Thursday, 10 August 2017

For Women: Would you date a guy that still stays with his parents?

He doesn't stand a chance if he still lives with his parents, does he?

Let's know your opinion by taking the poll below.

If a guy is seriously on your case, pestering you to be his babe and all that, would your decision to say yes be influenced by where he stays?

In particular, would you be bothered by the fact that he still stays with his parents?

Vlogger, Eniola Abumere recently gets this conversation going on his channel [clip below], and we are pretty curious, too; does it even matter that a guy has not flown out of the nest?


“The way I fall for people, I just fall in love with the person first, and then we sort of figure every other thing out later” says media personality and content creator,  Tosin Bucknor.

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She adds that she’s not the type to withhold her number from a guy just because he still lives at home with his folks.


Nigeria Info OAP, Adenike Oyetunde believes there is no big deal at all to it. There are more things to first concentrate on than where he stays, she says.

Personality” and “attitude to work” are things one needs to pay attention to in a guy asking for a chance, rather than fussing about whether he lives with his family or not.

Do you disagree with this thought? Let’s know in the poll below.

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