Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Memoirs Of A Black Box: Music and visual art meet to give a best of both worlds experience at event

Memoirs of a black box

Rappers, poets, dancers and singers took turns to entertain audience together with fine exhibition of visual artworks.

The power of art was evident at the Revolving Art Incubator on Sunday, August 6, 2016 for the Memoirs of A Black Box event.

This fusion of performance, sonic and visual art by SA Williams - in partnership with The Ordinary Guys - gave new meaning to how art should be interpreted and appreciated.

What usually happens at exhibitions is; you walk in, take in the art, purchase (mostly not) and walk out. This was not the case on Sunday.


The atmosphere was markedly different as the repurposed Silverbird Galleria stairwell became home to pieces by SA Williams - the spirit of the exhibition bore a semblance to the mind of the exhibitor.

Another disruptive element was the presence of music producer Echo standing behind a wooden crate, producing live music from his mobile phone. There are no words to explain the feeling. It became a vibe session. Rappers, poets, dancers and singers took turns to one-up each other which made the experience all the more entertaining.


Structure was discarded and replaced with emotion, but somehow it all made sense. There is something that happens when artistes are listening to beats in the studio, they vibe an that was the guests witnessed live.

The finale will happen on Sunday, August 13, 2017 at the Revolving Art Incubator, 2nd Floor, SIlverbird Galleria, Victoria Island, Lagos.

SA Williams and The Ordinary Guys will be expecting you.

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