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Cheers To The Solo Queen! How ladies can intensify sexual pleasures with just hands

These are tips on how to use your hand to satisfy your sexual needs.

Your hands are free and perhaps the one of the easiest ways you can get yourself to climax. This is how you can learn to do that yourself.

While masturbation is seriously frowned upon, it is one of the ways a lady can study her body and know how to pleasure herself adequately.

Ladies that have difficulties achieving orgasms have always been advised to have some solo time for herself with her hands in her orgasm, so she can explore herself and see which approach best does it for her.

Once the lady is able to find her rhythm to orgasm, it is easy for her to pass the knowledge to her partner, so they don’t continually aim in the dark. Apart from the moral dilemma that comes with masturbation, there were other health hazard such as hairy palms, infertility, sexual perversion and blindness which are not completely true.


Now, masturbation are used as a safe means of sexual expression and exploration, also a very natural stress reliever, it is also good for sexual health, and the knowledge can be very useful to your partner. According to studies, consistent solo session results in better overall sexual satisfaction and improved view of sex.

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The hands are very important to self-pleasure to a woman. It’s one of the greatest sexual toys that you can afford. An expert in female self-exploration, Jenna Davis, the writer of Clitical website, the fingers are as basic as it gets.

They don’t need batteries, and the mode is totally dependent on the user, either light touch or heavy touch, it all depends on you.

Begin by trying several movements of your fingers on your vagina such as strokes, long and short, circles as well, short and long. There is no definite formula here, take note of which one stimulates you the most. By applying your fingers, you can easily set yourself in the mood for self-pleasure.

While one hand is at work on your private, try rubbing hands over other sensitive parts of your body such as your boobs, nipples either by light squeezing or rough squeeze whichever works tickles you more. Your fingers can do way more than you thought previously.

Another way to give yourself an intense orgasm is this approach, because men and women have different clock times to orgasm, the man takes way less time than women,it might be a problem. While orgasm is most likely the goal of sex, the way you get there also counts. If you take a ride through a bumpy road, when you get there you might feel terrible when you arrive.

If you’re with a man who can’t last over 30 seconds, then you may have to resort to your hand. A stroker or masturbation sleeve is one way to get an intense orgasm, instead of stroking away to orgasm, slow it down, then start again.

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Do this for a while, then finally allow the climax to happen, you’ll experience a super intense orgasm. Thank me later!

Something else you can add to this mix is lube, a warming one at that. A warming lubricant is a lube that has a special added ingredient that creates warmth where it is applied. This warmth will trigger improved circulation and blood flow around the area. The more blood pumped to this region, the greater the pleasure when orgasm reaches. If you’ve got this lubricant, take it easy before you set yourself on fire.

In the quest for solo orgasm, you can also bring in some sex toys. Not the so expensive vibrating one, just the cheap and cheerful electric toothbrush. This comes in super handy, some electric toothbrushes have vibrations stronger than the typical vibrator.

Another silent advantage, no one is going to freak out when they see it in your bathroom unlike the typical vibrator.

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