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"Fifty The Series": 5 things we learned from episode 3

Maria and Kunle in "Fifty The Series"

Check out Pulse Movies' 5 main takeaways from the 3rd episode of EbonyLife's "Fifty The Series," a small screen adaptation of the movie of same title.

Have you been following EbonyLife  TV's "Fifty The Series?"

The third episode of the TV adaptation of the movie aired on Thursday, August 10, 2017.

Pulse Movies have put together five things we learnt from the episode.


So, here are our main takeaways from the 30-minute episode;

1. Tola isn't budging on signing those divorce papers

Does Tola want Kunle back or is she just being vindictive? Whichever is her reason, the dramatic Tola is just enough reason to watch "Fifty The  Series."

Tola still has Kunle pleading with her to sign their divorce papers. Last night, she takes her pettiness to a new level. She signs two pages as 'down payment" until he sets up Jamal in the law firm.

Kunle tries to explain that Jamal is interested in owning a club and not being a lawyer. Tola asks him to convince Jamal.

2. Jamal probably has feelings for Sade

In the last episode, he spent time with Sade, who is still in the hospital and will be moving in with her mother when she's discharged.

Yes, we know Jamal's friend Richard has a thing for Sade and Jamal isn't against it, but Jamal still comes across as that guy who has been friend zoned.


3. Francis is as shady as you think he is

If you thought that Francis, the handsome surprise groom of Lizzy isn't the docile toy boy he comes across as, you were right.

In episode three, he was engaged in a conversation with an unknown character, whose identity wasn't revealed. Plus, he often has that dodgy look that gives him away.

4. Does Jamal really want to know his parentage?

So, Jamal's real father is his grandfather, who raped his own daughter. It is as messed up as it sounds and we aren't sure he is ready for that load of information.

However, there's clearly more to the story. Our theory would be that Tola isn't her 'father's real daughter.

Her father has some dirt on his wife, Tola's mother. Did she cheat on him or was Tola adopted?

Also, Tola was introduced to a longtime family friend and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Ibrahim, who we can assume has an important role in this family's drama.


5. Maria lost her baby

After Tola 'cursed' Maria, Kunle and their baby, Maria became paranoid. Finally, she gave birth to a stillbirth in episode three.

We don't believe Tola's 'curses' killed her baby, but the episode could serve as a reminder of the power of the tongue.

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