good things she had said during the interview were “Edited” out. She also said she was quoted out of context and we wanted to tarnish her image.

While we cannot dictate to Ronke Oshodi Oke her feeling or her reaction to comment, we can say without any iota of doubt that her submissions were not true. She was not in any way misquoted, and she wasn’t playing or joking with the interviewer and cameraman.


The interview wasn’t “edited” in any way to make her look bad.  We are open to “Aunty” Ronke pointing out in specific the areas she felt aggrieved in the interview.

We know for a fact that her theatrical reactions were as a result of comments on Instablog and some personal reactions from the people around her. It is however not right in any way for her to misrepresent fact by saying Broadway TV did not ‘edit’ the interview well.

We have absolutely nothing against Ronke Oshodi Oke and we wish her well."

Watch the full interview below.

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