Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Erotic Story/ Grace, The House Girl: Grace takes on Akin, the barber


Ever since her return to Abuja. Grace has been finding new prospects that can satisfy her ever increasing need for sex. Akin is the latest culprit.

Is she ready for this? Does she really want to do this?

What if she does it and hates it later, Grace thought as she ran her hand through her hair on her way to the barber’s shop, she had finally decided to cut her hair, her hair was reasonably long but it also hurts whenever she plaited it not to mention the headaches it gives her whenever she has to carry basins of water on her head.

She got to the shop and reluctantly stepped in

“Oga Bayo good afternoon o” She greeted

“Ah ah Gracie how fa na” He answered

“I dey, I wan cut my hair” She said running her fingers through her hair

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“Go and come back after, I go do am fine for you, I get plenty customer now” He said

She left and went home to continue her chores, she decided to use her extra time to fetch water, after a couple rounds from the tap she was drenched and had to change into a small top and skirt.she checked the time and decided to check back at the barbershop before it was closing time.

She got there and he was sweeping the shop she waited outside till he was done and she went to sit inside. After he was done cleaning he apologized for keeping her waiting and covered her with an apron

“So, which style you want?” he asked

She looked into the mirror tilting her head sideways

“Just low-cut” She said

He brought out his clippers and short comb, combed her hair slightly and started to cut from the top. He kept on cutting till it was very low occasionally his hand would brush over her ear and it would make her almost jump slightly. He had surprisingly soft hands which made her moan softly whenever his hands gently grazed her forehead or her ears.

She hoped he could not hear her, he stood in front of her trying to carve the hair, he asked her if she would like a small parting by the side, she reached up to touch her hair and her elbow bumped his crotch, he cried out in pain and she instinctively reached out to massage it, she realized too late when his dick throbbed in her hand.

She pulled her hand away quickly like she just touched hot coal, she heard him laugh a little

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“But Gracie, e still dey pain me” He said with a smirk

She smiled back and slowly reached out to touch him, she stroked up and down till his bulge became more obvious in his trouser, she made to unbuckle his trouser and he stopped her, he dropped the clipper and went over and hurriedly closed the door.

She never noticed how small the shop was with its mirror and chairs and a long bench and posters pasted all over, he came over and she continued from where he stopped, she unbuckled his trouser, she gasped when he stepped out of his boxers and his dick sprang out almost hitting her face.

It was huge, she pushed him towards the bench and he sat down, she bent down and stroked his dick up and down loving how it filled her hand she imagined how it would fill her mouth and she brought her mouth down on it to find out and it sure did fill her mouth.

She could not take him all even when she tried to deepthroat it, she slurped up and down his dick licking the head like it was lollipop, she held the base of his shaft and stroked up and down as her mouth sucked on the head

“Ohh Grace” He moaned with his hand on her head

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She alternated sucking on the head of dick and taking as much of his dick she could, she bopped her head up and down when he started to move slightly from under her to met her rhythm, she kept moving up and down with her hand working the base,he started to move more grunting louder and she knew he was closed.

She jerked him off harder and sucked on the head of his dick, he pushed into her and came moaning her name, she swallowed his warm sticky load and licked his dick clean

“Oh Grace, that was good” he said breathing hard

She smiled up at him, she was just getting started , she took up and took off her clothes.

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