Thursday, 3 August 2017

Morning Teaser: 'I caught my uncle's wife with her driver in bed'

This confused girl needs advice

Jennifer is in a dilemma and is torn between family loyalty and protecting her uncle's marriage after catching her aunt in bed with her driver.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Jennifer, a 25-year-old lady. I graduated from the university last year and came to Lagos for my service and had to live with my uncle with his family.

My uncle works with an oil firm while his wife works with a telecommunication company. From the first week I came to live with them, I noticed that my uncle's wife is the type of woman who would cheat on her husband.

You will wonder how I drew this conclusion but as a woman, you will know immediately if a woman is playing games and that was what I noticed with my uncle's wife.

I noticed she was always taking calls and chatting on her phone and sometimes, I caught some of the things she said and it was very obvious she was talking and chatting with men.

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Once or twice, I heard her tell a caller to meet her somewhere and would leave immediately. I was minding my business when the unexpected happened.

That day, my uncle had traveled to Port Harcourt where the headquarters of his company is and was not due back for some days. On the day I caught her, I was supposed to go for my CDS but before I could get to my place of assignment, the heavens opened up and it rained heavily.

I was seriously drenched and I had to go back home earlier than I was supposed to. My uncle's two children had gone to school, so I was surprised to see his wife's car parked in the compound.

I knew she had left for work before I left, so I wondered why she was back that early. I did not bother myself with that as I used my key to open the door. I was going to my room to change my wet clothes when I heard sounds coming from their bedroom and I stopped in my track to listen.

It was the unmistakable sounds of a couple making love. I was shell shocked because my uncle had only left the day before and could not have come back suddenly and called his wife to come back home.

I tip-toed to the door and put my ear to the door and heard my aunt moaning and calling out the name of Friday, her official driver. That was when it dawned on me that she was having sex with the driver.

I tried the door handle gently but it was locked from within. I left for my room and after changing my clothes, I went to the sitting room to wait, knowing they will surely come out to meet me there.

My aunt and her driver were in the room for over two hours before coming out, giggling like teenage lovers. They met the shock of their lives when they saw me sitting there looking at them disdainfully.

The driver quickly left the room while my aunt stood there staring at me, the fear clearly written on her face.

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I just stood up and left for my room where I locked myself inside and refused to open the door when she came knocking and begging me to open for her.

For one week now, she has been pleading with me not to tell my uncle about her affair with the driver, telling me her marriage would crash if I told my uncle, but I have refused to speak to her and have been avoiding her.

I am now in a dilemma. I don't know if I should tell my uncle about his wife's infidelity or keep quiet and protect her. I don't want to be the one to cause a problem in her marriage but I am still hurt over what she did.


Dear readers, we want you to put yourselves in Jennifer's shoes on Morning Teaser today and tell us what you would do in this situation.

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