Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Pulse Blogger: Ololufe


Wait for me 'Ololufe' — wait like a stagnant river

Wait for me 'Ololufe' — wait like a stagnant river

Till I come haughtily with your bride-price

Wait for me, like Àgbárígo wait for cargo

Wait for me, for I've butchered a hefty antelope.


Wait for me even if Elemosho refix his dead skull

Wait for me even if Àrọ̀ni charm, turns fearsome

Wait for me even when you are filled with sorrow

For I will sing your panegyric like a house-sparrow


Aja lo leru — the ceiling owns the load,

Iro ni pepe npa, the platform is merely spurious

Ololufe whether on route or on cobblestone

The obsession of our love is what I will speak of.


Whether Oniwere performs the wake-up call

Or Ajisari sings the morning song

Whether if there is heresy in the kingdom of Isale-Oyo

I will disclose the glamour of yours.


Whether in the town of Ogbomosho

Or in the books of those professors

Whether in the blaze of raying sun

I will profoundly speak of this our love.


Whether on the spot of paving stones

Or on the pathway of Oke-Igbo

Whether with the glottal of Akoko - Edo

Ololufe, I will speak of what our love enclose.


On the long road of streets and junctions

On night crossed by the shield of dawn

On the isles and on tarred roads

I will speak of you Eyinfunjowo.


Whether the six priests visits the town of Iwo

Or the bell ringer gong the cylindrical Agogo

Whether the men wrestle on valleys and mountains

It is our love that i will reputedly praise.


There are journeys, there are tales

Of the day I found you Yeye

There are stories of romantic days

When our love became what people adulate.


Let the winged termite praise the birds

For the shelter of its structured nest

Let the souls of breeding ground

Praise this endearing love In our heart.


Written by Amore David Olamide.

Ajanaku @ 2017


Amore David Olamide  is a revolutionary columnist and a poet that writes in parabolic style, conventional genre — and sees scenes in epic dynamism of traditional epilogues, eulogies and captivating artistic poetry. He's typically known as Ajanaku for the words he trades cannot be neglected by mortals, gods or incubus.

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