Thursday, 3 August 2017

Daily Horoscope, August 3, 2017: What your Zodiac sign says today

What your Zodiac sign says today

Here's a short forecast for the 12 zodiac signs.


You feel kindly disposed to a female acquaintance today. If you can help this person, you will.


Today secrets or something mystical will be of interest to you. Anything going on behind the scenes will be what you are fascinated about.


You might most likely be the one who lobbies for assistance from someone in a position of power, asking them to be compassionate and cooperative.


Your appreciation of beauty is on a high today. Hence it is the most ideal day to give yourself the chance to enjoy beautiful things and places. Even beautiful ideas will be interesting to you.


You want to be fair and just to everyone today. However you have to also be fair to yourself, too. Don’t give away the farm because you need it, too


Today is totally hard to forecast for everyone, including you, Virgo People are impetuous and volatile. Watch it.


Think before you say, do or react to anything today, Libra, because you don’t want to do anything that you later regret. Be cool.


Fasten your seat belt, Scorpio, today is will move really fast and if care is not taken, you might get nothing done till it ends.


You need your wits about you because people will say or do unexpected things. Be prepared for this or get caught off guard.


Don’t be put off if someone says or does something you least expect. Survive as best you can.


This is the perfect day, Aquarius, to mend broken fences or have a conversation with a close friend or companion about a thing that was a problem in the past.


You might be needing advice from a colleague today and they might be running to you for assistance, too.

Either way, your communications with others at work are pleasing, tender and helpful.

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