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Erotic Story/Boda Tijani: Short time with the busty agbo seller

After the brief encounter with Biola, Boda hasn't been so lucky again until this sexy agbo seller came his way, then it's race to short time at the hotel.

As a small, innocent boy, when our teachers asked us what we wanted to become, I was always the only one not to raise my hands because I didn't dream of becoming a lawyer or a doctor or even an accountant like all the other kids.

My dream would be laughed at by my mates and frowned upon by those teachers,  so I kept them to myself because I wanted to be a Traffic Warden.

When I grew into my teens and learnt of their atrocious pay, I abandoned that dream. My  Mum was a teacher and went to school every week day. Alhaji (daddy) was a civil servant and the 'servant' in that job description always pissed me off as a kid. I was still seeking admission two years after graduating secondary school and I still wasn't sure of what I wanted to become.

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I just knew I enjoyed ramming my dick into girls in our neighborhood.

At 19, I had a respectable body count of three; Biola, our neighbor, and two Commercial Sex Workers (CSW). Olosho is a derogatory term for people who make a honest living, but that's a story for another day.

After the first CSW decided to send me out because I took too long to cum (and allegedly because of my length), Biola refused to come back after I fucked her on Alhaji's sofa as I saw her walking funny the following week, the third CSW returned my money and a few minutes of intense fucking.

I knew I needed a new victim.

That was when Alhaji retired from civil service and was always at home. So I knew bringing girls home was no longer an option and I had to find an alternate abattoir. I decided I would never be a civil servant also as I wouldn't want to block the shine of my kids when they need the house to fuck.

That was when I heard that a guest house 3 streets from our house charged N500 for one hour. I learnt they called it 'short time'. It was at that moment I knew my admission seeking would extend into a third year.

In Ilorin, girls like to form 'good'. Like, they will fuck you, but they will still like to keep their 'good girl' image.

So every classy girl turned me down once I mentioned Matafoda guest house. But I needed to cum, so I let the frustration get to me. I was going to watch Man United one Saturday when a girl hawking agbo said I should drink a cup. I sized her up.

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She was short, had thick lips and big calves, and big breast as well. I like fat women so I told her to sell me a cup of 'everything' and that I'll need to test the efficacy of her agbo. She laughed and said

"Ah, fine boy like you. Go test am for your girlfriend" I told her I did not have a girlfriend and I sha collected her number. When I called her after the match and said she should meet me at Matafoda, she said

"We no go fuck o!" I laughed and said it is only to have a few cold drinks and talk. She said she would meet me there after taking a bath and changing her clothes.

I took a bike to the guest house and quickly confirmed from the barman that it was really N500 per hour. I bought a bottle of malt and bought the barman (Matthew) a bottle as well. When Janet called that she was outside, I told the bar man to point her in my direction.

She wore a long, pink gown that had a V-neck and revealed some of her ample breasts. She took a bottle of big stout and my dick started straining against my shorts. After she finished her stout, I told her to come inside with me so we can have more privacy to finish our conversation. Before she could say no, I stood up and went inside to take the key from Mathew.

I went back outside, stretched my hand, and she took it while whispering she is not cheap like other agbo sellers and that I will not sleep with her.

I smiled reassuringly as we went inside THE room.

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