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Erotic Story/Marvis Dairies: Femi, Chinedu, Nnamdi and the Seductress

She doesn't mix business with pleasure. She's into flings no affection until she met Nnamdi who broke her sexually and emotionally.

When you are in a great relationship, it rubs off on you. You can't hide the glow, you know.

When you have a good job and someone that understands your every mood, someone who compliments your every being. It's just magical, you don't have to worry about anything because it all seems perfect. Well that's the kind of relationship I have or thought I had. Prince charming swept me off my feet when I wasn't even looking, I am the go getter kind of lady.

My career is all that matters and every other thing comes second, I don't mix business with pleasure, if it's business then it's strictly business no socializing and when it's time to socialize I don't bring business along, I am kind and discreet. Everything has it's own time but business comes first, I'm not boring. In as much as I put my career first, I also know when to go out, go on a vacation and get some juice whipping.

In my office I'm the kind, no nonsense boss but in the bedroom I'm something else, fierce, adventurous and submissive. Love was my weakness and only few people know this, I tried dating a few times but I always end up heartbroken.

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The last relationship got me so heartbroken that I gave up on it and decided to do the flings only, that way my heart is secured and no mushy mushy feelings.

I know how to get guys when I'm horny, it's pretty easy, I just follow the rules, which is not shag the same guy twice. I meet you, you match my needs, I play the seductress and puff we shag, say our goodbyes and never see each other again.

It worked for me till one Femi came along and broke the rules, he was a good fuck so we decided to stay fuck buddies but his friend Chinedu heard about me in their little kiss and tell story and asked to meet me. I told him men don't come after me, I go after what I want since there's no strings attached, in essence I don't want to bang his friend.

Femi gave out my contact anyway and Chinedu called me and asked to meet me for a business proposal, which I agreed and set up a lunch meeting for it.

To cut the long story short, we shagged not after telling him during the lunch meeting that I know he just wants to fuck and not do business. It turns out he was a better fuck than Femi, he replaced him instantly not without agreeing to stick to fucking only.

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We straffed for months till he got a deal outside the country and left, Femi tried to get us back together but I refused, that ship already sailed months ago, stranded now with no dick to burn off steam, I sort comfort in my work and it helped till a friend of mine Obong called to hook me up with his friend, Nnamdi.

I declined totally, reminding him about my rules and the reason behind it. He told me to relax and explained that I don't have to do anything I don't want to, besides the dude didn't ask for a girlfriend he only asked for a company for a sit out, I was quiet for a while and when spoke I agreed to it. That was how my trouble began.

The said guy called later on a Friday evening and asked we meet for a drink the next day's afternoon.

I had one thing in mind the next day whilst driving to his location, bang him if he's edible and never see him again. I got to his location and called someone who I knew wasn't him came to get me, we got into a house filled with few dudes watching football. I said hi to them and joined in watching the game, after all my team was playing, he got out of the bedroom and introduced himself.

Drinks were served and we continued to watch the game amidst gist and laughter, I got bored when the game finished and a movie started playing, I feigned being sleepy and asked to be walked to the bedroom.

He followed me and once we were inside the rest was history. I'm a go getter so I went for his meat pack, it throbbed in my hand and squeezed it nicely and looked up to meet his eyes. He smiled at me although fully surprised at my boldness, I took my cue and continued rubbing his dick till it's rock hard only then did I leave him to go lie on the bed.

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He joined me and tried to strike a conversation but I rebuffed because all that was on my mind is just how to get fucked silly by the dude before me. I asked to help him massage his back and that did it for me whilst massaging his back I slipped my hands to his dick proper, he turned to give me enough room. I tugged on his boxer shorts and set the huge dick flying and took it all in my mouth, teased for a while and got comfortable.

Naked now, I lay down and he came on my succulent boobs and sucked one whilst squeezing the  other and I let out that cat moan that drives guys crazy

'Let me eat you' He said and I obliged him.

He ate me like he's been pussy starved, it was nice but I wanted his dick so I pulled him up and he plunged in whilst we were locked in a kiss. He fucked me like I've never been fucked before, his dick and my pussy complimented each other.

It kept on swelling inside filling my pussy and each time it will stretch to accommodate it. Our body was slapping against each other and not before long we both climaxed and laid on the bed gasping for air. We stayed for a while and had another go which started from the back and ended in reverse cowgirl after which we hit the shower.

He kept tabs with me after that day but I wasn't looking for a relationship so I was nonchalant.

It was a good fuck but I don't want to get my hopes up, he kept on coming at me and I didn't even know when it happened but I fell for him. Feelings clouded my judgement and we started doing the unusual things that are meant for couples. Dinner dates, wedding guests, sit out buddies, even the most silly things we did together.

He always knows the right things to say and when to say them.

Our sex was now top notch and we anticipated each fuck, we were tagged the best couples amongst our friends. It was all fun till he got bored and started acting up, I saw the signs and knew what they were but my feelings for him didn't let me judge properly.

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I gave excuses for him till I bumped into him in a supermarket after weeks of ducking me with a lady whom he introduced as his bride to be in a week’s time.

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