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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass: Ifeanyi's naughty evening at the office [Pt. 28]


As they left the bar for the director's house, everyone is left amazed at the level of opulence at her home. She has opened her bar and re-entered a couple of minutes in a surprising way.

They headed up to the Director’s house in a convoy. Ifeanyi went in Tess’ car, Amaka went with Michael, there was Oyinda in Kene’s car with Kunle in the backseat.

The director was alone in her car and drove ahead. Everyone had gotten just a bottle to drink at the bar, the director hosting all of them at her place held more appeal considering the fact that no one except Michael probably knew where she even lived.

It was no surprise though when she started driving towards Gbagada. Gbagada was one of those low-key rich area in lagos that no one seem to actually pay attention to.

Ifeanyi stole a look at Tess who was driving and wondered what was running through her mind. If the night went as he had played it in his mind, would she end up fucking someone else right in front of him?

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Would she be moaning or screaming? For some weird reason, that thought turned him on but also made him so angry that he did not know when he clenched his fists. He had to remain calm and remind himself that they were just fucking, nothing serious. No need to get emotions all involved, he should behave like the man he was and not like Kunle. He chuckled as he thought of Kunle and how the night might possibly end for him.

“What’s funny?” Tess turned to look at him.

“Nothing jare, I just thought of something” He replied her.

“Oh” Was all she said as they continued their journey in silence.

The director led them into Gbagada phase one and a few more turns and they were all driving into a massive compound.

Tess could not help but notice the uniform on the gateman who opened up for them. He was not your average hausa or fulani you employed for gate opening and closing duties. What he had on was a private security firm uniform that made Tess wonder just how much the Director earned or was even worth.

*Goals* she said to herself. As she parked right behind Michael who parked right behind his aunt. And then Kene came up right behind her. The compound was large enough.

Kunle let out a whistle as they all got out of the cars and looked up at the large duplex standing right in the center of the compound.

“Omo see mansion” He said and this time everyone had to agree with him.

“Well, this way please” The director led the way to the main entrance. Kunle was the last in tow still turning her head around to look at the house properly.

If the exterior was mind blowing, the interior was heaven. Everything screamed opulence from the cold atmosphere thanks to the two air conditioners in sight to leather sofas to the mini bar in a corner of the living room. The sofas were all black giving the cream colored walls a whole different look than expected.

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The 55 inch TV looked more of a decor than anything else in the massive living room.

“Omo, I no go mind resign come do houseboy for here” Kunle again.

“I can understand” Oyinda seconded.

“You guys can make yourself at home, there is the Bar. Mr Kunle, you can get started without me. I would be with you shortly” The director pointed at the bar before turning and going off through a corridor.

“Kunle, you don hear? Dem don tell u, kill yourself by yourself” Kene laughed at him.

“Dem con tell you say I dey fear” Kunle frowned as he headed to the bar while everyone else went to have a seat. Amaka did the most as always as she sat on Michael’s legs rather than a sofa.

“This una love na only God fit separate una o” Oyinda teased.

Only God and Dara, Ifeanyi thought to himself.

“Oya as per I don turn barman, make everybody place their orders o”. Kunle called out.

“And that barman work go fit you no be small o” Ifeanyi said to his friend while everyone else laughed and agreed.

“Na you sabi. We have Vodka, gin and wetin be the name of this thing sef. Yes Ballbon  too” Kunle announced.

“Kunle, it is Bourbon not Ball-bon or what did you just pronounce?” Tess corrected him.

“Barman wey no sabi name of drinks, that one na Barman?” Amaka laughed alone.

“All join as long as you sha understand what drink I am talking about” Kunle didn’t care.

“I would love to have Vodka tho” Michael said.

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“Correct man jare” Kunle nodded as he reached to get a bottle of Grey goose.

“Let me get some onions” Michael announced as he moved Amaka off his legs and stood up.

“Onions for wetin?” Kunle was surprised and so was everyone else except Tess.

“Wait, none of you has ever drank vodka with Raw onions before?” Michael looked around puzzled. Everyone shook their head.

“I have” Tess said slowly. Michael nodded at her and proceeded to the kitchen.

“Vodka and raw onions bawo” Kunle was now on edge as he brought a bottle of vodka and two cups around to where Michael had been seated.

He placed it down on the closest stool.

“You don dey fear” Kene laughed.

“I wonder o, na you dey form armstrong since na. Now enough drinks are here and you are having cold feet” Oyinda pushed.

“Who said I am having cold feet? I am season ready” Kunle headed back to the bar.

“Please before you kick off your season, can I have bourbon or as you called it, Ballbon?” Tess said with a chuckle.

Kunle just shook his head and went about taking everyone’s order while Michael came back with a plate full of sliced onions. He sat down and this time Amaka did not sit on him. He pulled the vodka close till it was right between him and Ifeanyi who was seated on the next sofa.

He poured out drinks into the two cups and handed Ifeanyi one then Ifeanyi watched as Michael took a quick gulp of his vodka and followed it up with two slices of onions. Ifeanyi quickly did the same, the vodka shot hardly barely settled when the onions slices he chewed kicked it.

He felt a sensation run through his spine right to his brain.

“Wow” Was all he could say as he nodded at Michael,

“Oya Kunle, you sef come and try it” Amaka called out.

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“Try wetin? Abeg, na only me my mama born” Kunle replied.

He had barely finished talking when the Director walked back to the living room. She had a red see-through nightie on that left nothing to imagination. She had no undies on and her dark nipples called for more attention than the hole between her thighs.

Everyone went mute

“So people, what is the plan for tonight?” She asked.

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