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Lagos: A school of business and hard knocks

Life in Lagos

Lagos is more like a school that teaches everything. There is nothing that you will not see if truly your eyes can see.

Nothing is impossible in Lagos.

It can be argued that there's no place like Lagos in the world, and this claim can be backed with reasons too numerous to mention.

Lagos is more like a school that teaches everything. There is nothing that you will not see if truly your eyes can see.

From businesses that start as early as 3 AM to the hustle that never ends. And it is in between these hours of endlessness that everything happens in Lagos.

It is only in Lagos that employees would have to leave home for work by 4 AM and return at midnight, only to wake up at 3 AM to continue the same circle.

It is in Lagos that over eight hours from the days twenty-four are spent on traffic jam as a result of the outrageous numbers of cars plying her roads night and day.

It is only in Lagos that passengers are packed like sardines inside buses, while the remainders are compelled to stand tirelessly for hours if they must get to their destination.

My friend, it is only in Lagos that circumstances forces people to live in houses not fit for the rearing of animals, while others pay rent of over five million naira per annum.

With these in mind, one is forced to think of how possible it is to make it big in Lagos; since it seems that is the purpose for which the city was created.

However, for the sake of enlightenment, we shall focus on the street side of Lagos. Afterall, the street is where everything happens.

When it comes to making it in Lagos, there are businesses that should come to mind.

Yes, everything goes in Lagos but there are some businesses that are bound to do well in Lagos as a result of the way life in the this city seems to be programmed.

Here are five businesses that are bound to thrive in Lagos

1. Fast food business

People lack time in Lagos. There’s hardly time for cooking.

With the right location, coupled with decent customer service and good management skills there is no stopping your prospect of making it.


You can start a fast food business by setting out on your own and create your own brand, or buy into an already established business franchise.

2. Car and machinery spare parts

Our manufacturing industry is growing with the country’s economy. And this has driven a rapid increase for capital goods such as machinery, lubricants, spare parts, ball bearings and other mechanical goods and accessories.

If you can get a good supplier from abroad, you have the key.

3. Transport business

If there’s anywhere in the world where transport business will thrive, that place is Lagos.

With a population of over twenty million people as at 2016, Lagos cannot afford to do without an increase in transportation means.

Transportation in Nigeria is profitable; but in Lagos, it is a goldmine.

4. Pure water production

It is important to state first that this business needs some capital investment. However, in the long run, it will be worth your effort and money.

All that is required is good management.

Only very few people in Lagos have access to bore hole water that is drinkable. The vast majority of Lagosians are left with no other choice than pure water.

5. Kerosene retail

As a supplier of kerosene, there is always a possibility for you to make your millions quickly. And this is as a result of the inconsistent power supply and the high cost of cooking gas, most homes in Lagos are left with no choice but to take side with kerosene.

Kerosene retail is arguably one of the most lucrative business opportunities in Nigeria.

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