Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Morning Teaser: 'My step mother is the cause of my problems'

It takes a lot for a man to cry

Silas has been going through a difficult life and now that a man of God has told him the source of his problems, what should he do?

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Silas, a 49-year-old man from one of the southern states of Nigeria. I have a very sad story to tell about how my stepmother has been responsible for all the problems I have faced in my life.

I came to Lagos over 25 years ago but as I speak, I do not have anything to call mine because of the manipulation of the evil woman.

I have tried my hands on virtually everything but nothing seems to work as any money I make goes before I realise. Even the woman I married ran away with my two children when she could no longer bear with the situation.

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At my age, I have not been able to achieve anything or amount to anything in life, no thanks to my wicked stepmother. For the past eight years, I have not been able to go to my hometown because of the shame my people will put me through if I go there empty handed.

I have been living a life of destitution and I can tell you that most times, I have thought of killing myself to end this embarrassing life I am living.

The scales were lifted from my eyes when a close friend invited me to his church for a one-week deliverance program last month. It was on the first night when the man of God, a very powerful prophet called me out and told me he had a special message and assignment for me.

I was shocked when a man who had never met me before told me the history of my life, how my father had two wives who always competing against themselves.

He told me of a story when I was about 16 and had come back from school very hungry. My mother was not at home and I had to go to my stepmother to get some food. The prophet said it was through the food she gave me that she tied up my destiny in her witch coven, making sure I would not amount to anything in life.

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After placing me on a three day dry fast, the prophet told me the only thing that would break the spell would be the elimination of my stepmother and complete destruction of the evil covenant.

He is now waiting for my go ahead for him to carry out the final leg of the assignment. Should I let him go ahead or just look for another way out?


Dear readers, after going through Silas's story on Morning Teaser today, what do you think he should do to free himself from his stepmother's evil covenant?

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