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Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers say Paul should divorce his wife immediately

80% of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters are all in agreement that Paul should divorce his cheating wife immediately so she does not kill him.

Paul, a 45-year-old married man with four children is fighting for his life in a hospital following an assault on him orchestrated by his wife and secret lover.

Paul has been coping with his adulterous wife, Cynthia for many years and has refused to bow to pressure from his family members to divorce her because of his children.

But the Camel's back was broken when she and one of her lovers stormed Paul's house with thugs and beat him to a pulp.

Read his story here:

"My name is Paul, a 45-year-old married man with four children. Presently, I am in the hospital after my wife and her lover sent thugs to beat me up in my own house.

My wife, Cynthia, has always been a promiscuous woman and all efforts to get her to change her ways have been in vain as she continues indulging in adultery to the chagrin of my family who has been at loggerheads with me.

They have insisted that I send her away due to the shame she has been bringing on us but because of my children and my desire not to have a divorce, I have always turned deaf ears to their warnings.

It got so bad that I was barred from attending our family meetings and when my father died a few years ago, I was not allowed to perform the dust to dust rites because they see me as tainted due to my wife's acts.

Cynthia is so reckless that she would go out of the house and stay away for several days with her lovers and anytime I cautioned her, she would tell me to do my worst.

I have kept my cool and restrained myself from doing anything silly because I fear I could kill her if I decide to beat her and she has been seeing my gentility for stupidity.

The last straw was when she told me she was traveling to her hometown to see her sick mother only for her to end up with one of her numerous lovers. I got to know that she did not travel home when I called her younger brother to find out how their mother was doing.

The brother was surprised and wondered when their mother fell ill that would require Cynthia coming down. He told me their mother was not sick neither was my wife at home. He even gave me the phone to talk to the mother who also confirmed that Cynthia did not come home.

When I called her, her phone was switched off but later when I called in the night, a man picked the call and warned me not to call the number again as his wife was sleeping.

I was seething with anger when Cynthia came back two days later and I told her to go back to where she came from. She dared me to stop her from entering the house and when she saw I was serious, she stormed out and told me that the battle line had been drawn and that what will happen to me will be disastrous.

I did not take her threat serious only for her to come back with three men later in the day and while she and her lover stood by giving instructions, the two men descended on me and beat me to a pulp.

While I was still reeling in pain, my wife went into the room and packed her things and left with the men with the lover warning me never to regard Cynthia as my wife again.

When they left, I managed to call a neighbour who rushed me to the hospital where I have been since then.

My people have refused to come and visit me since I was admitted while my friends who come all insist on divorcing Cynthia. I have been crying every day wondering where I went wrong.

My young children are now staying with my sister who has also insisted that she would not release them to me unless I send Cynthia away. I have had it up to the throat and don't know what to do.


The teaser for the day was:

What do you think Paul should do in this situation he has found himself?

How Nigeria voted:

Paul should divorce Cynthia without thinking twice - 80%

Paul should forgive Cynthia and take her back because of his children - 3%

Paul should report the assault to the police - 13%

Paul should assert himself as the man and deal with Cynthia - 3%

How would you vote on this issue?

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