Monday, 17 July 2017

Avocado Pits: Artist turns fruit seeds into beautiful pieces that can be worn as pendant

Jan Campbell, Irish artist uses avocado seeds to carve beautiful tiny sculptures inspired by Celtic folklore.

Who would have thought that the seeds of Avocado can be used for something other than planting with the aim of growing a tree from it?

Well, this Irish artist, Jan Campbell, just did.

Here's how it started. Campbell was one-day preparing an avocado sandwich for lunch when she suddenly stumbled on the beauty that wrapped itself in the name of an avocado seed lying somewhere in the middle of the fruit.

"I thought it was too nice an object to throw away. I decided to hold onto the stone so I could take my time thinking about what to do with it."

Scratching away the outer layer of the seeds, Campbell turns these seeds into tiny, intricately detailed figurines inspired by Celtic folklore.

She carves these seeds into the tranquil faces of forest spirits, the flowing hair of ancient goddesses, and even a handful of wild mushrooms.


Campbells avocado sculptures can be worn as a pendant or displayed as statutes.

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