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Pulse Gist Mid Year Review: Top trending stories in the last 6 months

Evans the kidnap kingpin was given an hero's welcome at the police headquarters

In the past six months beginning from January 2017, we have had some very interesting and trending stories and we bring them to you here.

In the last six months, the Gist category of has had some very interesting stories that made the headlines and went viral following their readability, recirculation, reach and circulation.

The billionaire kidnap kingpin, Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike, also known popularly as Evans, dominated the list on all fronts going by the fact that any story that got to do with him went viral immediately.

See the top 10 trending stories on Pulse Gist in the last six months here:

1. 'How I was able to escape from police for so long' - Billionaire kidnapper

Evans who had remained elusive for over 10 years since he was declared wanted in 2013, narrated how he had been able to elude the police for so long.


Evans who was paraded at the Lagos State Police Command Headquarters in Ikeja on Sunday, June 11, 2017, traced his journey into the crime world and how he started from his home in Anambra State during the regime of former Governor Peter Obi but had to relocate to Edo State when the heat was too much for him.

2. 'Evans cheated me, my wife' - Uche Amadi, Head of Detention Camp

Following on the heels of the Evans story, was another also related to him where Uchechukwu Amadi, who was the head of the detention camp of the arrested billionaire kidnap kingpin lamented how he and his wife, Ogechi, were cheated by their boss who gave them stipends despite the billions of Naira and Dollars he collected as ransom from victims.


Amadi, an indigene of Ngo Okpala in Imo State, who was in charge of one of the camps located at 21, Prophet Ashaye Close, New Igando, Lagos State, accused Evans of using him by giving them by giving them while he [Evans], busy investing in choice properties and buying big cars.

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3. 'My arrest was a surprise' - Billionaire kidnap kingpin, Evans (Video/Photos)

Evans was still in the news yet again, this time around expressing his shock on how the police could trace and arrest him despite all the measures he had put in place to checkmate them.

The arrest of the billionaire kidnap kingpin, Chukwudi Dumeme Onuamadike, also known as Evans, came to him as a surprise and an act of God because of all the security measures and steps he took to elude the police for over seven years.


The 36-year-old Evans confessed that he started kidnapping in 2009 after he lost N20 million to the men of the Nigeria Customs Service, and was declared wanted by the police in 2013, following some high profile kidnappings from which he got billions of Naira he collected from his victims.

He said he had some expensive security gadgets which he used to monitor the police anytime they were close to him but was surprised how they nabbed him so easily.

4. Young lady stripped naked for stealing boyfriend's money (Video/Graphic Photos)

It was a pathetic story of jungle justice when a young lady was stripped naked and captured on video for allegedly stealing money from her boyfriend in Ondo State.

A young lady has been stripped naked and humiliated for allegedly stealing her boyfriend's money in Ondo State.


The viral video which has had many Nigerians expressing their anger at the treatment meted out to the woman who identified herself and Oyindamola Idris, went a long way to show how low some people can get.

The lady who claimed to be an indigene of Ekiti State but worked with the Ministry of Agriculture in the Ado Local Government Area of the state, was said to have visited the man she had just met a few days earlier and while with him, she stole some of his money, leading to the humiliation she got.

5. Jilted lover shares nude photos of married lover (Photos)

In the fifth position was the story of a married woman in Kenya who had her nude photos posted on the Internet by her younger lover because she dumped him for another man.

According to Kenya News, the woman is a celebrated society lady and married to a top politician in Nairobi, the capital of that country.

It was gathered that the woman and the younger lover had been having a secret relationship with the woman upgrading the status of the man with cash, clothes and other material things to go with them, including a car and a well-furnished apartment.


But things fell apart for them when the when the lover boy kept pestering her for money despite being on a monthly allowance, she decided to call it quits and get herself another young man.

To exact his revenge, the jilted lover went ahead to publish the nude photos of the woman, bringing her so much shame.

6. 'I want to die now; this embarrassment is too much'- Evans (Video)

Billionaire kidnap kingpin, Chukwudi Dememe Onwuamadike, aka Evans, came in yet again at number six when he broke down in police detention and said he was tired of life and wanted to die.

Evans who was not used to being confined, allegedly said he would not mind sleeping and not waking up the next day because of the embarrassment and humiliation he had been made to go through since he was arrested was too much for him.


Evans who was nabbed in his palatial mansion in the Magodo Phase II GRA in the Shangisha area of Lagos State on June 10, 2017, said he would be better off dead, especially as he was suffering from colon cancer and after he had tasted so much wealth and affluence, there was nothing left for him to live for.

7. Ikorodu resident narrates how the deadly cult gang started

The dreaded and deadly Badoo ritual cult gang that has been rampaging in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State also made the list of top 10 trending stories in the Gist category, coming in at number seven.

The story was told by a resident of the area who traced the genesis of the gang that has caused a lot of havoc, sending whole families to their untimely graves.


The gang, according to the report, not only rape their female victims but kill them in the most dreadful way by using stones and pestles to batter the victims head and going away with the brain and blood.

In some instances, they are also said to slice open pregnant women and making away with the foetus of the unborn baby.

8. 'My wife misled my son into becoming a criminal' - Evans' father

Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike, the notorious kidnap kingpin otherwise known as Evans, came back again to make our top 10 list at number eight.

This time around, his father, Chief Stephen Onwuamadike tried to justify his taking to crime, putting all the blames on his mother, saying she misled him and encouraged him to go into crime.

The father of the billionaire kidnapper and drug pleaded with the police and Nigerians to forgive his son as he was misled into a life of crime by his mother.


The older Onwuamadike who lamented that he did not know that his son was living in ill-gotten affluence in Lagos while he wallowed in poverty in the village, said he was shocked when he saw his son being paraded on the television after his arrest.

9.  2 Nigerian men fight landlord in Dublin (Video)

When people say Nigerians do not 'carry last', it clearly means that as a people, our spirits can never be diminished, be it for good or bad.

These young Nigerian guys took their spirit to far away Dublin, Republic of Ireland, where they showed they would not be intimidated by their white landlord who decided to evict them by force.


The guys were caught on video battling it out with their landlord and some other white men who had come to forcefully throw them out of their apartment.

The young men who were obviously of the Yoruba stock, were not happy that their Irish landlord wanted to eject them from his house after they mistakenly set fire to the property gave him a fight he never expected.

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10. Stranger Than Fiction: Mortuary attendant says he enjoys sex with female corpses (Video)

This list would not have been completed without a giving love to our darling neighbours, the Ghanaians. What would we do without our Charlies?

Coming in at number is the story of Kwadoo, a 45-year-old Ghanaian mortuary attendant who confessed to having had sex with all the female corpses brought to his facility to be embalmed.


Kwadoo who works in the mortuary located at Akyem Tafo in the Eastern Region, was interviewed by a TV station based in Accra and he boasted that it was part of his job to sleep with all the female dead bodies brought to him and that he enjoys the sex so much and has been in the act for over 10 years.

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