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Pulse Album Review: Ego Menar’s “On Board” is one of the best debut albums by a Nigerian you will listen to this year.

Ego menar on board cover art

Words really can’t do justice to how well put together this LP is. Ego was born to do this.

Artist - Ego Menar
Album - On Board
Producer - Ego Menar
Guests  - Samuella, Lolu, T-Max, Kizsix, Ini, Praise, D2, Dimeji, Larry
Label - 20A Records (June 2017)


Ego Menar is on course to do special things with his music gift. The Delta born musician brings forth this 12-track debut album titled “On Board”.

A young and emerging Nigerian singer born in Lagos, but  hails from Delta state, Ego’s skill sets range from his vocal abilities to rap, songwriting, producing and mixing his songs. He really is the total package.

On the project, Menar touches on topics from relationships to living out your dreams in the face of obstacles and challenges. Good vibes and substance are elements making up this album.

The opening track 100% featuring Samuella, Lolu and T-Max sees some impressive wordplay from the featured rapper. It’s a cool opener.


For someone from the South-South part of Nigeria, his fluency with the Yoruba language is quite impressive as he shows it off on Ele’O where he expresses gratitude to God for blessings.

His appreciation for a special lady in ‘Automated’ is expressed beautifully on a dope beat, and takes it further to ‘Offshore’.

Ego really shows himself strong as a fine R&B singer, as well as a  producer with a good ear for melodies.

The production on ‘Closer’ is distinctive as he keeps riding on that love wave, featuring some fellow artists - Praise Ini, D2 and Kizsix all flexing their R&B muscles with some Reggae vibes in the mix too.


Pay my money’ gives that vibe that makes you want to bump your head, as Menar talks about a materialistic lady he got involved with.

'Caterpillar’ also has that production and chorus that you won’t get enough of. Ego sees deep through a girl’s surface appearance, touching on a lady’s deceitful charms. He samples Fela Kuti’s ‘lady’ on the song too it’s so beautifully done.

‘Nothing but prime’ has got that funky dance feeling that hooks you on this one. You will be snapping your fingers to this. Another sublime production.

Wonder’ immerses some rich Afrobeat elements as he uses some metaphorical expressions to describe the attractive figures of a lady from his rear view.


‘Get on your knees’ is a smooth R&B duet featuring Dimeji featuring some Jazz instrumentals in the background that just sends you into seventh heaven.

‘I believe it’ is a sober record that sees Ego show his versatility as a rapper too, the song showing a remorseful Ego.

'The journey' featuring Larry talks about his dreams for success in a very challenging world. It’s a song most people can relate to as he talks about his determination to make it despite lack of parental support for the music.

Ego learnt how to make beats with the FL studio production software until he got very good at it, he tells on this last track 'The journey'.

Menar knows he’s been given a gift. He has that conviction and  faith in God. This is what has kept him going and resulted in this excellent project.

“On Board” might not be your average party album but it’s got the vibes that will make every good music bumping his head to the finesse of the great body of work by Ego.

Words on paper really can’t do justice to how well put together this LP is.

Production, songwriting and vocal delivery by Ego with the guest artists on the album will give you good goosebumps.

For a debut album, Ego Menar delivers the total package music can offer in “On Board”.

Rating: 5/5


3-Worth Checking Out
4-Smoking Hot

Listen and support good music. Album available on Soundcloud and iTunes.

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