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Finance: These 5 African proverbs give you sound financial advise

You got served! 5 reliable and affordable African proverbs on financial advice is available for everyone on the socioeconomic scale.

Is saving money easy? From a distance, it certainly appears to be.

But, when it comes down to it, it is quite difficult especially when you don’t have a stellar income.

Investing advice is as common as grass. It’s on TV, it’s on the Internet. It is in newspapers, magazines and plenty of books.

Even with the massive proliferation of information, financial expertise eludes most.

In fact, basic financial planning eludes many people. A little targeted advice could cut through the confusion.

But wait, you may be saying, I can’t afford to pay for advice; I’m not a millionaire. You don’t need to be.

These 5 reliable and affordable African proverbs on financial advice is available for everyone on the socioeconomic scale.


Lost time is never found again -  Somalia


(Time is money, so when you mismanage your time, it is your business that bleeds. Make sure assignments and projects are completed timely so that your business operates smoothly, and above all, profitably.)


A way forward is asked from those who are in front - Zulu of South Africa


(Get off your high horse and ask around for advice. And, not just from anyone. Ask those who have been successful in your particular line of business. You’ll be surprised how willing they are to share their secrets, which will catapult your business to the next level.)


The soup the master of the house does not eat, the woman of the house does not prepare- Yoruba of West Africa


(Listen to your customers. Give your customers exactly what they want, how they want it, when they want it. The customer is king! )


The firewood gathered when you are healthy warms you when sick- Bakiga of Uganda










(Set aside some resources for the tough times. If your  business booms say in the summer, do you have a plan on how your cash flow will survive the winter cold? So plan ahead and secure your business’ future.)


Big fish are caught with big fish hooks - Kerewe of Tanzania


(Setting goals for your business is the easy part. The question is, do you have what it takes to achieve them? When you set big goals, you must put in equally big efforts to see them come alive.)

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