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Legend of The Toe-Curling Sensation: A really good guide to vaginal orgasm

"I don't want to say they're a myth, because some women do have them. But it's very rare to take a dildo or a vibrator, and have an orgasm simply by thrusting

Vaginal orgasms are one kind of orgasm but they are independent in of itself, they rely on something else.

Orgasms for some ladies are elusive, they just cannot seem to get it, no matter how much they try. It is one of those things that remains a fairy tale for some people. I know of a friend, who despite trying everything, oral and penetrative sex has never experienced, tried all sorts of things online, and everything has proven to be abortive.

Several articles have been written on this subject, and some experts have also revealed that there are different types of orgasm; clitoral orgasm, that which is experienced through clitorial stimulation, usually happens through oral sex, the second is the vaginal orgasm, which happens during penis-vagina sex, the penetrative sex, and there is the anal orgasm, that happens during anal sex.

Some industry experts have also said around 70 per cent of women rarely have or never experienced orgasm. Men have no issues with orgasm, the problem sometimes has always been how to delay the male orgasm enough for the lady to be able to find hers.

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The questions till lingers, is it possible to have vaginal orgasm? I think this is possible, a couple of people can testify to experiencing the toe-curling sensation that this provides.


Another theory is being thrown into all sort of loop through some information given by Ian Kerner, author of She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman, the author tries to clarify issues such as if vaginal orgasm is gotten through penetration alone, then that is a very rare occurrence.

"Vaginal orgasms don't happen without some kind of clit stimulation. They can be enhanced with the G-spot, which provides a different sensation, and clitoral orgasm during penetration can give you the feeling of vaginal orgasm."

If you look at this statement then it means the vaginal orgasm isn’t independent in of itself, it depends on the clitoris which has its own type of orgasm as well. A urologist from Yale said the G-spot is a part of the clitoris, Kerner adds "I don't want to say they're a myth, because some women do have them.

But it's very rare to take a dildo or a vibrator, and have an orgasm simply by thrusting,"

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Another sex expert from the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, Dr. Emily Morse, who revealed that Kegels can help in a great way in fortifying your muscles down there, which can give you what is the closest to six packs in private part.

When those muscles are defined, it makes it more easier to find the elusive G-spot, another thing she said is to use sex toys that have curves. So, high five to guys with curved dicks.


Dr. Morse further explains that one of the best positions to achieve this is the doggy position, it is best when you get an angle that stimulates the clitoris.

"His penis will apply pressure to her G-spot if she starts on all fours and arches her back downwards (pushing her belly button towards the floor) while keeping her head up," 

"If she keeps her arms straight and locks her elbows, channeling the 'cow' of cat-cow pose in yoga, she got it right. This way he can easily lift her hips upwards while he thrusts in a downward motion." She further explained.

If the doggy position doesn’t do it for you, you can also try the cowgirl, in this position, the lady can control the angle, the depth and the speed.

"It might mean leaning forward or back while adjusting the speed and pressure, but when she's on top, she can experiment until it's just right." She continues.

For a woman to have vaginal orgasm, there must be stimulation of the clitoris during the penetration. One of the most receptive places to stimulation in the female private part is located at the upper left area of the clitoris.

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Bonus knowledge is that one of the most difficult position to get orgasm is the 69 position, while you’re standing, and while she is sitting on your face.


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