Thursday, 3 August 2017

E.L: Rapper holds listening session for album "West African Vibes"

E.L giving back stories of how the songs were made

The multi-gifted Ghanaian musician stopped by at the Pulse Office to talk about the direction of the album as snippets of some of the songs got played.

Ghanaian rapper and singer Elom Adablah stage named E,L dropped by at Pulse for a listening session of his forthcoming third album “West African Vibes” (WAVs).

The tall multi-talented musician currently has two albums and a number of mixtapes out - the B.A.R.(Best African Rapper) series.

West African Vibes he says is really all about giving to the world the pure sounds of African music from his own perspective.


Most if not all the songs were recorded  in hotel rooms and on the road touring with Lauryn Hill  E.L disclosed, also narrating the story behind making some of the songs - the amazing producers that gave him the beats such as Spax producer popular for producing the tracks off Hip-Hop group Show Dem Camp’s “Palmwine Music” EP.


Among the songs listened to include the lead single on the album - ‘See me sometime’, and  ‘Abaa’ where he sampled some Nigerian songs and whose video was directed by his childhood friend.

“You have to think outside the box,” E.L explained on why he sampled the Nigerian songs.

The album is set to be released before the end of August and may number 16 tracks in all.

E.L’s DJ  played some of the tracks mostly centered on his love for the ladies - which sees him singing on mid-tempo, explaining he wanted to try something different with the singing as against dropping bars.


The intro to every of his albums he said is very crucial for him as that gets to set the tone for what to expect on the album. E.L raps and sings on the intro to "West African Vibes".

“My intros are usually classics People wait for the BAR mixtapes because they want to listen to what the intro is going to be like so I take it very seriously.”

On collaborating with artists E.L says he is usually particular about whom he features, irrespective of the artist’s status. For him if the vibe doesn’t feel right, he‘ll pass on that feature.


E.L is also planning on putting one pure Hip-Hop track on the album for his rap fans so he doesn’t lose the fans that expect a Hip Hop track on the project.

The rapper believes he is just giving a piece of his culture and heritage to the world.

“They don’t understand a word I’m saying but you see them vibing”E.L  said about his foreign audience. He adds that it’s about the vibes and that’s what encouraged him to go in that direction for the album.

The outro particularly was on fire as E,L went full force on his lyrical prowess. He also pointed out that the outro was meant to prepare his Hip Hop fans ahead of a B.A.R 4 mixtape.

Anticipate “West African Vibes”.

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