Monday, 17 July 2017

Strategy: 5 leadership lessons you can learn from Basketball

LeBron James (left) and Kevin Durant take part in a US basketball team practice session in August 2015

We learn from all kinds of places, sometimes places we don't expect. Check out these amazing business lessons from the game of basketball.

Sometimes, we find the most interesting things in the most unexpected places and this time, we are highlighting some business nuggets you can get from the game of Basketball. 

Check them out:


  • Recruit the best: If you can afford it, always go after grade A talent where you can, regardless of location. Offer the players you want what they want/need to join your team. Basketball team always go for the best they can get.

  • Share the credit: All of your players count and at any time, someone can step up and deliver for the team just it is on a basketball court. Be sure to share the credit when that happens.

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  • Encourage open communication: Mike Krzyzewski, Duke university men’s basketball coach, says communication is one of the fundamental qualities that makes a great team. In business, it is important to be an effective communicator — be it with your employees or client. Praise the players on your team for the positives they bring to the table and challenge them in areas that need improvement.

  • Remove selfishness: Winning on the court, just like winning in business, requires your team to collectively prove stronger than any one players. That’s why the strongest teams win the most stuff. 

  • Share a consistent vision: Successful coaches always have a vision and mission for their team. In the same vien, successful businesses also recognize the importance of a unified vision whilst understanding how individual roles play into the overall delivery of said vision.


What other sport do you think entrepreneurs can learn from? Are there any other lessons you think people can learn from basketball? Let us know in the comments section below. Happy hunting!

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