Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Flesh To Flesh! This weird penis glue will feel better than condoms

This may be a smoke screen to the solution of having sex skin to skin and not bother about getting her pregnant.

With this new glue patch, you can have the same feel of sex with your partner and still be protected from getting pregnant through pre-cum.

Men and women love to have sex, protected or unprotected but most people will prefer protected sex. If you ask them which they would prefer, it would be the unprotected one because the flesh to flesh feeling can be insanely sensational.

For people who have more than one partner, which is a lot of people, but that’s a topic for another, they are the ones who need protection. If you’ve got just one partner, then there is no need for protection, knowing who your partner is health wise.


People have been talking about condoms for a very long time, people have complained of the world of difference in sex between using condoms and without condoms. Condom manufacturers have also tried to improve condoms, making them thinner, better and even scented. They are trying as much as possible to make the skin contact as close as possible, reports Zeynep Yenisey, Maxim.

They may have not been able to find a solution yet, another company Jiftip seem like they might be onto something. They have developed a glue sticker that you can put at the tip of your penis, this glue covers the hole on top of the penis before you start having sex.

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The company described the product as a “feel shield”, the glue cover is polyurethane, and has the the adhesiveness strength of an industrial band-aid, so it’s quite powerful. If you like how that sounds, don’t get that excited yet because it turns out that when you’re about to ejaculate, you need to rip the cover off the top of your penis, and pour the semen elsewhere.

Turns out the sticker cannot hold back your seed in there, so you have to take it off before you ejaculate. Your semen has the velocity to fly right off the your dick regardless of the adhesive over it. So, the shoot-out has has enough acceleration to rip it off. If you don’t pull out, you’ll be shooting your seed into her uterus.

So, not oversell it, the company website had this to say, “Where you're open, Jiftip has you covered. Slam the door on foreign invaders and trap those few eager baby-seeds until you're ready to let them go,”. With this statement, they’re saying in plain words that it is only meant to prevent precum, not the real ejaculation, It’s not a condom, and the company has specifically said that.

As the industrial standard band-aid just covers the top of the condom alone, it doesn’t protect you against STD’s neither pregnancy, in all fairness, it doesn’t protect you against anything. It leaves you open to it all, and even more useless when you think about it.

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It would have been more helpful if it could trap semen during ejaculation with the same mechanism as airbag, when the sperm hits it, then the compartment expands and traps all the semen inside it, then you can bring it out and dispose off.

Maybe in their future developments to make it better, they will think of containing semen instead having to yank it out when you’re about to cum, defeats the purpose of having it on in the first place.

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