Thursday, 10 August 2017

Nigerian Student Poetry: "I write" by Ibrahym Abdul-Hameed Ajibola

I write, of bad thoughts, and thought out sins..Without fear, of a hell, resting place for me..

I write, of learned men, in thoughtful discourse,

Of a writer, frustrated, and emotions pent up,

Writings, intermittent, yet, full of expressions,

All over the top,

Lines plucked from the void,

That would make even the most versed sage,

sit up,

Eternal and primal, felt in all and every heart,

For before all, there was nought, but the word...


I write, of bad thoughts, and thought out sins,

Of immortals, mythical, and supreme beings,

Life, without fear, of a bad reckoning,

Without fear, of the grave, and my last summoning,

Without fear, of a hell, resting place for me,

For I did no good, died, doing bad deeds, only,

And forever, will I regret, not doing otherwise, if hell

was real...


I write, of twin peaks, and the valley between,

Of the lush tips, and the pleasure they bring,

Their timeless allure, making it always a bore, to


So anxious, to experience their delights, you could

forget to blink,

The very tip, like an isle, surrounded with an ocean, of

sweet milk...


I write, of long travels, a rich experience, and

unblemished records,

Of possessing knowledge, sagely or otherwise, and

the respect it accords,

Of timeless wisdom, and quick, yet witty retorts,

And pilgrimage, to strange lands, with strange



I write, of how sagely writing is, now and then,

Of how hard it is, to consent to the fact,

That, the greatest of writings, is done,

Not on a piece of parchment, in pen,

But in lasting thoughts, left, on the hearts of men...


Ibrahym Abdul-Hameed Ajibola is a 100-level student of the Department of Communication and Language Arts, Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State.

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