Thursday, 3 August 2017

Erotic Story/Edymaniac: Fatima & her backdoor obsession [Part 7]

Familiarity is the new cool with Madu now, he sits while Fatima gets ready to leave on for a night out with the girls but he has other ideas of how to spend that time.

Madu then began a descent down Fatima's body kissing her shoulders, lower back, buttocks and legs down to the back of her knees. Fatima's body trembled with desire as he planted soft kisses all over her. Madu worked his way back up to Fatima's ass and kissed each cheek lovingly.

Fatima's pussy was flowing with her juices and she needed to cum soon or she would go crazy.

Madu kissed Fatima's tailbone just above the crack of her behind and she shivered as chills ran through her body.

He remained on his knees as he turned Fatima toward him and then he licked and kissed her pubic hairs. Fatima gasped aloud when his tongue touched her vulva and sought out her clitoris.

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He grasped Fatima's buttocks and he held her to him as he licked her pussy and tongued her clit. Fatima screamed as a massive orgasm rocked her body.

She held Madu's head to her vulva as she seemed to cum forever. He held Fatima tightly by her buttocks and he was relentless with his tongue. Fatima tried to push his head away several times but he just kept eating her and licking her until she collapsed in his grip.

He eased Fatima to the floor as he sensed that she couldn't stand anymore and then he picked her up and carried her to her bed.

He placed Fatima down on the bed and she watched as he got on it with her. He looked at her and smiled and gently spread her legs apart. Madu eased himself between Fatima's legs and slid his rock hard dick into her pussy. It felt wonderful as it parted the lips of Fatima's labia and nestled deep within her.

He started moving slowly and Fatima wrapped her arms and legs around his torso. He kept his weight off her as they made love but he managed to keep his shaft in constant contact with her clit.

Fatima felt another orgasm building within her and then she felt his release fill her womb. His seed flew into Fatima with a force she had not expected that time.

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That triggered her orgasm and the two of them rocked together in an intense climax. Fatima's body went limp after her orgasm but Madu went right on screwing her. His dick had not softened and Fatima knew that she was in for a long session before he came again.

Fatima didn't think it was possible for her to cum again but she was wrong. In fact she had several orgasms along the way before Madu flooded her vagina with his seed a second time. This time he collapsed on top of her and she caressed his back as they both recovered from their orgasmic bliss. He sensed that he was too heavy for Fatima and rolled to the side.

They cuddled for a while before Madu placed Fatima on all fours and fucked her again cumming for a final time that evening. Fatima was exhausted and cum filled but she was grateful for another fun filled fantasy.

About every two weeks Fatima would carry out another fantasy with Madu. She was pleased that he was always willing to go along with the fantasy.

Whatever the fantasy and the outfit, it never failed to get them excited resulting in great sex. Madu and Fatima had sex without the fantasies in the confines of her bedroom. They still engaged in anal sex but it wasn't as thrilling as carrying out the fantasy in the back seat of her car.

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Their love affair went on for over two years and then they went their separate ways. It had been a great run and Fatima had finally lived out her lifetime fantasy.

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