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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde: The Conquest

Gozie and Dumebi are blood brothers. Ella is Gozie's girlfriend and works in the same company as Dumebi, and the co-workers may be up to something.

I have never been in love and God knows I never hoped to be. I’ve watched my friends fall in and out of love time and time again, and they would always be broken when things ended. I’ve always thought that love is overrated and a lie and consider myself a confirmed bachelor.

The love of freedom and being in control of what I do and when I do it drives me, making me a really happy guy. All of this is until Emmanuella Ebubechukwu Chinyelu aka Nwanyi oma came along.

I have my own apartment on Harvey Road in Yaba, Lagos and a satisfying job that not only pays my bills but leaves me with more than enough extra to please my lady friends. There’s always one or two girls at a time clamoring for my attention and willing to keep me company when I needed and only then and I was always aiming to please.

I made sure I kept up with sex trends and read up on basic things on Twitter and YouTube (don’t laugh, you can’t know it all).

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It is important to me that my ladies have optimum satisfaction and by so doing, a couple of them have fallen in love with me but biko, boundaries had to be set, otherwise I’d have crying sops on my hands and I can’t deal with tears. This brings me to Emmanuella

Emmanuella is a coworker of mine, who dated my brother Gozie. She is what you call a “Boss Lady” in every sense of the world. Recently, she ended things with my brother for no apparent reason and that pissed me off quite a bit. Still, she remains one of the most desirable woman on this planet and I wanted her, so so badly.

Gozie and I hung out a lot and this meant that Ella usually tagged along, but as you know things didn’t end well for them. Ella and I remained friends and of course coworkers even after the break up and my need to fuck her brains out increased every bleeding day, it was sheer torture. She became chatty whenever we hung out and I quickly got bored, yet the need to have my cock buried in her pussy urged me on.

Her breasts would jiggle every time she so much as took a deep breath and my dick would throb, hanging with her became increasingly painful to say the least. Her assets were not really impressive but the way her slim body swung those hips of hers always had me drooling.

Her attitude and the way she carried herself and the way her almond shaped eyes would narrow in suspicion screamed sex appeal and it made my blood warm.

One Sunday morning, exactly 5 months after her break up, she came to visit me. I made her as comfortable as possible. There she was in her high-lo dress looking vulnerable and sexy as hell and here my dick was standing at attention and ready to march in. I didn’t want to betray my brother but this Nubian queen was a seductress and I didn’t know how long I was going to hold out.

Instead of giving in to my raging hormones, I sat down with her to share a bowl of Supreme Ice-cream and we ended up talking for hours, I glanced at the clock in the middle of an uproar of laughter and saw that it was 11:30pm!

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Jesus is Lord! I was about to tell her it was getting late when she moved closer to me on the couch and leaned in to whisper in my ear.

“Dumebi, I broke up with Gozie because I think I might be falling in love with you”

Ehn! I was beyond shocked, my dick was singing Halleluyah! Anything to fuck this babe mehn, but my mind had begun running and screaming for help. I had no other choice,

“Ella, you know me na, I don’t do this love thing. I think you’re extremely beautiful but I am not into you that way” I felt like the biggest dick ever and if she wouldn’t fuck me because of this then so be it but to my surprise she smiled, even though there was some sadness in her eyes, she leaned closer and planted a sweet chaste kiss on my lips.

Now she was talking! Not all that love business, my hand flew to the back of her neck which allowed me to deepen the kiss and she kissed me back, oh she tasted like strawberries and wine – it was a heady flavor and it was driving me crazy.

Gozie’s feelings be damned, there was no way I was going to give up my chance to fuck Ella again and again plus this girl wanted me back! She began to pull my shirt off, I removed my mouth from hers reluctantly, long enough to get the shirt off before I seized her mouth again.

Before either one of us could blink once, I had unclasped her bra and pulled the top of her dress down exposing her firm perky breasts and taut nipples. I covered one nipple with my mouth and a soft moan escaped her as she held onto me while I quickly moved on to the other, fuck! Her moans were sweet music to my ears.

I pushed her gently onto the couch so we could get comfortable and then resumed ravishing her nipples which elicited moan after moan after moan.

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My mouth found its way down her stomach where I had unknowingly hiked up her gown, her dark thighs were exposed and shiny in the midnight glow, it called to me to feed on it, caress it and make it sing and that I did. I slowly worked my way up and down both thighs reveling in the shivers it sent up her spine as I went along, as I trailed kisses between her thighs, I pushed her panties aside and stuck a lone finger in her.

I caught sight of her grabbing her boobs and squeezing the life out of them as my fingers began the assault, then she started buckling wildly against me, which made me insert two more fingers while sucking gently on her clit. I sucked and finger-fucked her until she thrashed about crying my name out repeatedly.

“Oh my fucking gosh Dumebi! I’m cumming!!! Oh fuck, fuck! Yeah!..” she moaned loudly, pushing her hips towards me and arching against my mouth. I pressed on, driving her crazy with my hands and mouth until she clenched, released then squirted cum all over my hand and mouth.

I licked her dry as I tried to unfasten my jeans, in my haste I tore off her panties and once the coast was clear, I settled between her legs and gently shoved my hard cock into her wet, tight cunt. She dug her fingernails into my back as my big, brown cock pushed deep into her.

She wrapped her legs tight around me, pulling me as I pounded her tight little cunt, it felt so incredibly good, closing my eyes, I savoured the feel of the wet walls of her pussy enclosed around my cock as I pulled out and pushed back in as fast as lightning.

She then used her legs to squeeze me so hard till she found her release and the sexiest moan escaped her, her orgasm had made her so fucking wet that my dick was able to slide in and out freely, making the little general excruciatingly happy.

I dipped my head so that my mouth could take a nipple again as I dug deeper, moving faster now and she surprisingly matching my rhythm. I was stunned in to silence – girls are usually lazy after the first round! And here this vixen was holding on to me and pushing her waist forward to enable me more access!

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She had begun screaming now but I didn’t care – I had wanted this for so long – she met my thrusts again and again and cried out each time I almost hit her pelvis and as she held on to me, our bodies slick with sweat, my name trembling on her lips.

I found my own climax and couldn’t suppress the loud guttural groan that escaped me as I spilled cum all over her breasts.

“I love you” she said again as I shifted to lay down beside her, I closed my eyes without a word and ignored the faint pounding in my heart.

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