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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass: Ifeanyi's naughty evening at the office [Pt. 27]


The director is showing up at the get together the rest of the staff are at, and making it more interesting but this sweet proposition that no one can refuse.

Ifeanyi was the quickest to recover from the shock of seeing the Director. In a way he had pictured the day ending with her joining them.

After all it was her ‘nephew’ celebrating his birthday.

“So is anyone going to speak up or what?” The director asked them.

“Well ma. It is Oga Mike’s birthday so we just decided to come do quick two two bottles before we head home” Kunle was appointed the unofficial person of the group.

“It is nothing big, ma” Michael quickly added.

“Oh I see” The director nodded at them.

“You can join us, ma” Amaka offered.

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“I can? Really” The director asked with a sarcastic tone.

“Yes ma, we wanted to come to your office and ask you to join us but we figured you would still be busy and would not have time” Michael explained.

“Well, good thing I decided to come out and get a drink myself. If not I would have missed out on this little get together.”.

“Thank God o, ma” Kene spoke up as he stood up and offered her a seat, and she was seated right next to Oyinda with an empty chair left again between she and Kunle.

It was at that moment the bar attendant arrived with their drinks. The Nkwobi was to come later obviously.

Tess had her smirnoff and turned to smile at Ifeanyi who smiled back and nodded at her.

Everyone got their bottle one after the other and turned to Kunle who had a huge grin on his face as he caressed his odd bottle of dubic.

“If una don tire to dey look me, una go order una own” He said not giving two fucks.

Ifeanyi just shook his head and laughed before turning to Dara.

“So what would you have, ma?”.

“A cold bottle of malt would be just about right” Dara sighed.

“Haa, no ma. Don’t do like that” Kunle cried out.

“Do like what” The director was puzzled.

“Do like Tess and be ordering soft drinks. At least do one small stout na” and Kene laughed as Kunle said this.

“Wait, let me get this straight. You find women who drink beer appealing” The director asked Kunle while she threw a quick glance at Amaka who was already pouring out her stout into a cup.

“No no, it is not like that. Ma” Kunle groaned as he quickly thought of the best explanation to get himself out of the lockjaw he had put himself in.

“Well then, enlighten me. What is it?”. The director pressed.

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“Well in my own opinion o, I don’t see why people who do not drink go to bars. I mean they could just buy a normal drink and have it at home” Kunle decided to come all out.

“Well young man. You have got a shitty opinion”. The director calmly said as everyone except Kunle busted out laughing.

“Now let me tell you something. Do you think real men enter bars to drink beer? Give me an honest answer, in your own opinion of course” The director continued as the laughter subsided.

Kunle did not know what or how best to answer so he said nothing.

“Or do you believe because you are drinking, wait what is the name of what you are having?” The director pointed to his bottle.

“Ha, it is Dubic. The number drink in Ibadan” Kene said mockingly and another round of laughter ran out. Even the director joined in, shaking her head as she laughed.

“So, because you are having Dubic or whatever the name is, you think that makes you more of a man? Let me tell you something, real men go for vodkas,gin and the likes. Are you man enough to even handle some Bourbon?” She continued.

“Ma, don’t go there. I be drinking champion. Just ask Ifeanyi” Kunle finally spoke up pointing to his friend.

“I see” The director nodded as the attendant arrived with her bottle of malt.

“Ma, Kunle is a brewery o.” Ifeanyi attested to his friend’s drinking skills.

“I am not arguing but I want to make a proposal” The director said. Everyone paid close attention.

“How about after we finish up our drinks and head out to my place. I have a couple of drinks I need Kunle to help with. And besides what kind of aunt would I be if I cannot throw a little birthday party for my nephew”

Everyone had the table went silent. Ifeanyi knew the day was going to end in a crazy way but he did not think it was going to be this crazy.

“Oya na, me I am ready” Obviously Kunle was the first to accept.

“Well, I can’t refuse. I am in” Michael followed.

“We are in” Oyinda spoke for  Kene and herself before he could open his mouth.

“Well, I don’t have any plans for tonight sef so I am coming too” Amaka said.

Ifeanyi looked at Tess, trying to read her emotions if she was in or not. In the end he gave up.

“I am also in” He finally said as everyone turned to face Tess. She sighed.

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“I am game. Let me not be the odd one out. Besides I would love to see Kunle make a fool of himself” She laughed.

“I go surprise all of you” Kunle bragged as he grabbed his bottle again.

It sure was going to be one hell of a night.

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