Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Erotic Story/Crazy Lenny: Seducing Nonye, my sister's friend [Part 3]

While kidding around in the name of experimentation, Lenny has made Nonye very horny probing her pussy with her panties on till he leads her to the room.

“Ooh God," she groaned as I cupped her pussy, pressed it into my hand and she worked to get her legs open wider.

Taking my left hand, I kneaded her tender little pussy lips and clitoris. Nonye responded by moaning and pushing up on the toes of her sandals then falling onto my hand.

"Let's take a look at your pussy," I said, not asking this time. Nonye was soaking through her panties and wasn't about to say no.

I took my hand off her pussy and she moaned in disapproval. She wasn't hesitating on me seeing her pussy; she wanted my hand back on her soaking pussy.

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"You do it," I said from my place on the ground. Nonye looked at me and smiled at the naughtiness of it all. She bit her lower lip and her hands moved to her panties. Pulling her panties away from her body, she removed it from being lodged in between her lips. Her clit was aroused and she moaned as she missed my pressure there.

Looking into my eyes, she smiled and pulled her panties to the side. She smiled as she watched me study her pussy as it was revealed before my eyes. Looking down she saw her hood poke out from her soaked panties. Taking her right hand off her panties, she firmly rubbed her moist lips and clit and felt herself cum for the first time.

"Yeeh!" she groaned as her fingers circled her clit and gently patted it.

My dick hardened in my shorts as I watched little Nonye play with her pussy. Taking my hands, I placed them on her knees in a gesture to her to spread her legs for me. She slipped her left leg out to the side and pushed her pelvis into her right hand.

A groan escaped her lips as she felt another wave of pleasure seep through her and she thought she might come again.

"Spread your pussy lips open," I said. I couldn't believe how turned on Nonye was and wanted to see just how far she would go for me. As I waited for her, I tugged her panties to the floor and off her feet.

Grinning from ear to ear, she looked at me and took her right hand and cupped her pussy forcefully. She looked down, from me to her hand, and slowly spread her pussy lips. Her pussy lips glistened from her moisture and her lovely hole came into view. Like she had done hundreds of times before, Nonye took her left hand and placed it over her right and using her index finger tapped her swollen clit.

“Oh my god,” She moaned as she exposed herself to my prying eyes. Leaning forward, I placed my open mouth over her pussy and sucked hard. Nonye's legs reacted immediately and she dropped her hips on my face.

“Oh fuck, oh fuuu,” she moaned. Her left hand left her crotch and she reached forward and cupped the back of my head to her.

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"Oh don't stop, please don't stop," She begged as her hips bucked and she ground her pelvis into my face.

I pushed my face into her crotch and slowly moved my mouth from her moist pussy to her swollen clit and wriggled it against her sensitive button. She came for the second time, far more forcefully than the other time and far more forcefully than she normally did when she was alone in her bedroom at night.

"Oh god, oh god." Nonye groaned as she pulled my head forward with both hands. I sensed her urgency and pushed her right leg up in the air. Standing on one leg, she rode my face and wiggled her hips against my mouth. Playfully, I let my tongue slide between her legs and tickled her tight asshole.

"Oh God," Nonye groaned and her hips dropped to increase the pressure on her young bunghole. "Oh Lenny, don't stop licking," Nonye groaned as my nose slammed between her tender pussy lips. Nonye came for the third time, her hands alternating from holding herself up against our front door, to rubbing her breasts, to grabbing at the back of my head. Her legs twitched now as she orgasmed in short, quick waves.

"Oh god, oh god, stop," She groaned as her pussy became too sensitive and she needed relief. I pulled my face out of her pussy and smiled up at the sleepy looking lady. Her eyes were nearly close and her body slowly turned to the side as if she wanted to roll up into a ball.

"I never came like that before," she admitted shyly in a whispered tone and her hands cupped her full breasts.

“Come on," I said as I rose from the floor and grabbed her right hand. I began leading Nonye to the room at the end of the lobby and thought better of it. She was bottomless now and I wanted to see her lovely ass in front of me as she walked in her sandals. Nonye noticed me looking at her butt and smiled over her shoulder.

With that I gave her a hard slap on her left ass cheek and she giggled.

Arriving in the living room, I pushed Nonye forward and she fell on her hands and knees on the leather chair. She howled and laughed at my forcefulness. She glanced devilishly over her shoulder to see what my next move was. Her ass was pointed back at me and I took my hands to spread her lovely fat ass cheeks.

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My dick was pointing straight up inside my shorts and ached from the excessive blood flow and the strain of fighting against the fabric of my shorts and boxers.

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