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Sports: Here are the 4 reasons Arsenal hired Emery Unai as head coach

Here are the 4 reasons Arsenal hired Emery Unai as head coach

Arsenal’s chief executive, Ivan Gazidis have said Emery met the three major criteria that the Arsenal management had stated for employing a new head coach.


  • Ivan Gazidis has disclosed how and why Emery Unai emerged  as Arsenal's new head coach.

  • Interestingly, Emery met the three major criteria that the Arsenal management had stated for employing a new head coach.

The management of Arsenal Football Club has revealed reasons for hiring Spanish nationality, Emery Unai as the club’s head coach.

According to an official statement from Arsenal’s website, the football club’s chief executive, Ivan Gazidis discussed the recruitment process in detail on Wednesday, May 23, 2018.

Giving a little bit of background on the process that led to Emery’s appointment, Gazidis said a three-person committee consisting of Sven Mislintat, head of recruitment, and Raul Sanllehi, head of football operations was formed to scout and get the best man to fit in Arsene Wenger’s shoes.

Emery met Arsenal’s criteria

Gazidis revealed that there were clear criteria that the management looked out for during the selection.

Interestingly, Emery met the three major criteria that the Arsenal management had stated for employing a new head coach.

And these were a progressive coach, who can deliver the entertaining football.

A personality that fits with Arsenal's values and also a record of developing players, in particular, young players through detailed, tactical instruction and also through cultural demands.

A coach that pushes players and demanding more from them.

Gazidis had said: “We also felt, and I felt for some time, that he is a superb fit with the criteria that I laid out.”

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Emery outshined seven other coaches

Eight coaches were approached by the committee tasked with selecting the Arsenal’s head coach, Gazidis informed.

The eight coaches had been interviewed between April 25, 2018, and May 15, 2018, when the interviews were concluded.

Emery, Gazidis said was interviewed on May 10 after which the committee made its recommendation in a 100-page dossier made available to the board of Arsenal.

According to Gazidis, Emery’s fantastic record of success as well as team’s improvement wherever he has coached worked for him and earned him the Arsenal job.

Emery’s detailed knowledge of Arsenal FC is extraordinary

For Arsenal FC, having a detailed knowledge of the club and its ideals is a plus for getting the job of a head coach and this Emery had in his arsenal.

"He came in extraordinarily well-prepared, with a detailed knowledge of Arsenal Football Club. He had an analysis to share with us, not just of his ways of working and of his ways of coaching, and the team of people he works with, but he had an analysis of all of our individual players, their qualities and how he feels he can help them develop individually and collectively - in detail. Also an in-depth knowledge of our off-the-field team, and how they can contribute and how Unai's team would mesh with them productively,” Gazidis revealed.

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Emery’s passion for the game distinguished him

Above all the process and technical exercise involved in securing Emery Unai as Arsenal’s head coach, his energy, and passion for the game of football distinguished out of the pack.

Gazidis said: “Unai has an energy, a passion, a competitive energy and it is this combination of detail, of hard work, passion and a love for football and a will to win that made us feel that this fit was exactly right for Arsenal and exactly right for the people we have working at the club."

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For Guys: Why you shouldn't enter a relationship you can't afford

Financial realities of modern relationships.jpg

Why both men and women should learn to date within their financial means.

You need money as much as you need emotional maturity and intelligence in a relationship and until you can afford these, you probably shouldn't be dating.

Transactional relationships

You must have heard people say there's no romance without finance, and that when you have no money, you have no honey. his is simply because deep down, most relationships are still transactional in nature.

That is to say, you stand a very high chance of getting someone to love you when you are financially OK. If you are not, all your abundance of emotions and good traits may just be a waste.

Yes it’s crazy and of course, it’s sad. Although some social change is seemingly being orchestrated via social media discourse, it seems that it'll take a very long while to completely [or even significantly] overhaul a belief system that has existed for a long, long time in almost every culture and nationality you can think about, although in varying degrees.

Apart from the fact that relationships are largely transactional in these parts, another truth that every guy would need to wrap their heads around is that there is no relationship that’s free.

Relationships are not meant to solely be about what money can buy, they are not supposed to bleed you dry and they are not meant to wreck your credit but you cannot do love in 2018 [or anytime in recent memory] without having to spending money, whether you are a man or a woman.

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No relationship can't do without money

Love, even in its purest, truest and most genuine form is hinged on sharing and giving gifts and spending quality time on dates among other things. And there is no way you are going to do these without spending.

Whenever the operation of money in relationships and marriages is spoken of these days, a lot of attention is paid on women and how they need to chip in more regularly and spend money on men, too.

That conversation is largely triggered by the commonness of transactional relationships as mentioned above, and the need to reduce or completely phase out its occurrences.

However, taking away the transactional nature of relationships will still not excuse you, man, from spending on your woman. Neither will it excuse you, woman, from doing the same.

And you need to do so gladly, happily and freely without being asked to. Random gifts for her, especially if her love language is getting gifts; occasionally making a grand show of your love to her and basically just spoiling her as your financial stengths permit.

This is why you should consider not pursuing a relationship when you have no source of income. Really, love is a quite difficult to prove when you’re very broke.

In this same vein, it should also be stated that dating within your financial bracket is a thing and every guy needs to acknowledge this. Date someone that won’t require you over-flex your financial muscle.

You also need to date someone who strives for financial freedom and pursues financial success of her own.

Such women hardly feel entitled to your money and would relate to your money with an appreciation of your effort instead of a misplaced sense of entitlement.

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World: Russian spy's daughter describes 'slow and extremely painful' recovery from poisoning

Russian spy's daughter describes 'slow and extremely painful' recovery from poisoning

LONDON — Yulia Skripal, whose poisoning with a nerve agent in Britain this year set off a diplomatic clash between Moscow and the West, on Wednesday gave her first videotaped statement since the attack, describing her recovery as “slow and extremely painful” and saying that she hoped someday to return to Russia.

Skripal spoke to Reuters from an undisclosed location in London and, apart from a scar on her neck, apparently from a tracheotomy, appeared to have no visible aftereffects from the nerve agent, one of a strain of lethal poisons developed during the last years of the Soviet Union.

She was shown walking along a leafy path, wearing a flowery dress, her hair newly styled.

Skripal’s appearance seemed intended to quell speculation, promulgated by the Russian government, that Britain had fabricated the March 4 poisoning of Skripal and her father, Sergei V. Skripal, or was keeping them prisoner. Viktoria Skripal, a cousin living in Russia who has openly questioned British reports, has twice been denied visas to the United Kingdom.

Britain has blamed Moscow for the attack, an accusation the Kremlin has denied, and the dispute precipitated a series of expulsions of diplomats between the two countries and beyond.

“My life has been turned upside down as I try to come to terms with the devastating changes thrust upon me both physically and emotionally,” Skripal said, speaking in Russian. “I take one day at a time and want to help care for my dad until his full recovery. In the longer term I hope to return to my country.”

Sergei Skripal, a former Russian spy, was released from a Russian prison and sent to Britain in a 2010 prisoner exchange. He has lived in Salisbury since then, occasionally traveling to brief foreign governments on Russia’s military intelligence service. He and Yulia, 33, were found unconscious on a bench in Salisbury on March 4.

Yulia Skripal expressed her deep shock upon waking up after a 20-day induced coma and learning that she had been poisoned with a nerve agent.

She also said that “at the moment” she did not desire any help from Russia’s embassy in London, which has issued a drumbeat of statements protesting Russia’s lack of access to the Skripals.

“Also, I want to reiterate what I said in my earlier statement, that no one speaks for me or for my father but ourselves,” she said.

British officials have made little comment on the Skripal case for weeks, but Russian television continues to feature the case prominently, and broadcast a special on it to coincide with the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Saturday.

The special included an interview with Sergei Skripal’s 89-year-old mother, who begged the British authorities to grant her access to her son.

Wiping away tears, she said she had not seen him for 14 years and that she wanted “to clasp my son firmly to myself, to my heart.”

“Please, allow me to make just one phone call with my son,” she said in a statement broadcast on a Russian talk show, “Let Them Speak.” “But why don’t they allow him to phone? Why? What is the reason?”

This article originally appeared in The New York Times.

ELLEN BARRY © 2018 The New York Times

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Atiku is worried over killings of Catholic Church’s parishioners

Atiku is worried over killings of Catholic Church’s parishioners

Atiku expressed worry after the recent protest by the Catholic Church over the killings of the church's parishioners across the country.


  • Atiku has expressed worry the killings of its parishioners across the country.

  • The ex-Vice President expressed worry after the recent protest by the Catholic Church over the killings of the church's parishioners across the country.

Atiku Abubakar has expressed worry over the recent protest by the Catholic Church over the killings of its parishioners across the country.

With Atiku aiming to get the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential ticket ahead of the 2019 presidential election, the former vice president said on Wednesday that he is worried about the killings.

"It gets worrisome when the Catholic Church has to take to the street to protest the killing of its parishioners," the presidential aspirant said.


He added that the Nigerian government led by President Muhammadu Buhari must stem the killings.

The politician further stated that his heart goes out to the family of the slain parishioners as well as the Catholic church.

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Atiku has been a long-term advocate of peace, telling the Nigerian government to find a lasting solution to the incessant killings and violence ravaging populace in press statements and via his Twitter account handle.

Violence in different parts of the country is a hot topic amid campaigns and preparations for the 2019 presidential and general elections.

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AIICO Insurance: An uncertain future strengthened by a cover

A young black man smiling [stock]

Choose AIICO Insurance today and protect your future from possible disaster.

Kola had just invited his sweetheart, Sade, over that evening.He wanted to prove to her that gentlemen still exist, after their debate over the topic of “chivalry”the previous evening.

Without a doubt, Kola played the perfect gentleman role. From cooking mouth-watering delicacies that Sade couldn’t resist, setting the dinner table for two, plus the perfect music to suit the occasion.

Sade had never felt more appreciated, but more than anything else, what tripped Sade more, was Kola’s house –and she didn’t hesitate to show her appreciation for the aesthetics of the decor. 

After the dinner, like the gentleman he was, Kola drove Sade back to her home and bade her goodnight.

But who would have thought a perfectly ended evening could go sour in the twinkle of an eye? On his way back to his home as he was about to enter his driveway, he saw his house was crowded, and fire fighters trying to put out the fire that had engulfed his building.

That was when he remembered he had left water for coffee on his gas cooker so he could drink afterwards, but unfortunately, he totally forgot about it on his way out.

The firefighters could only put out the fire; they couldn’t repair the damage the fire had caused. All he owned in his house were razed.

To say he was devastated was an understatement, the home he had spent most of his life savings on had gone in flames. After all the fire was put out, the only thing he got from neighbours was sympathy, but sympathy couldn’t restore all that had been lost.

Anyway, such is life. Life is unpredictable and can happen anytime, anywhere without prior notice.

That’s why you shouldn’t take the “good life you live” for granted.

Yes, life is good but it’s not guaranteed to be forever. It’s important to protect yourself from possible disaster like, theft, accidents and even bankruptcy by choosing an insurance package that can salvage the situation–and instil confidence for the future.

If Kola had an insurance policyto protect his valuables, he could always make claims to repair or replace all he had lost.

It’s bad enough when you lose a valuable possession to fire hazard, but when you don’t have an insurance cover to help you slide back to your normal life, it’s even worse.

With that being said,this clearly informs the importanceof having a fire insurance coverage with the best possible options, based on your situation and needs.

Thankfully, there are companies that offer various types of insurance products, but finding the right one that’s tested and trusted can be a bit of ahassle. That’s why you should consider going with a strong, stable and reliable insurance company that’s trusted, AIICO Insurance.

Don’t let this be your story!

Choose AIICO Insurance today and protect your future from possible disaster.

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Final Scores: Grandpa rapes and impregnates girl he often sends on errands

Grandpa rapes and impregnates girl he often sends on errands

A mother found out that her daughter has been impregnated by a granddad who often asks her to run domestic errands.

Fola Olowoigbo,  a 73-year-old man, has been arrested by the police in Lagos, for impregnating a teenager.

Often times, the suspect sends the victim on errands to help foster an intention to sleep with her, Punch News gathered in a report published on Thursday, May 24, 2018.

It gathered that the abuse occurred at Fella Ahmed Street, Agric, Ikorodu, a community Olowoigbo alongside victim's mother.

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The latter who suspected that her daughter was pregnant found out by pressing for information. After some resistance, the teenage girl admitted to her mother that the 73-year-old man was responsible.

“The command is investigating a case of defilement reported against 73-year-old Fola Olowoigbo. The suspect was alleged to have defiled a 14-year-old female child till she became pregnant.

“The suspect, who hailed from Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, is a taxi driver and next-door neighbour of the child’s mother.

"It was said the suspect was always sending the teenager on errands unknown to the mother that he had ulterior motives," SP Chike Oti, a spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command told Punch News.

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Mimi Orjiekwe: Is actress pregnant?

Mimi Orjiekwe

Rumour has it that Mimi Orjiekwe might be pregnant but the actress has come out to respond to the claims.

Over the last few weeks, the gist of Mimi Orjiekwe being pregnant has been spreading around especially on social media.

The gist is that the beautiful actress and mother of one is reportedly pregnant with a Warri based billionaire. However since the story began the trend, the actress has come out to debunk the claims in a subtle manner She took to her Instagram stories on Thursday, May 24, 2018, where she responded to the claims in a cryptic way.

"Preg what?... I want more babies certainly not now. Bless up!! And guess what am living my best...(Next movie title: "Rumours" she wrote. Well, we guess she has put to sleep the gist going around that she is pregnant.


It is no longer news that Mimi Orjiekwe and her actor husband, Charles Billion have both gone their separate ways following infidelity accusations. The actress recently called him out on her Instagram page.


Mimi Orjiekwe shades ex-husband on Instagram

Mimi Orjiekwe recently threw shades at her ex-husband, Charles Billion on Instagram. The beautiful actress took to her Instagram page on Friday, April 13, 2018, where she threw shades at her estranged husband.

"So I was just reading a script that got me thinking ... what makes some men sooo irresponsible... I ve thought soo much and I don't just understand .is it Upbringing or family orientation or showbiz or infact it's crazy .. how can u ve babies with 3 diff women .. u don't and cannot pay bills for any of your child cos ur broke round the clock and u still go on to impregnate another .. is it a cause from the devil himself .. so now u ve diff children growin in d hands of diff women u don't even make an attempt to assist or co parent ..this women re struggling to keep up and fight for there child's best ," she wrote.

She didn't end it there, she also went to call him out for adverting for a condom brand despite his alleged shortcomings.

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"And u 've d gut to do a condom advert ..hell will even reject you    ..good part is the table turns around and Favour's d women like me .. ☺️☺️ the joy of becoming a parent is unmeasurable I wonder why some parents choose to be a Judas .. God help u...Ladies beware of such half dozen typo men #findadozenfull#" she concluded.


It would be recalled that Mimi Orjiekwe and then husband, Charles Billion welcomed their first daughter in April 2017. The actress took to her Instagram page where she announced the good news.

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Ogunsanya Fuad: Ambode adopts LASU's best graduating student, gives him N5m

Ambode adopts LASU's best graduating student, gives him N5m

Ambode says Fuad's academic story is too compelling saying he would sponsor his post graduate program in any university he wants.

Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode demonstrated a great sense of reward at Lagos State University's 22nd Convocation ceremony, as he adopted the school's best graduating student and also granted him scholarship and N5million cash reward.

The student, Ogunsanya Fuhad Adetoro was announced on Wednesday, May 23, 2018, as the best graduating student at the convocation ceremony held at the Auditorium Complex of the University in Ojo. The student finished with 4.78 CGPA.


Ambode while responding to the student's request to study abroad for his master's programme, the governor said he would personally finance the student’s education in any university of his choice anywhere in the world.

“In response to the best graduating student’s request, Lagos State Government does not generally give scholarship anymore but only bursary. So, I adopt him.

“His story is too compelling and it reflects on my own story. So, any university he wants to go, I will do it personally; I will be responsible. “In addition to that, because he is the best graduating student, I dash him N5million,” Ambode said.

While delivering his valedictory speech, Ogunsanya had said his academic pursuit was almost frustrated by a health challenge he inherited from his father.

He said he inherited cataract which according to him initially affected one eye and later spread to the other.

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My Parents helped me to seek medical help but the first operation I had was not successful.

“When my first WAEC and NECO came out, it was dotted with F9s, so I left home and went to stay with my uncle and his wife.

“My uncle and his wife also helped me to seek medical treatment at the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan and the operation was successful,” he said.

Ambode, therefore, said university convocations deserved necessary attentions as the future of any nation can only be guaranteed when the youths, who form the majority of the population are educated enough to contribute to the economy.



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Strategy: Shoprite launches mobile money platform, here's how it works

Shoprite launches mobile money platform, here's how it works

The new service will enable customers to deposit, withdraw or send money as well as buy groceries at any Shoprite stores

  • Shoprite says the money platform will be rolled out to Nigeria and other African countries in next one year.

  • The new service will enable customers to deposit, withdraw or send money as well as buy groceries at any of the till points in all Shoprite stores.

  • Shoprite Money is available to users aged 18 years and older.

Shoprite Group has announced the launch of a new mobile transactional banking service, Shoprite Money, which is currently available in South Africa.

The group said it has partnered with global fintech company Celbux, Google and Standard Bank to launch the new service which is available for those without existing bank accounts.

The Shoprite money platform is not currently in Nigeria but Shoprite says it is ready to roll it out to multiple African countries in the next one year.

The Shoprite Money is set to roll out in multiple countries in Africa over the next 12 to 18 months, which will hold additional benefits for customers including seamless and cost-effective cross-border remittance,” Shoprite said in a statement.

Joseph Bronn, Chief Business Officer at the Shoprite Group said: “Basic transactional banking services in South Africa are expensive and in many cases still not accessible to a large number of South Africans. We believe Shoprite Money will have a marked impact on economic activity in South Africa.

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Who can use it

Shoprite Money is available to users aged 18 years and older with a valid South African Identity Document, irrespective of their mobile network, device or connectivity.

How to use Shoprite Money

  • The new service will enable customers to deposit, withdraw or send money as well as buy groceries at any of the till points in all Shoprite, Checkers, Checkers Hyper or Usave stores across South Africa.
  • Customers can also send money, buy electricity or airtime from the comfort of their own homes, provided they have funds in their Shoprite Money account.
  • All transactions will be free with the exception of a R9.95 (about N280) fee that only applies to cash withdrawals.
  • Users can register for an account free-of-charge by dialling *134*3534# or by visiting the Money Market counter in any Shoprite store.

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Amnesty International: Presidency frowns at Report on Nigerian security agencies

Presidency frowns at Report by Amnesty International on Nigerian security agencies

According to the presidential aide, the report is short on credibility because it does not contain factual leads that could have laid the foundation for investigative actions.

The Presidency says the recent report released by the Amnesty International alleging human rights violation by Nigerian security agencies is inherently battling with credibility, falling vehemently short of evidential narration.

Malam Garba Shehu, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, made this position known in a statement in Abuja on Thursday.

According to the presidential aide, the report is short on credibility because it does not contain factual leads that could have laid the foundation for investigative actions.

He noted that findings were attributed to people but proper description of such people constituting the source of information was not provided.

“Engagement was claimed to have been made with Nigerian authorities but which authority is it, is not provided with clarity.

“This then is just a wild goose chase report, in essence.

“In some breath, the report seemed like the one in 2015, and the one in 2016, and the one after that year, the same things being recycled again and again.

“It ignores the fact of the existing mechanisms put in place by the military, as a self-correcting step and the high-level committee constituted by the Presidency to examine any such claims,’’ he further noted.

Shehu observed that over this period of time, the Nigerian military had indeed established cases of abuse and punishments meted out from Orderly Room trials and Court Martials that resulted in losses of rank, dismissals, and trials and convictions by civil courts.

He quoted President Buhari during his recent joint press conference with President Trump at the White House to further buttress his points as saying: “the government of Nigeria remains deeply committed to the principles of human rights, as well as promotion and protection of people’s freedom, even in the process of fighting terror.

‘’We commit to ensure that all documented cases of human rights abuses are investigated, and those responsible for violation held responsible.”

The 2017/2018 Reports of the Amnesty International on Nigeria had alleged that the Nigerian military “arbitrarily arrested and held thousands of young men, women and children in detention centres around the country.

The report alleged  that detainees were denied access to lawyers and family members.

While allegedly accusing the Nigerian army of various atrocities at Internally Displaced Persons camp in the North East region of the country, the Report also acknowledged that the army released 593 detainees in April and 760 in October 2017.

It also stated that the armed group, Boko Haram, had continued to carry out attacks, resulting in hundreds of deaths.

It said: “Reports continued of extrajudicial executions, enforced disappearances, and torture and other ill-treatment, which, in some cases, led to deaths in custody. Conditions in military detention were harsh.

“Communal violence occurred across the country. Thousands of people were forcibly evicted from their homes.’’

NAN observed that the authorities of the Nigerian army had since reacted to the Report by dismissing it, and accused the Amnesty International of deliberately attempting to tarnish the good image of the army.

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Voters Union: Group to partner INEC on voter education

Pulse Opinion: Your PVC is more useless than you think

A civil service group, Voters Union, will partner the INEC on voter education.

A civil society organization, Voters Union, says it will be partnering with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on educating the electorates.

Chairperson of the advocacy group, Diana Olabisi, disclosed this at the inaugural launch of the platform in Abuja on Wednesday.

Olabisi said the decision to create Voters Union came after a rigorous research for solution to boosting voters’ mood and increasing political participation.

She stated the group’s committed to increasing the chances of peaceful, credible elections and protection of opposing voices.

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“Voters Union exist to educate voters on voter’s rights, duties and responsibilities; to minimize oppression and suppression of opposing voices, to reduce the toxicity in political atmosphere; to maintain and improve relationship between the voters and the voted.

“With Voters Union, protecting constituency integrity, protecting our votes, and election follow ups becomes easy. This will check the right of citizens to participate in public affairs without intimidation or favour,’’ she said.

Addressing journalists after the launch, the National President, Actors Guild of Nigeria, Emeka Ejezie, said there was need to protect the vote cast by electorates.

“We need to protect our votes so that our voice will count, before, during and after election.That is only the way we can effect a change and get the people we want into offices.

“We have 150 members in 32 states; as role models, we want to join our voices with Voters Union,’’ he said.

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Ronaldinho: Brazil legend set to marry two wives on the same day


Ronaldinho is set to marry two women on the same day and at the same time.

Brazil legend Ronaldinho is set to marry two wives Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz Souza on the same day according to several reports.

Ronaldinho reportedly will marry his fiancees", Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz Souza later in August 2018.

A report by the Standard reveals that the two women have been co-existing together in his £5million mansion in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Ronaldinho began dating reportedly Beatriz in 2016 and continued his long-term relationship with Priscilla.


The report reveals that both Priscilla and Beatriz have an allocated £1,500 an "allowance", which they receive from Ronaldinho.

He also gives them the same gifts and cards as presents without bias and asked for both their hands in marriage around January 2017 with engagement rings.

The engagement ceremony will be a private event which will be held at the Santa Monica condominium in Rio the report states.

more to follow

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Evil Mind: Aiye cultist kills rival and sells his palms to herbalist

Aiye cultist kills rival and sells his palms to herbalist

A cultist reportedly his rival and sold his palms for a meagre sum. Police arrested suspect at a bar in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.

In Abeokuta, Ogun State, Kayode Oreneye, a member of the Aiye Confraternity, has been paraded among other suspects for allegedly killing Shakiru, a member of a Eiye cult group.

Oreneye who was displayed at the headquarters of the Ogun State Police Command on Wednesday, May 23, 2018, reportedly sold the palms of the deceased to a herbalist named Jimoh for a sum of N5000.

It appeared a reprisal attack for the suspect who was revealed with 47 suspected criminals according to Punch News.


Punch reported that Kayode Oreneye killed the deceased at Library Junction, Ilaro, on February 12, 2018, in a reprisal attack.

He explained that his goal was to ensure that the victim who had made three attempts to kill him does not succeed in his goal.

“It is true that I shot and killed Shakiru because he killed three members of our group.

“Again, he made attempts on my life on three occasions, but I escaped; I had to quickly strike before he could strick again," Oreneye told Punch News which also confirmed that he was arrested at a bar.

AAU undergraduate killed by suspected cultists in Obalende

Suspected cultists have reportedly killed an undergraduate of the Ambrose Ali University, Edo State, in an attack that occurred in Obalende, Lagos.

He was murdered on Monday, March 26, 2018, at the Obalende roundabout report says.


A report has been filed at a police station in Onikan in respect to the killing of the deceased who was slaughtered late in the evening.

Suspects, Tunde Tigana and Ajayi, have been named on suspicion of his murder.

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Oluwatofunmi Fadesire: Meet Nigeria's contestant at the World Strongest Man competition

Oluwatofunmi Fadesire

Know all about Nigeria's strongest man Oluwatofunmi Fadesire.

Oluwatofunmi Fadesire represented Nigeria at the 2018 edition bodybuilding competition, The World's Strongest Man (WSM).

Tofunmi is Nigeria's strongest man and was the country's flag bearer at the competition.

Who is Oluwatofunmi Fadesire?

Born of the August 18, 1988 Tofunmi revealed that he fell in love with the strongman competition at an early age.

His weight is estimated at 123 kilogrammes and his height is at 181cm, 5feet 11 inches.


A statement on the WSM website reveals that he is nicknamed 'Olu Strong' and works as a bodyguard for high profile individuals in Nigeria.

 “I finish at work in the evening and go to the gym after. When I’m working at night, I train in the day.”

Tofunmi took to his official Twitter account to announce that he finally was able to participate in the competition, his message said,  "Finally made it. .representing Nigeria."


He revealed that he will aim to beat his personal records and learn from his colleagues in every competition.

Born and raised in Lagos, he attended Maryland secondary school for his early education and obtained a diploma in security from the University of Lagos.


His aim will be to displace Icelander, Hafthor Julius Bjornsson who won the competition and features on television show, Game of Thrones as 'The Mountain'.

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India is building the largest statue in the world

India is building the largest statue in the world

The controversial monument will cost a staggering US$460 million and nearly five times as high as Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro.

Sandhu Bet in India will soon boast of the world’s tallest statue expected to be twice as high as the Statue of Liberty.

Dubbed the ‘Statue of Unity’, the controversial monument will cost a staggering US$460 million and nearly five times as high as Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro.


The architectural masterpiece will connect India’s past, present and future. It is a tribute to the beloved Iron Man of India and will change India‘s identity to the world as not just a tourist attraction, but a source of inspiration and a symbol of unity.

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What will the world's tallest statue look like?

A project of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the foundation stone was laid on October 31, 2013, the 138th birth anniversary of Sardar Patel, but construction began in October 2014. The statue is erected on a tiny rocky island around 1.8 miles from Sardar Sarovar Dam in the lap of the Narmada riverbed. The base on which the statue stands has three levels that contain an audio-visual gallery, a memorial garden and a museum/exhibition hall showcasing the life, contributions and achievements of Sardar Patel.

The site would include an observation deck that will be able to accommodate 200 people at a time. This large decked area will enable visitors to get a 360-degree panoramic view of the Vindhyachal and Satpura mountain ranges, the 132-mile long Sardar Sarovar Dam, and the 7.4-mile long Garudeshwar Reservoir. An open lift will also be constructed alongside the monument so visitors will be able to go all the way up to the statue’s head and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the surrounding landscape.


The statue and its surrounding attractions will be accessible via boat.

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The site will include a visitor and conservation centre, a memorial, a 3-star hotel, an underwater aquarium, research centres and institutes, recreational spots and restaurants.


An initiative to boost tourism

During a rally in Dabhoi in 2017, Prime Minister Modi said, “Lakhs of foreign tourists visit Taj Mahal in Agra every year, but I feel that they will be forced to visit the Statue of Unity once it is completed. We were presenting Taj Mahal to foreign tourists, but this statue will also become another architecture marvel.”

It will officially replace the Spring Temple Buddha in Henan, China, as the world’s tallest statue.

The statue is expected to be inaugurated on October 31, 2018, the 143rd birth anniversary of Sardar Patel.

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Super Eagles: NFF president says Nigeria have a team for 2022, 2026 FIFA World Cups

Super Eagles Team B

President of the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) Amaju Pinnick has stated that the Super Eagles have a team for the 2022 and 2026 FIFA World Cup tournaments.

The Super Eagles second team were defeated 3-2 by Atletico Madrid, on Tuesday, May 22.

On the pitch for the Super Eagles were youngsters Nwakali brothers (Chidiebere and Kelechi), and former U-20 stars Musa Muhammed and Alhassan Ibrahim.

Pinnick revealed after the encounter that even though the players were not part of Gernot Rohr’s 30-man list for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, they have a big role to play for the country in the next World Cup.

He said,  “The result is not what mattered today; what mattered was that we have been able to show the world that we have a solid youth team that is capable of taking over from the present squad, from the squad going to the World Cup next month."


Pinnick also disclosed that the NFF already has set in place a structure from the U-13 to the national team.

He said, “I am very happy because our big mission statement on assuming office was to build a sustainable football culture for Nigeria. From what we have seen today, our future at the senior national team level is secured. And given what we are doing at the youth level, with our U13 and U15 programs, it means that the supply chain is strong enough to sustain even the junior teams, from where the senior players will emerge.”

“Looking at the team that just played Atletico Madrid, it gladdens my heart to see that after Russia, we certainly have the players that will also do us proud in 2022 and even 2026.”


He also added that his administration has taken care of any issues as regards the Super Eagles preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

 “We are confident that from the preparatory plan that we have put together for the Super Eagles leading to the finals in Russia, and having taken care of off-field matters that may cause a distraction, the team will do Nigeria proud in Russia,” Pinnick added

The Super Eagles will now take on Congo, England and the Czech Republic before their first group game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

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New Music: Ric Hassani x Fiokee - Sweetest thing

Listen to the love inspired, 'Sweetest thing' by Ric Hassani and guitarist Fiokee.

Riverland Records artist, Ric Hassani hooks up with prolific guitarist, Fiokee on new joint, Sweetest thing.

Still basking in the fair success of his The African Gentleman album released last year, Ric Hassani has released a new single for 2018 which features renowned guitarist Fiokee.

The song is a love joint that reassures of his undying feeling for the special one.

Sweetest thing was produced by DJ Coublon and Fiokee.


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Idowest: 5 things you need to know about DMW's new signing

The DMW family is getting bigger as rapper Idowest is added to the label, here are five things you need to know about the their latest signing.

Idowest was officially unveiled as the newest addition to the powerhouse platform, Davido Music Worldwide (DMW), by the label boss, Davido.

The rapper has been sighted in the company of Davido and other members of his label in recent times, but it wasn't until last night when the O.B.O announced the deal via his Twitter handle.

This makes him the sixth addition to the ever growing family that houses Davido, Mayorkun, Dremo, Peruzzi and Yonda, with Ichaba remaining an affiliate.

With the group compilation album scheduled to be released next month, Idowest is expected to bring his street flavour to some of the joints.

Here are five things you need to know about DMW's latest signing, Idowest.

1. His real name is Adekunle Idowu

The name Idowest was carved out of his original name Idowu, which is a Yoruba name for someone born after a set of twins.

He represents the Lagos Island area of Lagos State.

2. Idowest refers to himself as the King of Shaku Shaku

The shaku shaku vibe is one hit that gained mainstream acceptance last year with acts like Idowest, Slimcase, Mr Real and even Skales laying claim to being progenitors of the wave.

But the rapper who has been on his grind for quite a while now, claims that he was introduced to shaku shaku from his secondary school days and has been making the type of sound since then.

In his words, ''I have been doing Shaku shaku before the vibe even came up, that's why people call me Idowest, Aro Mafia aka the King of Shaku Shaku''.

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3. Idowest has been signed to three labels in two years

Now it gets interesting when you discover that the artist has put pen to paper on three different record deals in less than two years.

On June 15, 2017, the young rapper signed with P4 Music, owned by a Mr Sodiq, but following his return from being cleared of all charges leveled against him in the US, Dammy Krane revived his label, Worldstar Inc and on December 15 2017, he announced his first signing in the person of Idowest.

Following the official announcement by Davido, Idowest has now gotten signed to three labels, perhaps as a pointer to the talent that he possess.

4. He was a former member of the M.A.F.I.A gang

Earlier in 2017, Idowest used to be a member of the three man group called M.A.F.I.A gang.

Other members of the group include, C Black and Abram Soul and they released singles like Panda (Cover) and Umbele.

5. Idowest was nominated at the 2018 Headies


Idowest has grown his art steadily over the past couple of years, from getting attention with his single Eko alongside former HKN member Danagog to his ground-breaking single, Omo Shepeteri which featured Dammy Krane and Slimcase released late last year.

The song earned Idowest a nomination in the Best Street Hop artist category at the Headies 2018 music awards which was won by Small Doctor.

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Relationship Talk With Bukky: My girl wants to leave because I’m not confrontational enough

5 things you should never say to your partner

I don't confront issues when they are happening. I react after they happen and she doesn't like that.

Dear Bukky,

My girlfriend loves me and I love her too. We both want to be married but she wants to end the relationship because she doesn't like my attitude.

I don't confront issues when they are happening. I react after they happen and she doesn't like that.

I'm trying to adjust but it’s not been easy for me and it’s causing a friction between us. Help me restore my relationship.

Dear reader,

While I appreciate the trust you have bestowed in me; I need to still mention it to you that I really can’t help you restore your relationship. No one can. Only you and your babe can do that.

I can however point you in the direction to go and hopefully things work right when you follow the direction I show you.

For a relationship to blossom as it should, there are such things as compromise and sacrifices. And by that, I mean the conscious effort one makes to let go of certain things they would normally hold on to, for the purpose of satisfying their partner and making them happy.

In as much as they are not leaving something legit, healthy and morally-upright for something that contradicts all that good reason stands for, I think everyone should be willing and ready to make these compromises in a relationship.

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By your admittance that you have begun to make moves to be more instantaneous rather than laidback in your approach to matters in the relationship, it seems that you understand this rule and I would advise that you keep it up.

If your girl wants you to do more, then that is what you should do. Instead of addressing issues later, make conscious effort to do it immediately, in the heat of passion, as that is the way she likes it. Think about it this way; relationships are always between two people. And it exceedingly necessary that they should always strive, with affection and understanding, to always do things that makes the other happy.

Without taking away from your partner’s need to be patient with you during this change period, I think you need to do as she says. And as quickly as you can.
Do you want to talk about your love life, marriage or family issues?

Do you have burning questions that you would love to get answers to?

Just send a mail to and I'll provide the most honest answers to them anonymously.

Note; the chances of getting a quick response reduces if the text in your email has a lot of abbreviations. So, please write as properly as possible.

So, why not send that mail today and let's talk about it?

A problem shared is a problem half-solved!

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Dimma Umeh: Nigerian beauty vlogger shares her affordable beauty must-haves

Dimma Umeh shares her affordable beauty must-haves

Makeup doesn't have to cost a bomb. Here's how you can look just as good using these affordable products!

Ladies know how expensive makeup can be however its a common misconception that good makeup has to be expensive. There are a lot of affordable brands out there doing just as good of a job and Nigerian beauty vlogger, Dimma Umeh, shares her affordable beauty must-haves.

In this video, Dimma Umeh does a whole face of makeup using affordable products specifically for black women and show you how easy it is to look like a million naira at practically no cost at all.

Check it out!

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List of products used


ColourPop brow pencil - Bangin Brunette

Colour Pop No filter concealer - Deep Golden or Dark 46

Colour Pop Brow Boss gel


Mary Kay eyeshadow primer

Morphe 35C Plaette

Maybelline colossal Kajal Beauty Kink Lashes - Miss Bawsy

NYX Jumbo Pencil NYX eye doll mascara

NYX the skinny mascara


LA Girl Pro Prep high definition primer

Nyx Total Control Drop Foundation - Cappuccino

Colour Pop No Filter concealer - Deep Golden

H &M Warm Undertones - Foundation Palette Jcat

Beauty Luxe Pro Banana setting powder

Iman Pressed Powder - Earth Medium

Milani pressed powder - earth glow

Milani Spotlight Face & Eye Strobe Palette - 03 Golden Light


Glam's Makeup Blush - Gypsy 320

Milani Spotlight Face & Eye Strobe Palette - 03 Golden Light Lips

NYX Lip Pencil - Plum NYX soft matte lip cream - Monte Carlo

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