Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Nigerian Student Poetry: "I pray for you" by Obioha Chibuike Clement

I pray for the smiles..For a tender heart that sings..For your soul’s peaceful demise..

I pray for you.

I pray for the smiles

Of a new found love;

The peace a lonely heart craves;

And the certainty of a sweet demise.


I pray for you,

For a tender heart that sings –

Purity for every human nature;

And sincerity of words promising –

The godliness in every creature.


I pray for you,

For a heart so fair

And a smile so tender;

To cling to love so dear –

The beauty of life descending.


I pray for you,

To blossom and flourish

And to love and cherish;

To follow your heartbeat,

Wherever it may lead.


I pray for you,

For the union’s friction, to grease –

A cause you bleed for, to ease.

A heart that cries, is to love,

Like an eternal star shining from above.


I pray for you my friend

For your soul’s peaceful demise,

To find solace to your fear –

Succumb to a lonesome hereafter;

A nostalgic cry for submission,

To peace that never exists.


Obioha Chibuike Clement is a 200-level student of the Department of Architecture in the School of Environmental Technology, Federal Polytechnic Nekede.

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