Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Erotic Story/Edymaniac: Adanna's encounter at the massage table [Part 3]

After experiencing Ahmed and Hassan's mad long dicks at the conference in the North. Adanna's hunger for big black Hausa dick is on its all time high.

Then Adanna remembered being turned over on the massage table and having her legs spread apart. Her pussy was on fire and she needed to cum again. She had looked up expecting Ahmed to fuck her but it was Hassan who entered her pussy.

His big black dick touched areas within her that had never been explored. She had multiple orgasms while Hassan fucked her and came twice in her womb.

Adanna rubbed her pussy in bed that morning until she had to have something in her. She went to her box and took out the big black dildo that she had hid there and plunged it into her pussy.

She fucked herself with the dildo as she thought back to the last day of the conference.

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After Nduka had left for his meeting, both Ahmed and Hassan fucked her at the same time. She had straddled Hassan and lowered her pussy onto his big thick dick and then felt Ahmed slide his dick into her ass.

Adanna couldn't recall how many times she came or how many times they ejaculated in her but she had never had more intense orgasms in her life. She remembered Hassan telling her that the next time they would bring another man for her mouth.

Of course that had never happened but the thought of it haunted her. Adanna's orgasm snuck up on her that morning as she recalled those events and she drenched the fake dick in her womb.

Now as she recovered from her morning orgasm she thought to herself,

"How am I ever going to satisfy my need for long dick."


Adanna was a nurse at the hospital where Nduka did his housemanship. They dated during that time and after he joined a private hospital. She and Nduka got married a year after his joining the private hospital. She was a beauty with desirable figure.

At 30 years old she looked great. Adanna had never strayed or cheated on Nduka until that fatal trip to the North.

Nduka was an excellent doctor and he did well in medical school and his residency program. At 35 years of age he was very fit. He still exercises to stay in shape. He was a decent lover but not very creative.

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He was not at all into anal and he would reluctantly participate in oral sex with Adanna. He would have never suspected her of cheating and would never have imagined her with another man.

That Monday morning after pleasuring herself with the dildo, Adanna showered, dressed and had breakfast. As she ate she contemplated her desire for long, Hausa dick. It wasn't just that they were thick it was because they were long. It seemed the ultimate taboo and she found it very erotic and exciting. She wondered how she would pursue her quest and remain discreet at the same time.

She decided that she would try to hire a northerner to do some work around the house and make her intentions known. Hopefully he would take the bait and come on to her. She remembered that one of the families in the neighbourhood used a Hausa man to cut the grass and do outside maintenance.

Adanna decided to approach him when she next saw him working at the neighbour’s home.

It was Wednesday that week when Adanna finally spotted the young man working in the yard. The house was a walking distance from hers so she had stalk for a couple of days before he showed up. Adanna watched him work for a while before she approached him.

He was about 6'1" and muscular. Adanna could already feel her juices running as she approached him.

"Excuse me, I see you doing some work for my neighbours and I wonder if you are looking for any more work?" Adanna asked shyly.

The young man stared at the pretty woman and replied, "Madam, I no dey tire. I go do more work."

"My name is Adanna Benson and I live on Ajanni Street. When would you be available to do some work for us?"

"No be today sha but I fit come tomorrow by 11 AM," he told her.

"Eleven would be fine. Here's my address," Adanna said as she handed him a piece of paper and then asked, "By the way, what's your name?

"Musa," he replied with certainty.

"Very good Musa, I will see you at eleven tomorrow," Adanna replied and then she headed back to her car.

By the time she got home her pussy was drenched. She was already anticipating being seduced by the young man. She ran into the house and up to her bedroom. She pulled her panties off and got the dildo from her box.

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She plunged the fake cock into her vagina and drove it in and out until she came. Then she decided to stick the dildo in her ass and stretch it some in case Musa was to fuck her ass the next day.

She didn't even know if he would take the bait but if he did she wanted her ass ready.

That evening when Nduka got home, Adanna told him that she hired a young man to do some yard work.

"That's great, I didn't feel like tackling it this weekend," he told her.

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