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Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers say Chiamaka should report her husband to human rights

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52% of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters have all advised Chiamaka to report her husband to human rights and women rights group following his incessant brutality.

Chiamaka, an orphan, was lucky to be married to Udoka who had promised to take good care of her and her only sister.

But after a few years, the table has now turned as Udoka uses her situation to maltreat her, beating her and humiliating her at will.

He does all of these because he knows she will have nowhere to run to as even her uncles have never been there for her and would not welcome or protect her.

Read her story here:

"My name is Chiamaka, a 32-year-old married woman with three children. I have been married to Udoka for 10 years now but while other women have been glowing on the joy and happiness they get in their marriages, mine has been a tale of woes and heartaches.

I got married to Udoka out of necessity as I had lost my parents very early in life and life was so difficult for me and my younger sister as our uncles had stripped us of all our parents had.

By the time I was 15, I had been passed around as a maid in over three households with my uncles collecting the money my employers paid and refused to give me anything. I was just lucky to get some education after one of my mistresses sent me to school.

But I could not go beyond JSS 3 and dropped out to learn a trade. Even that was very difficult as I did not have the money to buy materials I needed but I trudged on, believing that God would make a way for me.

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It was during my apprenticeship that I met Udoka who was doing business in Lagos and came home to look for a wife. His aunt who owned the fashion house I was learning the trade was the one who introduced me to him and said he was a good man who would take of me.

We did not date for long as we got married barely three months later and at the initial stage, Udoka proved to be a saviour as he not only set up a small business for me but also allowed my younger sister to come and live with us and promised to send her to school.

But after three years, Udoka changed and turned me into his punching bag and his foot mat. He would beat me up over any slight issue that couples should settle amicably.

He has humiliated me in every possible way and has even transferred the hatred to my sister. Apart from beating me, Udoka would throw my things out and tell me to leave his house. I have endured all of these because he knows I have nowhere to go.

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I live in fear every day, praying he does not kill me. I dread to think what will happen to me and my children if Udoka should carry out his recent threats of sending me packing. Someone should come to my aid, please.


The teaser for the day was:

What would you advise Chiamaka to do?

How Nigeria voted:

Chiamaka should divorce Udoka and be free from him - 17%

Chiamaka should report Udoka to the police - 9%

Chiamaka should take her matter to women rights group for intervention - 52%

Chiamaka should continue to endure and pray for Udoka to change - 22%

How would you vote on this issue?

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