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Relationship Talk: "We like each other but I don't feel any sexual attraction to her"

Relationship Talk

I like her and she like me, too, but the lack of sexual connection bothers me a lot.

I have this problem and I do not even know if it sounds weird or not but here's what's up.

I have this friend that has been close to me for like 3 years now. I have always liked her personality, she's friendly, nice, gentle, tells me everything and I do the same, and she is also very generous.

As a matter of fact, that is what I think I like most about her.

I kinda like all the good things about her and I have been thinking of actually having her as my girlfriend but the problem is I do not feel any sexual attraction towards her.

She's endowed, so that is not the problem. As a matter of fact, something once led to another and we kissed for about five minutes. Truth be told, I did not feel anything that day throughout the kiss.

I am sure she will make a good girlfriend, but the lack of sexual attraction worries me.

Everyone expects us to end up together, even I want to be with her, and I think she is waiting for me to ask her to be mine, too, but the lack of sexual connection bothers me a lot.

what would you advise me to do? Go on and ask her, or just stay friends with her?

Hi Reader,

Should one go into a relationship with someone he feels no sexual attraction towards? My answer is a big no.

I think you will be best served staying friends with her, because if I must be sincere with you, at some point the lack of sexual attraction will become an issue that you are not sure can be overcome.

I would rather stay friends with her if I were you, instead of dating and ruining both the friendship and the relationship.

Sexual connections hardly grow over time, and if you are not feeling it after three years and after that kiss, then I do not think it will ever come.

As bad as this sounds to you, I advise you not to do it.

Just keep on with being friends with her.

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