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Erotic Story/Boda Tijani: Short time with the busty agbo seller [Part 2]

TJ has just scaled one of the fences, getting her to come to the hotel, then second fence is convincing her to take off her clothes and have sex with him.

The other, older drinkers all looked at the girl and nodded a silent respect to me as we left the bar and went into the long, dark, unholy corridors of the guest house. I was a nineteen year old kid holding the hand of a voluptuous girl of about twenty-three and seemingly leading her into the room.

Every guy knows the silent nod. It’s a “baba, you be chairman o” kind of nod. I didn’t immediately accept the acclaim because I knew I had my work cut out for me.

At the door, I pretended to use a key as I opened the door for the agbo-seller to go in. Only I, Mathew and God knew the door of the cheap room had no lock. I just had to accept it because all the other rooms were occupied.

People fuck a lot o.

She immediately sat on the brown chair as I sat on the bed; which was two meters away - - with nothing but high hopes, a calculating mind and a hard dick.

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I had read literature online about how to stimulate a woman, but no one said anything about the chair in the room. Time was 5:02pm.

Money was burning.

I unbuttoned my shirt and tried to break the ice by asking if her Nike was Oyenike or Adenike. I can’t even remember what she said it was. I found out she was 21 and still had high hopes of going to KwaraPoly one day. I didn’t care. At 5:12, I tried to work out what percentage of N500 had burned. After telling her to come closer, she reiterated her earlier stance that we would not fuck.

That was when I remembered Robert Greene’s 28th law of power: ENTER ACTION WITH BOLDNESS.

I knew human beings refuse in order to be conquered. At 5:20, I sat on the edge of my bed, abandoned every rule in the playbook and did what the spirit directed me to do.

TALK. “Nike, you know I can’t claim to love you just because I want to sleep with you. That would be an insult to your intelligence. And I see intelligence in your eyes and maturity in your actions…” I said in a mixture of English and Yoruba. At that faint praise, she smiled briefly. With that little opening in her armour, I pressed further. I said something stupid and entirely made up on the spot that went like:

“See ehn Nike. They thought us in Biology that stress leads to the release of melanin in the system. To counter this effect, one needs the brain and the body to be happy so that thiamine and aquafin would be released into the system too.

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Look, what I want most in my life right now is to gain admission, but second on the list is to…”

At 5:33, with about N257 burnt, I prayed to God to let my mind-games bear fruit.

I didn’t complete the statement because I hoped she would take the bait.  She did.

After fiddling with her necklace, she asked

“Tijani, what’s the second thing..” I said I just wanted one kiss. The room was quiet. I was confident the reverse psychology I used on her had worked and she felt she was in a position of power at this point. I stood up and pulled her up from her chair. She said “It’s only one kiss o” with a firm voice as if she was the one in charge. I held in a laugh and repeated after her. ONE KISS.

I slid my left hand across her neck, beneath her earlobes and tilted her head to the lift. I watched Original Sin too.

Without warning, and whilst my right elbow rested on her left breast, I slowly grazed her lips with mine. I bit on her lower lip as she gripped my unbuttoned shirt for balance. I sensed her nipple had hardened against my elbows and as she started to get into the kiss, I broke it off and sat on the edge of the bed.

She just stood there, arms folded across her chest and asked why I was smiling; a question to which I responded that I was just satisfied my goal had been achieved.

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With my feet on the floor and eyes holding her gaze, she bent over me and asked if I didn’t want anything more. I told her I wanted more, but I respected her choices and didn’t want her to think I thought she was cheap. She came closer and tilted my head: “so you want to fuck me”.

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