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"Game of Thrones": 7 best moments from season 7 premiere [Spoilers]

Game of Thrones season 7 episode 1

"Game of Thrones" kicked off its seventh season with an unexpected but very satisfying sequence. Here are 7 things you should know.

"Shall we begin?" Daenerys asked in the final moments of "Game of Thrones" season 7 premiere which is titled "Dragonstone."

Our answer is yes!

The HBO show is finally back, and it’s pretty obvious that winter is finally here.

The show kicked off the season with an unexpected but very satisfying sequence.

Here are seven best moments from the episode.

1. Arya finally avenges the Red Wedding

Killing Walder Frey in the last season wasn't enough revenge for Arya Stark.

Disguised as Walder, Arya gathered everyone who had a part to play in the death of Catelyn Stark, Robb Stark and his pregnant wife.

She served them a poisoned wine and happily watched them meet their end.


2. Jon Stark and Sansa Stark's little disagreement

In the North, Jon and Sansa clash over their different opinions on how to deal with traitors - the Karstarks and Umbers.

While Jon doesn't think it's right to punish sons for the sins of the father, Sansa thinks he should focus on those who helped him fight Ramsey Bolton and punish the treachery of others.

After their public disagreement, Jon tells Sansa that he feels like she undermined his authority at the meeting. The later says she only wants him to be smarter than their father and brother.

A raven arrives from King's Landing - Cersei wants Jon Snow to pledge his alliance to her or face the consequences of being a traitor.

3. Jamie's conversation with Cersei

Jamie hasn't decided if he is afraid or distrustful of Cersei after she burnt down half of the residents of King's Landing in season six.

He tries to discourage her from starting a battle they can't win.

When he reminds her that the Lannisters have no allies, Cersei points at the massive fleet of ships headed towards them. She invited Euron Greyjoy.

4. Of course, Euron Greyjoy wants something in return

Euron Greyjoy, who murdered his brother in season six and took over the Iron Island, wants to marry Cersei.

Jaime isn't in support of Euron's first, he thinks the Ironborn are "bitter, angry little people."

Cersei rejects his proposal, saying Euron murdered his own kin and isn't trustworthy.

The latter promises to earn her trust by brining her a priceless gift - Tyrion Lannister?

Before the season's premiere, Euron has been projected as the season's villain, one worse than the infamous Ramsey Bolton.


5. Sam discovers a huge source of dragonglass

The White Walkers are coming - thousands of them. This means Westeros is going to need lots of the only weapon that can kill a white walker - dragonglass.

Currently in the citadel pursuing his dream, Sam gains access to a locked area of the library and in one of the books, he finds a map revealing a mountain of dragonglass at Dragonstone.


6. Ed Sheeran's cameo

Ed Sheeran made his debut on "Game of Thrones" as one of the soldiers from King's Landing, who are in transit on a peacekeeping mission.

His unnamed character is seen singing in the forest. His song attracts Arya's attention and they all end up chatting and sharing a meal.


7. Daenerys is home

The episode’s final sequence sees Daenerys, Tyrion and Varys arrive her ancestral home Dragonstone, after six long seasons.

She also arrives with her army, ships, and of course, dragons.

This scene, wordless up until the final minute of the episode when she asks "shall we begin?" is one viewers have anticipated for years.

So, yes, everyone is ready to begin.

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