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Pulse Blogger: Tips to working in a toxic office

Tips to working in a toxic office

Research has it that negative environment can impact your personal life. It can make you become depressed while altering your self-esteem.

Working 9-5 for 22 days in a month is enough stress not to talk about working in a place where the boss is the devil incarnate and co-workers are the demons that the devil released on the surface of the earth to torment people.

Just imagine how much stress it would be for you to work in an organisation where the boss barks his orders at everybody and expects people to shiver at his feet when he’s around or even working with employee who are as lazy as a lobster. 

Research has it that negative environment can impact your personal life. It can make you become depressed while altering your self-esteem. Don’t get me wrong, being a little bit stressed out by your job is inevitable but when it gradually tilt towards you being uninspired about waking up to go to work or you being unhappy about your current job then it’s time for you take deliberate steps into making some personal changes that would help you cope in such toxic work environment.

Knowing how to stay sane and positive in a toxic office may seem like the hardest thing to do, but these tips will walk you through the process without hassle.

1. Have A Positive Mind-set

I totally understand that having a positive mind-set in this kind of scenario is the hardest thing to do but finding a little positivity in the midst of all the toxins that your work place is throwing at you will help you work better. Look for one thing that inspires you to wake up to work and hold on to it strongly. It might be your passion for the profession or anything at all.

2. Tune Out

This is one tip that has proven to be super effective for me. I just tune out all negativity in the office that is likely to disturb my work flow by listening to music. If you workplace is like mine and will allow you bring headphones and listen to music while working, then take hold of this opportunity and utilise it to the fullest. Listening to music while you work has been found to lower heart rate and increases focus because it helps you turn out every distraction.

3. Say No To Office Gossip

We all know how tempting office gossip can be but it’s just best you stay away from it as much as you can be. Don’t even start it because It gets bigger, deeper and messier than you can ever imagined. Let your colleagues know from the onset that you are not cut out for office gossip by cutting them short as soon as they begin the gist. They might label you all sorts of names but at the end it’s for your own good.

4. Self-Improvement Should Be Your Focus

Even if your office has turned into a den of negativity and finding inspiration for ork has become difficult, your focus should be more on improving yourself and not escalating the negativity. The best thing to do, if you work for a toxic boss is to focus on improving yourself so that you can take those new skills to the new job you’d eventually find.

5. Hang out with the Team Positive

Hanging out with co-workers who have found a way to stay positive in the midst of the huge negativity surrounding the office is one way to cope. So instead of having lunch with a group of “informal information ministers” of your office, find a way to sit with the cool guys that are still doing well and acing targets in the midst of the negativity.

6. Count Your Blessings

Being grateful is one of the easiest ways to remain positive in a very toxic environment. So instead of focusing on all the things that are making you unhappy at your present job, think about how you got this job and how far you’ve come in your career path.

7. Just Leave the Job

If you have tried all these tips and you are still not getting the positive vibes that you desire then it time to look for another job. Don’t be apologetic about dropping your resignation letter if the wwrk environment becomes too toxic for you to handle.


Written by Oizamsi

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