Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Mike Ezuruonye: Nollywood actor explains why comedy movies are more successful in Nigeria

Mike Ezuruonye during an interview with Pulse Nigeria

Mike Ezuruonye says viewership in Nigeria is different. He also insists that other genres are not advertising heavily.

The top three highest grossing movies fall under the comedy genre. They are Wedding Party, Trip To Jamaica, and 30 Days In Atlanta.

In an interview with Pulse Nigeria, Mike Ezuruonye, who starred in one of the comedy movies of 2016, "Brother Jekwu," spoke about the success of the genre in Nigeria.

According to the actor, viewership in Nigeria is different from the rest of the world.  He also stated that other genres don't put in as much as they should into publicity.


On why Nigerians love comedy

"I keep telling people, viewership in Nigeria is different from anywhere else. We have our problems and people don't want to go to the cinema to cry.

"People want to laugh, people want to subdue the stress. People also want to see nothing near fiction.

"When  I say nothing near fiction, I mean like love. There's a way we love in this country, I don't know how believable it is that you want to super impose your artistic belief on viewers.

"You put rose petals in the bathtub and your girl comes in, these things don't interest them. "


On What Nigerians want to see

"They want to see certain characters that they can associate with. They want to see a nosey guy, the fake girl, a cheating guy, a cheating girl.

"These are basic characters they see day to day. They just want to laugh about it. I think that's why it's [comedy] winning."


On the success of the comedy genre

"And again, the power of advertisement. The other genres are not advertising as hard as other genres are. So, it's a thrown challenge to other filmmakers who don't like comedy.

I mean "76" is not a comedy, it did well. So, you advertise hard too because whether you like it or not, movie making is an expensive medium and you just have to put money into it."

Mike Ezuruonye is popular for his roles in movies like "Broken Marriage," "Native Son," "Games Men Play" and "Native Son."

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