Monday, 7 August 2017

Erotic Story/Edymaniac: Adanna's encounter at the massage table [Part 2]

The first encounter didn't end with Ahmed penetrating her but it did send her mind into spirals of what could happen. The second day is a totally different reality for both of them.

Adanna remembered how she closed her eyes and nodded yes. Ahmed gently rubbed her pussy with the massage oil and sought out her erect clit. Ahmed pushed two fingers into her pussy and rubbed her clit with his thumb.

She covered her mouth with her arm as an orgasm rocked her beautiful body.

She kept her eyes shut as her body jerked and spasmed on Ahmed's fingers. She watched as Ahmed removed his fingers from her pussy and brought them to his nose. He was pleased with her aroma but he decided that she had enough.

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Moments later Adanna opened her eyes and noticed that Ahmed was gone. She looked around and then she realized that she was alone naked on the bed.

The housekeeper assigned to the chamber was smiling at her. Adanna had quickly scrambled out of bed and put her bikini back on. She was embarrassed over what happened but more upset with her own behaviour. Adanna stayed in her room the rest of the day until Nduka returned.

That night Adanna had a difficult time sleeping as she could not get the subtle seduction out of her mind. She remembered seeing the bulge in Ahmed's shorts and she knew that he had been turned on. Not since university days had anyone put anything in her ass and Ahmed had awakened that sensitive part of her body.

Of course she never said anything to Nduka about the liberties that Ahmed had taken. She could still see the smiling white teeth of Hassan, their housekeeper when she had hurried to put her bikini back on. Adanna didn't know if Hassan had witnessed the entire session but she guessed that he had seen most of it.

The next morning after Nduka left for another meeting, Adanna, although she knew she was treading on dangerous ground, scheduled another massage. Ahmed smiled when he entered the chamber and saw Adanna in her string bikini.

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She greeted Ahmed and took off her bikini as she was told. This time she did not hesitate as he had already seen her naked. She climbed on the table and lay face down as he instructed her to do. As he did yesterday Ahmed massaged her back, shoulders and the back of legs. He did not spend as much time with the rest of her body as he was anxious to get to her ass.

He kneaded her gorgeous ass cheeks and as he massaged her ass he put an ample amount of oil on her pussy. Then Ahmed began to thrust into her pussy first with one and then two fingers. Before long his fingers were moving easily in and out of her thoroughly lubed pussy. He lifted her up by her hips until her ass was in the air as she rested her head on the massage table.

He removed his fingers and climbed up on the table with Adanna. He had already removed his shorts and his black long dick was at the entrance to her pussy. As he eased his dick into her pussy, Adanna had gasped and held her breath. He assuredly told her to relax and that he would not hurt her.

She struggled with her inner thoughts. She knew this was wrong but her pussy seemed to overrule her sensibility. Ever since Ahmed probed her pussy yesterday she subconsciously knew that she would give herself to him. Now that his dick was in her pussy there was no turning back.

As Ahmed eased his dick into her pussy the head cleared her pussy and she uttered an audible gasp. He had a long dick and the pain had been sharp but brief as Ahmed's long dick worked its way deeper and deeper into her pussy. If anyone had the perfect dick for fucking, Ahmed did.

His eyes had welled up with desire when she felt her pussy being stretched to new dimensions. He continued to ease his cock in and out of her pussy feeding her an additional ¼ to ½ inch at a time, each time waiting until she relaxed. It seemed to take minutes before his entire dick was lodged deep in her pussy.

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Ahmed shot his load immediately when his dick was fully embedded in her pussy however he stayed hard and continued fucking her. Adanna felt the warm cum shoot into her pussy and remembered that it actually felt strangely good. She liked the pleasure feel it gave her pussy but she felt unbelievably full. Ahmed had fucked her with long deliberate thrust as he complimented her on her beautiful ass accepting his huge dick.

Ahmed caressed her fleshy ass cheeks and told her how good she looked in this position with his dick inside her.

Her first orgasm had subsided completely and now she had felt more of a tingly sensation. The sensation then stopped and then Adanna only felt somewhat proud with the dick thrusting hard in her pussy.

Ahmed felt his second orgasm start down in his balls and rush up through his dick flooding Adanna's pussy again and cum soon filled her pussy to overflowing and backed up coating his dick and running down the inside of her thighs. He was not done with Adanna and she remembered how he continued to fuck her tight pussy.

Her pussy held his cock tightly and she felt as if he could stay hard forever in her pussy.

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Adanna had her head turned to the side of the massage table and she was gripping the sides with both hands as Ahmed fondled her shapely buttocks and pounded into her. All of a sudden another ejaculation let loose and filled her pussy with cum.

His dick seemed to swell up bigger than ever and it seemed that his seed had nowhere to escape to. Ahmed had kept fucking her pussy until his dick started to soften. Adanna' pussy involuntarily was milking his dick draining it of all his seed.

When Ahmed's dick had finally slipped from her pussy, his cum shot out and ran down the back of her legs and over the table. She had felt like she was cumming out of her pussy. She had collapsed face down on the table and lay still as he stroked her ass lovingly.

Adanna thought to herself that Monday morning in bed,

"Not in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that someone would fuck me and that I would enjoy it."

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