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Makarfi Declares To Challenge Buhari In 2019, Battles Atiku For PDP Ticket

Senator Ahmed Makarfi, a former Governor of Kaduna State and immediate past Caretaker Committee Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has declared his intention to contest Nigeria’s highest position with the current ruler in next year’s presidential election.

Nigerians React As Donald Duke Declares To Contest Against Buhari In 2019

At a press briefing in Kaduna on Sunday, Makarfi said that after wide consultations with party men and women as well as other major stakeholders, he had decided to seek the party’s nomination to contest the poll.

Though he had yet to intimate his party through writing, he added that “one has to come to the decision to seek the nomination before you even seek formally.”

He said, “I have not written to the party but who do you consult with? It is the same party men and women that you consult informally.

“At this stage, it is to seek the party’s nomination. The successful nominee will become the candidate that will stand for the election.

“But first thing first. If one’s party does not put one forward, one can’t say he is contesting the presidency yet. At this stage, I have come to the conclusion that it is okay, based on the consultations that I have had.”

“I have been consulting across the country since I left as the chairman of the party. It’s just consultations and not an endorsement. But it gives you an opportunity to feel the pulse and it will tell whether to go forward or not to go forward.

“The consultations have been quite positive and I believe it is fair enough to come to the conclusion that one should join other equally capable party men and women who have shown interest in seeking the party’s nomination for the 2019 presidential election.”

The two-term-senator, who is seeking to contest against President Muhammadu Buhari, will have to fight it out with ex-vice-president Atiku Abubakar, another former governor (Jigawa state) Sule Lamido, both members of PDP, come 2019.

Bear in mind that after months of speculations, President Buhari on April 9, officially informed the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the All Progressives Congress (APC) that he will be seeking the party nomination to fly the party flag in the 2019 presidential election.

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Pulse Blogger: Consistency: The paycheck

Virtually, everyone wishes to attain heights above the normal way.

The much more factor inserted into your drive will drive you to achieving success as your paycheck.

Success isn't birthed a day. Even though luck smiles on people, the preparation they've made prior to that time is what will distinguish them among folks and that preparation is an embodiment of consistency, for what is worth doing at all is worth doing much more well.

Success, Wishes and Destination.

Someone said it’s not a destination, another confirms it being an adventure yet, either way it’s been described, success isn’t a factor of sycophancy neither is it a product of nepotism; when it’s a success, it’s success. You don’t arrive at the destination of success in a day, you push forward daily to get there for uneasy they say, lies the head that wears the crown.

Virtually, everyone wishes to attain heights above the normal way, reach for the skies, claim innumerable awards and stand tall on the altar of accolades to give speech to fellow colleagues on an auspicious event of reckoning where all the giant strides they’ve taken  to attain  the new height is poured.

Hmmn, it seems a good thing to just sit down in the confines of your dark room and start wishing what you can or could have become in life yet, wishers only end up losers, for their continuity in the pool of wishes will only get them drowned whereby making their chances of survival out of the ocean they’ve gotten themselves into become a myth.

Myth, yea, a myth or should I call it an illusion? Illusions that will make you travel into the dreamland of hope and lust with jealousy where miracle is all you keep waiting for as if magic wand can get you your success story.


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Many of our colleagues while in tertiary institution prefers to enjoy themselves; partying all day, act like gangsters, miss lectures and waste away their precious time to youthful exuberance. Exam date lashes at them on the face, making them look weird among their peers; running helter-skelter to swallow the whole content of book pages into their brain in less than 24 hours to exam day. Of course, we know how some of them buy their ways with lecturers by doing the unthinkable but regret were begotten as the offspring at the face of job interviews.

Be wise with your vision.

Knowing what to do isn’t the main thing, doing it won’t even put bread on you table, it’s your ability to continually and consistently engage in it that will birth a giant in YOU. I don’t care about what you’ve been through in life, neither does your age have any role to play in this stance, my deal with you is the consistent role you keep playing  in order to mount the top hill.

Coupled with the fact that a vision of your destination is key to success in life, it doesn’t end there. The knowledge of your destination remains a pest without the practical application of wisdom to secure your place in life. Wisdom compels you to be consistent in your chosen path of career/ passion for you to become a superstar, recognised for prowess in that field.

Know your WHY.

Friends, the only shortcut and way to becoming a pro In graphics designs is to keep designing daily even if it requires doing it 3 times round the clock; in as much as you know where you’re going, boredom shouldn’t catch up with you on your way to success.


Of a truth, you’d get tired, you’d feel like giving up, it will even look as if you’ve made a mistake choosing that career path but don’t be dismayed; all you need do is sit down, relax your subconscious man, take a good glass of water and remember why you started this race. Remembrance of what got you into this tournament will raise a striking consciousness that will prevent you from giving up at that point in time.

You’d need to keep confessing mighty words of positive declaration, consistently to yourself like; I can make it and I will. If Bill Gate could, then I will succeed more valiantly. I’m a global figure and nothing can stop me from what I’ve bargained for. You see, all these words would keep you going till you attain the point where people will start recognising you for your difference and impact, till they have exhausted all reasonable doubt in acknowledging your ability and capability in the field.

Ever wonder how it feels when an employee receives his first paycheck after working for a month? The smile and excitement that greets his face won’t be capable of expressing the real inner feeling of joy. So also will be your testimony when your success comes ringing.

Consider a ladder mounted on a house building as your roadmap to success. The more you keep climbing and looking higher, the more buoyant you become of reaching there nevertheless, the more distractions come steering all around at you, lurking to bring you down. Your keen interest of that higher spot will spur you to take necessary actions to get there.

Build Resilience.

Forget not that there are so many people that won’t want you to get there; either friends or competitors. They want to pour cold water on your heart and discourage the hell out of you. If you concede to their watery advices, you’d be left alone to feast on your weep and none of them will be available to comfort you, for their mission is to make you a laughing stock.

The only thing you can do to shut them down, to make them congratulate you at all cost is to keep grinding, keep pushing, consistently working, aiming for perfection until you make it  your lifestyle. Your lifestyle will become part of you, something you cannot do without and then, it won’t look stressful to get anymore.

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So, what now? Develop your mind, heart, strength, will power that you become resilient to continue doing it until you’re recognised for your impact and distinctiveness. One day, the world will celebrate you if you stagger not.

Loathe Procrastination.

See, procrastination is an enemy of progress, it would sting you from behind and lure you into the realm of giving up; be careful, for your paycheck won’t come until you’ve been ascertained a faithful worker who has proven himself and has been proved beyond reasonable doubt.

I give no damn about the 48hours you spend doing it only to forget about it till next month. Your consistent 1 hour daily will prove the difference. Therefore,keep doing it,don’t stop working it. In no time you’d be celebrated. Congratulations to you, dear friend!

Written by Adekunle Adewunmi.

Adekunle Adewunmi is a young writer. A serving corps member in Kogi State, he blogs with PulseNG. Visit his personal blog @ . He lives on Fb as Adekunle Israel Adewunmi and Tweets @Adekunlewrites.

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Relationship Advice: 3 types of jokes your partner will never find funny

It's frustrating for most men to see women treat sex as a favour to the man.

It is important to realise that partners are meant to laugh more with each other, not at each other.

Every great relationship thrives on laughter, jokes, happy moments and good humour.

While the above is 100% true, there is still need to define the kind of laughter that is right and acceptable.

When we say relationships thrive on laughter, we refer to shared laughter and not the derisory type.

For the laughter and humour in your relationship to be considered suitable, it has to be shared. It has to be the type of humour that you both appreciate.

When your partner feels some type of way about a particular issue or matter, building your humour on those things, [and finding them funny alone] does not reflect on you as a good partner.

Here are the types of humour you need to totally avoid for the good of your relationship.

1. Insulting humour

Have you ever poked fun at something and your partner didn't find it funny? That, right there is your cue to stop joking about it.

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Many people do not enjoy having their family joked about. Regardless of their relationship with the person poking fun at them, they never take it lightly when their family or their family issue is the issue being laughed about.

2. Cocky humour

If your humour is usually used in a way that exalts you and belittles your partner, you are doing it wrong.

You're preparing for a date and your partner asks “how do I look?” and your response goes, “you’re with me, you definitely look good!”

While this could draw laughter from them at first, if you keep repeating this kind of cocky humour, it won't be long before they start rolling their eyes in annoyance. [For more on cocky humour, google the name Zlatan Ibrahimovic.]

3. Humour that picks on your partner

When you join other people in extensively teasing your partner, it may feel like fun to you, but it may make your partner feel weak, lonely and miserable.

If you must join friends in poking fun at your partner, make it light and be the first to note when he or she no longer finds it funny.

That way, you can catch fun and still have their back at the same time.

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Nigerian BDC operators want a share of the Naira-Yuan agreement for their customers

Nigerian BDC operators want a share of the Naira-Yuan agreement for their customers

The BDC operators applauded the currency swap agreement between the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the People’s Bank of China (PBoC), saying the deal will promote naira’s sovereignty in Africa.

  • The BDC operators said the Naira-Yuan agreement would open a new business opportunity for forex operators in the country.

  • Alhaji Aminu Gwadabe, ABCON president, said the naira would benefit hugely from the deal given the rising influence of the Chinese Yuan in the international market.

  • The naira currently trades at N361/$ at the parallel market, Chinese Yuan is trading at 0.16 RMB to a dollar just as about N55.97 is equals to a Yuan.

The Association of Bureaux De Change Operators of Nigeria (ABCON) has urged the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to include its operating members in the $2.5 billion currency swap agreement to meet the critical needs of their numerous clients travelling to China for personal and business purposes.

This is coming as the BDC operators applauded the currency swap agreement between the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the People’s Bank of China (PBoC), saying the deal will promote naira’s sovereignty in Africa.

Alhaji Aminu Gwadabe, ABCON president, in a statement over the weekend said the naira would benefit hugely from the deal given the rising influence of the Chinese Yuan in the international market.

He argued that the admittance of Yuan into the basket of International Monetary Fund (IMF) currencies and the naira/yuan swap deal would actualise the dream of naira sovereignty in Africa.

Gwadabe disclosed that the currency swap deal was part of the CBN’s plan to keep the naira stable and protect the foreign reserves domiciled in dollars.

He said the deal would provide adequate local currency liquidity for Nigerian and Chinese industrialists and reduce difficulties they face in searching for the greenback.

“The deal will expand the BDCs capacity to handle new business transactions in Yuan. Besides, BDCs in both countries will have their transaction base expanded, including new opportunity to transact higher volume of Naira/Yuan in the export/import of equipment, raw materials and finished goods,” he said.

The ABCON said his members would equally benefit from the bilateral currency deal, given that a stable and strong naira was good for the economy and operators.

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He added that increased use of Yuan in trade deals would also open a new business opportunity for BDC operators.

Naira-Yuan FX market

The Nigerian naira has maintained stability at both the official and parallel markets, as the CBN continues its weekly dollar interventions.

The naira currently trades at N361/$, while the rate at the official market remains N305.9/$, Chinese Yuan is currently trading at 0.16 RMB to a dollar just as about N55.97 is equals to a Yuan.

Naira-Yuan trading

Recently, Nigeria's central bank released guidelines for the bilateral currency swap agreement between the country and Republic of China. The regulator said it will conduct bi-weekly trading sessions to ensure liquidity for trade and direct investment between the two countries.

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Politics: 10 things you need to know in markets this week and the 2018 budget

10 things you need to know in markets this week and the 2018 budget

Nigeria's President, Muhammadu Buhari expected to sign 2018 budget into law this week.

Here are the few things to know in the Nigeria finance, politics and tech corridor this week.

Businesses and economic activities resume after the celebration of Eid el Fitr nationwide.


1. Nigeria's Muhammadu Buhari to sign 2018 budget into law this week

2. The Association of Bureaux De Change Operators of Nigeria (ABCON) has asked the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to approve the Renminbi (Yuan) disbursements to its members.

3. The Voluntary Assets and Income Declaration Scheme (VAIDS) is coming to an end, June 30, 2018.


4. Trading activities resume on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange on Tuesday, June 19, 2018, after Sallah holiday. The market closed last week on the positive trajectory, as the NSE All-Share Index and market capitalisation appreciated by 0.67 per cent to close the week at 38,928.02 and N14.102 trillion respectively.

5. Appeal court reserved ruling on key applications in Innoson Vs GTbank

6. Barclays Africa to start trading on Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) as a broker in July and is exploring opportunities in three other African countries


7. The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has slashed call termination rates between the operators by 20%.

The new Mobile Termination Rate (MTR) takes effect from July 1, 2018, according to a document posted on the regulator’s website.

8. Data rollover commences next Tuesday, June 26, 2018, by telecom operators in Nigeria 

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9. Nigeria's Super Eagles will play Iceland on Friday, June 22, 2018

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10. Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit 2018, kicks off on Sunday, June 24-26, at the World Trade Center - Ronald Reagan Building, Washington D.C. Nigeria's former vice president, Atiku Abubakar, Minister of trade and investment, Dr Okechukwu Enelamah, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, Deputy Senate President of Nigeria among others will be speaking.

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Milo: 20th Basketball championship national finals

20th Milo Basketball Championship National Finals

The 2018 edition of the MILO Basketball Championship was also the 20th anniversary of the competition and games on the day of the National Finals truly captured the essence of it.

St. Jude's Girls Secondary School, Bayelsa on Thursday, May 10th won the 2018 MILO Basketball Championship (Girls Category) after a 23-15 victory over Yejide Girls Grammar School, Ibadan.

St. Jude's Girls Secondary School and Yejide Girls Grammar School, Ibadan for the second consecutive year, squared up at the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos to kick off an exciting day of the National Finals which capped off another fantastic edition of the MILO Basketball Championship.

The 2018 edition of the MILO Basketball Championship was also the 20th anniversary of the competition and games on the day of the National Finals truly captured the essence of it.

The girls from Bayelsa ran into a quick lead, getting on the rebounds and switching straight to attack to score some points.

They got in front early in the game and soon established a two-point lead.


As the first quarter wore on, their confidence grew, attacking the rim at any of their forward runs.

The girls from Bayelsa finished the first quarter with a six-point lead to show for their dominance.

St. Jude's Girls started the second quarter brightly, holding on to the ball but missing most of their shots.

They manage to extend their lead but were made to pay for the missed shots as Yejide Girls Grammar School came back in the game.

But the girls from Ibadan started their comeback a little too late and could only manage 15 points at the end of the final quarter to the 23 points by their opponents from Bayelsa.

In the end, it was 23-15 to St. Jude's Girls Secondary School to win the 2018 MILO Basketball Championship (Girls Category).


This is the fifth title for the girls from Bayelsa after winning the Championship in 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017 and this year.

Coach of the winning team Tony Nelson was delighted with the win which according to him, is a befitting reward for his girls who have worked very hard. 

“I’m so excited to see them happy after winning, they worked really hard for it and it will be a valuable lesson to them for the rest of their lives,” Nelson told Pulse Sports after the game.

“Whether they continue to play basketball or not, it will be a valuable lesson to them that when you work hard, you will reap the benefits.”

This is the second consecutive loss at the final of the MILO Basketball Championship for Yejide Girls Grammar School but coach Yemi Abiodun believes it is a sign of progress.

“It shows we are still very good because most of the players we had last year are now past the age limit,” Abiodun told Pulse Sports.

“These are just new girls and we have managed to get to the final again, I’m very pleased.”

This is a featured post.

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Eating Right: Health benefits of dates

Health benefits of dates

They are sweet with a rich deep flavour and are a powerhouse of nutrition that can greatly boost your energy.

Dates are a good source of vitamins and minerals, energy, sugar, and fibre. It also contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and zinc.

Dates can be consumed in both fresh and dried forms. They are sweet with a rich deep flavour and are a powerhouse of nutrition that can greatly boost your energy.


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1. Lowers cholesterol

Dates are free from cholesterol and contain very little fat. Including them in your daily diet can help you keep a check on cholesterol level, and even assist in weight loss.

2. Protein rich

Dates are a strong source of proteins that help in staying fit. A lot of regular gym goers are asked to eat a couple of dates every day as part of their daily routine.

3. Rich in vitamins

Dates contain vitamins such as B1, B2, B3 and B5, A1 and C. If you have a few dates every day, you won't have to take vitamin supplements. Not only will it keep you healthy, there will be a noticeable change in your energy levels as well because dates contain natural sugars such as glucose, sucrose, and fructose, too.

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4. Improves bone health

Dates are rich in selenium, manganese, copper, and magnesium. All these are required for keeping our bones healthy and preventing osteoporosis.

5. Strengthens the nervous system

Dates are loaded with potassium and that goes a long way in keeping your nervous system in order. The potassium helps to reduce cholesterol and keeps the risk of a stroke in check.

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Infidelity: We have slept with your wife - Bishop and deacon mock pastor

Pastor divorces wife for sleeping with Bishop and deacon

53-year-old Pastor Joshua Ibeneme had petitioned the Igando Customary Court in Lagos and convinced it to separate the over two decade union between him and Uzoamaka Ibeneme.

An Igando Customary Court in Lagos dissolved 21-year-old marriage of Pastor Joshua Ibeneme and Uzoamaka Ibeneme on Friday, May 11 on grounds of infidelity by the wife.

The 53-year-old man of God had petitioned the court to separate the over two decade union, alleging that his wife had had sex with a bishop and deacon of his church.

He said: “My wife had sexual affair with two of my church members, a deacon and a bishop. Both of them were telling my other members that they slept with my wife because she enticed them.

“Whenever I return from a trip, my last born always tells me that men came to pick and drop my wife. Even God told me to divorce her or else she will destroy my ministry,” he claimed.

“My wife starved me of sex for more than five years; whenever I want to sleep with her, she would give one excuse or the other and in fact, she has moved out of my room to a separate room. “But she gives it to my members freely.


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“She accused them of dating me and also went to their houses to fight them. Her behaviour has chased many members away from my church.”

However, the 45-year-old Uzoamaka Ibeneme denied the allegations, saying: “It is women that cause our frequent fighting, they are the problem in our home and my husband’s lust for them is very high.

“I never slept with the two men, who claimed that they slept with me, they just wanted to tarnish my image. My husband is dating the wife of the deacon”.

All efforts to settle the matter amicably out of court proved futile, hence the court had no option but to dissolve the marriage.


President of the court, Akin Akinniyi who read the court’s ruling said: “Since the petitioner insisted on divorce after several interventions, the court is, therefore, left with no option but to grant him his wish and pronounce the union dissolved.

“The court hereby pronounces the marriage between Pastor Joshua Ibeneme and Mrs Uzoamaka Ibeneme dissolved today.

 “Both of you will henceforth cease to be husband and wife, each of you should go on his or her separate ways unmolested.

“The court wishes both of you well in your future endeavour.

“Any squabble between both of you from now on shall be treated as criminal and any violation of this judgment will be regarded as contempt of court and will attract imprisonment without option of fine.”

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Wowzer!!! I've slept with 24 different men within 5 years - Rosemond Brown confesses

Rosemond Brown

Rosemond Alade Brown has confessed to sleeping with actors like Fred Amugi and Prince Yawson, popularly known as Waakye and 24 other men within the last 5 years.

Ghanaian actress Rosemond Brown has revealed the number of men she has slept within 5 years.

In an interview on The Delay Show, Rosemond disclosed the name of people she has slept with in the movie industry and has added that she has slept with 24 other men within 5 years.

According to her, she has slept with actors Fred Amugi and Prince Yawson, popularly known as Waakye, two of Ghana’s veteran actors.


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Explaining further, she said she dated Fred Amugi out of love because she had a crush on the ‘old man’ and he also had a crush on her.

For Waakye, it is the veteran actor who proposed to her after introducing her into acting, Rosemond Brown told the unamused TV show host.

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"Oso Intimate Session": Brymo covers for underwhelming Super Eagles with an evening of good music

Brymo showed me a side of him I cannot forget when I attended his "Oso Intimate Session" at the Bogobiri House, Ikoyi on Saturday. The Super Eagles were getting a pummeling in the hands of Croatia at this time.

As a good host, Brymo protected his guests from an evening of heartbreak following a Super Eagles World Cup loss.

While the Super Eagles played its first match against Croatia during a Russia 2018 World Cup fixture on Saturday, Brymo impressed guests at his "Oso Intimate Session" concert.

It is perhaps not surprising that the concert-goers opted for an evening with the singer and his company as opposed to a 90-minute long football game.

At the Bogobiri House, Ikoyi where Brymo excited his fans with good music. On Saturday, June 16, 2018, the atmosphere was one of great anticipation from the fans section.

A couple who sat beside me are taking a time travel as they discuss the 2019 General Elections in Nigeria. Their eyes stayed glued to the stage though as they watch a Celeste prepare to open the floor for the essence of the night - good music like Kanye.

After a polite introduction, the Alternative music newbie makes to begin her performance with the song titled ‘Boy with a soul’.

She describes calmly a love interest who seems in touch with his emotion and took the solemn vibe to ‘Opipi’  binging on so much depth similar to the main performer Brymo.

Her music illustrated key messages on good conduct, living for tomorrow and responsibility to the world. She got the crowd to sing along when performing her last song for the evening ‘Oluronbi’.

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Next performer Weirdz and the Bandits had a bunch of questions for the human race on the jam ‘Slow down’.

He addresses political instability in the society but with energy. A rich reggae flow took the gang down to a message about affection ‘Spread the love’.


While a fancy guest digested his sound with a cup of coffee, the singer inspired more emotion with a song of hope for Africa battling with the headache of poor leadership.

It was a perfect mood for great interaction until Brymo interrupted the chatter about the mountains of Scotland with a surprising entrance.

Sneakily, he made his presence known while explaining to the audience the inspiration behind his sixth album “Oso".

‘Entropy’ set the pace for a more calm Brymo performance. This took the audience to another moment of ecstasy.

I heard an excited fan screaming along with Brymo as he jammed to ‘Time is so kind’ and it truly was.

It is 09:02 pm in a packed room at the Bogobiri House and the concert-goers had a look like the excitement should go on all night.


By the end of the evening, Brymo and company had saved guests who appeared to watch him sing from an underwhelming Super Eagles outing at the World Cup.

At least before they catch the evening football highlights.

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Relationship Talk With Bukky: My ex comes back after I've fallen for someone else; what should I do now?

Unhappy girlfriend

He is so determined to get me back that he wants to get engaged and has completely forsaken his former plan to travel abroad.

Dear Bukky,

I dated a man, [let’s call him G] for 4 years. He is 27. I am 25. The relationship was extremely tumultuous as he was confused about the future and did not meet any of my emotional needs. I am someone who thinks about the future and he is someone who lives in the present.

I always wanted to get married to him but he was not serious about it. He was always
planning on going abroad. He was the first guy I truly fell in love with, that is why it was so hard for me to break up.

We had been on and off several times, but by the end of the 4 years, I broke up for good because he disrespected me and made me feel really unloved and uncared for in such a way I could no longer take it. But nevertheless I left out of self-love, not because I stopped loving him.

When we broke up he didn’t contact me for 2 weeks neither did I as I was so determined to move on. And as fate would have it, a new guy called K came into my life that very moment ( 1 or 2 days later).  He fell head over heels for me and his way of thinking matches mine. But I did not fall in love with him instantly... it was over 2 weeks that I started realising how many things I had in common with him.

After 3 weeks I told him I loved him as I started to feel something for him. And everything was going well as he is very loving caring supportive and even wants to get married. Just the way I like it. He is extremely serious about me as he even wants our parents to meet. He is 29. I can see in his eyes he truly loves me. He even said if I leave him he will never be able to love a girl like he loves me.

Now that very moment (after a few days) my ex started realising that maybe he lost me for good. It was now 1 month. When he texted me a few times I replied to him in a very formal way. Not the way I usually speak to him. When he saw my posts I think he started to realise I might have found someone.

So after 1 month of being broken up, he texts me to tell me he wants to get back and he will keep me happy, to which I replied I can't as I already have someone in my life now. This was a huge blow to his ego  and he started doing extreme stuff to get me back.

He even came at my place and begged me, cried with me saying he really wants me back and he made a huge mistake. He is so determined to get me back that he wants to get engaged and has completely forsaken the idea of going abroad as he says I am his number one priority which he claimed he realised when we broke up at the beginning of the 1 month.

He never used to cry and he cried a lot and even messaged my friends and begged them to talk to me I didn’t care about any of this. But over a few days, he was so completely shattered that he wrote me a letter saying he wishes only my happiness even if it is with someone else. At this point I thought maybe he truly loves me and it was mature for him to want my happiness.

He told me let’s just be friends. And he has been texting me as friends and he has been telling me not to rush in my new relationship and take it slow. He has been really loving caring ever since.

As I told you, he is the only guy I fell in love with. But this new guy is going to take care of me really well and I know it as he told me he will even cook for me after marriage (which he has no problem with).

I thought I loved him until my ex came back with his new personality and been saying all the things I was dying to hear the past 4 years. My ex told me he still loves me and if my new boyfriend and I break up, he would love a chance to prove himself. He doesn’t want to move on which sucks as I feel he is waiting for me.

I told him several times to move on but he won’t listen. He says I’m the first girl he loved and will always be. And it is true that I am his first girlfriend.

Please talk some sense into me. I need help. I don't really know what to do. I do not want to hurt this amazing new guy, but my ex seems to have changed as he even wants to get married and engaged right away (humans don’t change easily, that’s why I’m doubtful if it is a sham, but it doesn’t feel like he is playing games).

Now the decision is up to me. Please help. I trust you will give me some constructive advice.

Dear reader,

I think I must first commend the strength you applied in moving on in the first instance. Leaving a relationship of four years is never easy especially with the kind of love you have professed for the man in question.

That being said, I advise that you keep up that same energy. As you must have noticed after your four years with him, love is not enough. If your love, affection and all the energy invested into a person and a relationship is not getting matched with efforts, then why bother?

The changes made by your ex should not move you, please, whether or not they are genuine.

Why did he have to wait for four years, a break up and the arrival of another man to get his act right? Think about it, do you think he really would have come back pleading if another man wasn’t in the picture?

He only realizes his loss now that another man is loving you right and it has become clear that you no longer need him. Please don’t be fooled by the changes he’s portraying to you. It should not even matter that he upturned his life now to get your attention. The window of opportunity has passed and that chapter need to be left closed.

If you keep looking back, moving ahead won’t be so easy.

I advise that you face the new guy squarely. He came in with the right energy from the onset, something you clearly needed. You have a lot of things in common. He loves you back. Thinks of the future like you and has already making plans for the future. Here’s everything you needed your ex to do … everything you waited for four years for, hoping for a change and getting none.

I think it would be unwise to leave what you have seen, tested and trusted with the new boyfriend for the promise of your ex, who had you and your love for four years and did nothing but give you heartaches and disappointments.

You asked for constructive advice, that’s as constructive as they come.
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Just send a mail to and I'll provide the most honest answers to them anonymously.

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A problem shared is a problem half-solved!

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Ogbeh: Minister says neighbouring country wants to damage Nigeria's economy with rice smuggling

Ogbeh says neighbouring country is trying to damage Nigeria's economy with rice smuggling

He said the government will soon close the border it shares with one of its neighbours to save the economy.

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Audu Ogbeh, has accused a neighbouring African country of trying to damage Nigeria's economy by smuggling rice into the country.

While speaking in Abuja on Monday, June 18, 2018, the minister alleged that an unnamed neighbouring country, which Nigeria shares borders with, is importing more rice than China so it can smuggle it into Nigeria and destroy the federal government's initiative to grow rice locally.

According to him, the government will soon close the border it shares with said neighbour to foil its plot and encourage local rice production that will sustain Nigeria's economy.

He said, "Our other problem is smuggling. As we speak, a neighbor of ours is importing more rice than China is importing. They do not eat parboiled rice, they eat white rice, they use their ports to try and damage our economy.

"I am telling you now because in a few days, you will hear the border has been shut, we are going to shut it to protect you, us and protect our economy. You will start seeing all sorts of negative things on the internet.

"Let me tell you why we need to shut the border. I grow rice, I was the first Nigerian to mill rice free of stones. If you plant rice in certain parcels of land, some poisonous materials gets into the rice.

"There are three kinds of water in their natural state; there is fresh water from the river, salt water from the sea, blackish water.

"If you go to the Delta in many countries, in South East Asia where they grow the rice, if you plant rice in the same place like four to six years continuously, the quantum of arsenic begins to increase and arsenic causes cancer and that is what they are dumping for us.

"Some people say they prefer Thai rice because they are very sophisticated, welcome to poison."

The minister further revealed that, with its ban on importation of foreign rice, the Buhari-led administration has reduced rice importation by 95% in just two years. He added that the number of rice farmers has increased from five million to 30 million in the same time.

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Explore: A solo traveller's guide to Nigeria

A solo traveller's guide to Nigeria

Grab a map and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime in Nigeria!

Nigeria is the perfect West African country to explore independently. With a myriad of attractions, gorgeous scenery, and friendly locals, Nigeria has a lot to offer solo travellers.

So, grab a map and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime in Nigeria!

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Where to go

Nigeria is a large country made up of 36 states. To explore all the attractions in each state would take you almost a year so, check out the destination list below for some of the best and easiest spots for solo travellers.



One of Africa’s most vibrant aquatic cities, Lagos has a multitude of restaurants, art galleries, beaches, and fascinating neighbourhoods, rendering it worthy of a trip in its own right. Spend some time kayaking, exploring the conservation centre, the colourful arts market and chaotic city centre. Be sure to visit Tarkwa Bay, Balogun Market and


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Nigeria's most beautiful and peaceful city is home to gorilla trekking, lakes and several gorgeous mountain ranges. It is easily reachable by bus from Lagos bus terminal and makes for a perfect first excursion outside of the city. Gorilla trekking, albeit one of the region’s more expensive activities, is an incredible and worthwhile experience.

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For travellers looking for more adventure, opt for Obudu cattle ranch. Days are quiet here, with the easy sound of the wind in your ears.

Yankari Game Reserve


Chill with chatty baboons, dancing hippos, baby elephants and other species of wildlife at Yankari Games Reserve and Resort, Bauchi.

For the adventurous solo traveller, be sure to rent a 4×4 and journey through the Marshall cave systems and Wikki warm springs.



Visit the Mandara Mountains which are a volcanic range extending about 190 km lie in the northeastern part of Adamawa state along the Cameroon border.

Mandara is an ideal place for rock and mountain climbing. The region is densely populated, mainly by speakers of Chadic languages, including both the Mofu and the Kirdi ethnic groups and it's totally Instagramable.

Lamurde hot spring in Adamawa is also part of the world popular Sukur Cultural Landscape, which consists of a palace, villages, and the remains of an iron industry.

The place was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999 and has since become a go-to tourist destination in Adamawa State.



Kajuru Castle has everything to make your holiday enjoyable and memorable such as stainless swimming pool, sauna, barbecue spot, well-equipped and beautifully furnished accommodation facilities. There are scenic landscapes and forests to explore with several exciting activities.

Where to sleep, eat, and drink

There are plenty of accommodation options available across Nigeria, with offerings accounting for different tastes and budgets. There are plenty of budget options for travellers attempting to travel on the cheap.

When it comes to food, Nigeria is a culinary destination to reckon with. In addition to a variety of local treats, international restaurants in Nigeria are also quite good.

Practical tips for traveling alone in Nigeria


Public buses, motorcycles (Okada), private taxis, Ubers are the general modes of transit in Nigeria. Negotiations are necessary with both taxis and okadas depending on distance and time.

Nigeria’s bus system is not so reliable.

Language and Communication

English and pidgin are widely spoken across Nigeria though use of it lessen outside of the major cities. It is pretty easy to communicate regardless of location or language. Invest in a local SIM card for data usage.

For sole female travellers

Solo female travellers might experience a little bit of harassment while walking down the street without conservative clothing. Take care to cover knees and shoulders, and avoid revealing clothing.

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Anglican: Church lauds Buhari for granting financial autonomy to state Legislature, Judiciary

Church lauds Buhari for granting financial autonomy to state Legislature, Judiciary

It expressed the feeling of the diocese that the National Council of States and the National Assembly should have been consulted before the proclamation.

The Anglican Diocese of Udi in Enugu State has commended President Muhammadu Buhari for signing the Financial Autonomy Bill for State Houses of Assembly and Judiciary into law.

The diocese stated this in a communiqué released on Sunday after the first session of its fourth Synod, held from June 7 to 10 at St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Nachi, Udi Local Government Area.

According to the communiqué signed by Rt. Rev Chijioke Aneke, Bishop of Udi Diocese, the Synod however urged the Federal Government to replicate same feat for local government councils in the country.

The church also acknowledged that it was good to confer a posthumous award of GCFR on Chief MKO Abiola, but admonished that all good things would be better if properly done and within the confines and provisions of the law.

It expressed the feeling of the diocese that the National Council of States and the National Assembly should have been consulted before the proclamation.

The statement also called for payment of outstanding pensions and gratuity at all levels of government and resolve industrial disputes in the country.

It enjoined all Christians to engage in fervent prayers to avert or minimise these unpleasant incidences.

The church further enjoined all residents of the Diocese to acquire their Permanent Voters Card (PVC) and use it appropriately during election.

It also flayed the continued involvement of Christians in fetish activities, masquerading and consulting mediums despite teachings and Bible studies in various churches under the diocese.

The synod’s theme was ‘Behold I Come Quickly’, drawn from the Biblical book of Revelation Chapter 22 verses 7 and 12.

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2019 Election: U.S. based woman declares for presidency under PDP

U.S.-based woman declares for presidency under PDP

The PDP presidential aspirant, whose campaign slogan is ‘Hope 2019’, is the Vice Chair of Nigerian-American Public Affairs Committee and the President, Association of African Media Practitioners in the U.S.

 A U.S.-based woman, Princess Oyenike Oyedele Roberts, has declared for the presidency of Nigeria on the platform of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the 2019 presidential election.

Nike Roberts, as she is called,  while addressing supporters in New York, also dissociated herself from corruption, vowing never to accept any donation from corrupt Nigerians to fund her campaign.

She said her aspiration was built on five-cardinal plans: Uninterrupted power supply, quality healthcare for all, creation of one million jobs annually, quality affordable education and security of lives and property.

The PDP presidential aspirant, whose campaign slogan is ‘Hope 2019’, is the Vice Chair of Nigerian-American Public Affairs Committee and the President, Association of African Media Practitioners in the U.S.

She blamed the problems of Nigeria on what she termed the current faulty structure, saying the Nigerian president in the next political dispensation must have the will to restructure the country to realise its potential.

Notwithstanding the allegation of corruption levelled against PDP when it was in power, she urged Nigerians to trust her integrity as she had not been tainted by any act of corruption having not held political positions.

Roberts said PDP was poised for a major shift ahead of 2019, claiming it was the party to beat and a viable platform because it had national appeal and spread.

“Our political system is driven by money and that’s why we have the kind of leadership. The system should be driven by meritocracy – what you know to do, how to do it and the will to do it.

“That is what should drive people; it’s not how much money you have or how much money you can invest in a person that you can control at the end of the day.

“That’s what gave rise to the God-fatherism notion that it is who you know that gets you to the top. That system has continued for so long.

“But I’m seeing a new breed of leaders coming; a change that’s going to cause a shift in how we do politics in Nigeria. We don’t allow meritocracy to rule; we allow money to rule,” she said.

She called for more determination in the fight against corruption so as to secure notable convictions with commensurate consequences through the executive, legislative and Judicial commitments.

The Osun-born presidential aspirant, in her 50s,  said at the centre of her heart is the security of lives and property, saying: “We must secure the borders to prevent illegal infiltration and activities”.

“As a matter of urgency, the National Identity system must be concluded in order to account for every individual in the national database.

“This will put face to crime and assist law enforcement agencies to deliver efficient services. I will also move for the professionalism of law enforcement agencies through inter-agency cooperation and improve their welfare.”

She said apart from creating at least one million jobs annually, there would be an urgent review of the minimum wage to living wage to match current trends as well as a relief package for the extremely poor.

The politician said she would advocate for an expansion of the health insurance scheme to include all citizens while there would be incentives to encourage regular health checks.

Roberts promised to allocate minimum of 15 per cent of the annual budget to education as well as the total overhaul of the system to allow for early instruction in science, mathematics, engineering and technology.

She said: “There must be continuous training and certification for teachers and instructors at all levels. The public school infrastructure must be upgraded as a matter of urgency”.

The  politician pledged to overhaul the power infrastructure and tackle the ineffective model of operations to increase power generation to at least 20,000 megawatts using renewable sources to support the fossil sources.

Roberts said she had support base in all the 774 Local Government Areas and expressed confidence in the ability of the Independent National Electoral Commission to conduct credible poll in 2019.

Nike Roberts attended Reagan Memorial Baptist Girls’ Secondary School, Lagos(1975-81) before leaving for the United  Kingdom to study hotel management in Oxford.  According to her website,, Nike returned to Nigeria  to work in the hospitality industry by  developing her own brand of lunch delivery services to corporate clients, and event catering.

She later left for the US where she  attended Gwinnett Technical College in Georgia.

She then started the first multi-cultural television station in Atlanta area, which showcases the experience of Africans in Diaspora. She also produced and hosted her own talk show.

Nike has degrees in Office Administration & Technology, Information Security, and Technical communications.

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Nigerian Jailed For Life In UK For Murder

A Nigerian, Paul Akinnuoye, has been jailed for life for stabbing a 19-year-old to death over a ‘trivial’ row on WhatsApp over who was the ‘least gay’.

It was gathered that Akinnuoye, 20, arranged to ‘have it out’ with 19-year-old Jordan Wright after they bickered over who was the ‘straighter’ of the two in a WhatsApp group chat called ‘Ice city boyz’.

The petty argument started after one of the other chat members got into a new relationship.

Akinnuoye called Wright a “batty boy” and he retorted, “On your mum’s life, I’m straighter than you.”

The argument led to the pair agreeing to a fight in Shooters Hill, South-East London.

They were said to have headed into a nearby park, with the teenage victim unaware that Akinnuoye was armed with a kitchen knife.

The college graduate, who was due to start an apprenticeship in the construction industry, died after being stabbed in the chest.

Helped out of the park, the teenager collapsed at its entrance after saying, “I feel unwell”.

Local residents came to his assistance, administering first aid until the arrival of the LAS who took him to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where he died at 21:24hrs.

A special post-mortem held at Greenwich Mortuary the following day gave cause of death as an incised wound to the chest. Other stab injuries were also found on his body.

While passing the life in prison sentence to Akinnuoye for the murder, Judge Philip Katz QC told him:

‘The trigger for this murder was an utterly trivial dispute on a WhatsApp group chat which involved you, Jordan and others. ‘Some members of the group chat were friends of yours from school.

‘Reading that social media chat with the benefit of hindsight one can only recoil in horror at the way members of the group wound you and Jordan up to fight each other for no reason that makes sense. ‘Jordan lost his life as a result of this pathetic goading on social media.

‘The fact that such goading provided the motive makes Jordan’s death as pointless as it was tragic.’

Speaking outside the Old Bailey after the sentencing, Jordan’s mother Katharine Alade said he was a ‘loving child’ who ‘wouldn’t hurt a fly’.

‘He was full of jokes but he knew the difference between right and wrong,’ she said.

‘Even though he went to that park to have a fight over nonsense, he never took a knife. I always warned Jordan about the implications of carrying a knife.’

Akinnuoye was jailed for life and ordered to serve a minimum of 21 years behind bars.

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May D: Singer shares video of baby mama instructing their son to insult him

May D

This is a sad video showing the restrained relationships celebrities have with their baby mamas and how it influences the kids involved.

Sad! The drama celebrities, their baby mamas and dads face every day is sometimes disturbing like this newly released video by May D where his baby mama is seen instructing their son to insult him.

The singer took to his Instagram page on Monday, June 18, 2018, where he shares the video and captioned it with the quote

"I love you LAMI happy Fathers day .... this video is 3years Old ...'' he wrote. His comments section have seen a lot of people wishing him well.

This is coming a few moths after it was revealed that May D had proposed to his Swedish girlfriend.

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May D proposes to Swedish girlfriend


Back in May 2018, May D announced that he had proposed to his girlfriend and obviously said yes to the hit maker. The "Soundtrack” crooner who is expecting a pair of twins with Caroline shared the happy news on his Instagram page with the caption “she said YESSSSS!”

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Opinion: A shadow system of tracking by school feeds segregation


NEW YORK — No other city in the country screens students for as many schools as New York — a startling fact all but lost in the furor that has erupted over Mayor Bill de Blasio’s recent proposal to change the admissions process for the city’s handful of elite high schools.

One in five middle and high schools in New York, the nation’s largest school district, now choose all of their students based on factors like grades or state test scores.

That intensifies an already raw debate about equity, representation and opportunity that has raged since de Blasio proposed scrapping the one-day test now required to gain entry into New York’s eight elite high schools. Black and Hispanic students are underrepresented in many of the most selective screened middle and high schools, just as they are in the specialized high schools.

In Los Angeles, the country’s second-largest district, there are only two selective high schools and two “highly gifted” magnet schools. Boston has seven schools that screen — all high schools — including the prestigious Boston Latin School, a feeder for Harvard University that has an entrance exam akin to New York’s specialized high school test. In Seattle, the only screened schools are two elementary schools with accelerated curriculums for “highly capable” students who pass a district-administered gifted test.

“When we have a publicly funded school system, the notion that you can pick and choose your students is problematic,” said Matt Gonzales, director of the school diversity project at New York Appleseed, an organization that pushes for integrated schools. “It undermines the democratic, and free and open nature of public education.”

Unlike many cities, New York, with its 1.1 million students, also has a large base of middle-class families that attend the public schools, said Richard D. Kahlenberg, a senior fellow at the Century Foundation. Screened schools are a way to appeal to them and keep their children in the public schools, especially in a city where public housing projects sit beside million-dollar apartments, he said.

But the result has been that New York, in essence, has replaced tracking within schools with tracking by school, where children with the best records can benefit from advanced classes and active parent and alumni associations. According to the city, of the more than 830 middle schools and high schools, roughly 190 screen all of their students.

Many of these screened schools are clustered in Manhattan and Brooklyn, with enrollments that are more white, Asian and affluent than the overall school population.

Edwin Franco, a father of two girls who lives in the Bronx, said that too many selective schools cherry pick the best students — and deprive everyone else of opportunities. “They’re almost like a factory,” he said. “They’re churning out high-performing kids who are doing great while the rest of the kids are trying to figure it out on their own because they don’t have the same resources.”

Richard A. Carranza, the schools chancellor, said in an interview last week that screened schools have a limited place in a public school system, providing an option for those students who want an “intense academic environment” and can thrive in it. But, he said, “the role of those kinds of schools in a portfolio as large as New York City’s is very specific.”

Until at least the 1970s, most New York City students attended their neighborhood schools. Over the years, more options to these neighborhood schools emerged, often appealing to middle-class families and providing an alternative for families of many backgrounds to large comprehensive schools that were overwhelmed with struggling students, according to educators and parents.

“Educational Option” high schools, which admit students of varying academic abilities along a bell curve, flourished in the 1980s and ‘90s. Some of the most popular of these schools, including Beacon High School and Baruch College Campus High School, later morphed into screened schools for high-performing students.

Then, during Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration, the city required all children to apply to a high school in their eighth-grade year. Students rank up to 12 choices, and then get matched to one school by a special algorithm. The idea was to allow students to escape failing neighborhood schools and apply anywhere they chose.

In the extent of its choice system, New York is unique. Across the country, about three-quarters of all students simply attend their zoned neighborhood schools.

But as students increasingly chose their schools, the system evolved so that many schools became the ones choosing the students.

The number of high schools that admitted students only through academic screening — including the specialized high school exam, other tests and grades, or auditions — has more than tripled to 112 schools in 2017 from 29 schools in 1997, according to an analysis by Sean P. Corcoran, an associate professor of economics and education policy at New York University. Screening requirements vary from school to school, but the most sought-after schools often require at least a 90 average.

“You’ve set up a system of competition among high schools in which the easiest way for a principal to win is to select the students who are best prepared,” Kahlenberg said. “Certainly having that market-based ideology — without guidelines for equity — appears to have accelerated the growth of screening.”

The most coveted schools get thousands of aspirants for a limited number of seats and operate like de facto private schools with competitive admissions that can require families to stand in long lines to attend open houses, and pour thousands of dollars into tutors and admissions consultants.

White and Asian students are more likely to go to screened high schools, according to a study that looked at high school placements for the graduating class of 2015 by Measure of America, which is part of the Social Science Research Council. Black and Latino children, on the other hand, most often attended high schools without academic admissions requirements. Poor students were also overrepresented at those schools.

The students at the screened schools were more likely to graduate, according to the study. It found that 97 percent of students from specialized high schools graduated on time, as did 86 percent of students from screened schools. But for students at schools with no academic or geographic criterion, the graduation rate was 68 percent.

Naila Rosario, 37, has a son in seventh grade. The selection process, she said, discriminates against families that can’t afford to pay for prep. Her son, she said, would stand little chance on the specialized high school exam next fall unless she sent him to tutoring, which will cost close to $2,000. She is still thinking about whether she can afford $250 for a consultant to help him assemble a portfolio of writing, a requirement of other screened schools. “Something needs to be done to level the playing field,” she said. “Everyone should have a fair shot of getting in. It has to be equitable.”

And now as many coveted middle schools screen, the competition has moved down to that level as well. Franco attended neighborhood schools in Washington Heights, and he only went through a selection process for high school. Both his daughters have already been through screening for middle schools.

“As a parent, I’m seeing the same level of intensity to get into middle school,” he said. “That’s what baffles me, middle schools are just as competitive as high schools.”

The process at every level can be grueling for children and their families. “I don’t think anyone who’s gone through the high school application process thinks it’s anything but legalized child abuse,” said Clara Hemphill, editor of the popular school guide InsideSchools, a project of The New School’s Center for New York City Affairs. “I think it would be a healthier system if we poured resources into neighborhood schools to make them stronger.”

Carranza has suggested that screening is “antithetical to what I think we all want for our kids.” Yet the two school systems he ran previously also screen students, but in far smaller numbers than in New York. In Houston, 17 of the district’s 284 schools are magnet schools that have minimum academic requirements for grades and test scores; If there are more qualified applicants than seats, students are chosen by lottery.

San Francisco has two screened schools, Lowell High School, which has academic criteria and which Carranza’s daughter attended, and Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts, a high school that requires an audition or portfolio.

Overhauling the admissions process for the specialized schools requires approval from the Legislature; last week, Carl E. Heastie, the Assembly speaker, said the lower house would adjourn without taking up the issue. But de Blasio and Carranza, who took over in April, could change the wider screening process on their own.

Asked whether they were considering that option, Carranza said, “The proposal on the table right now is specialized schools, but I’m looking at everything.”

This article originally appeared in The New York Times.

Winnie Hu and Elizabeth A. Harris © 2018 The New York Times

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New York Times: Trumpism finds a safe space at a conservative women's conference


DALLAS — The young women had come from 48 states across the country, yearning for moments of belonging they rarely found at home.

Cheyenne Martin, a 19-year-old student at Georgetown University, described being ridiculed by classmates for her desire to lead the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency one day. But this weekend, she was met with a standing ovation.

Kyasia Benjamin used stealth social media accounts to hide her love of President Donald Trump from her family, she said, but the 22-year-old was now proudly sporting a bright red skirt patterned with Republican Party elephants.

Laci Williams, 20, said she felt so isolated as a conservative in Denver that she started a young women’s conservative magazine to connect with like-minded women across the country. But now, for four days at a Dallas airport hotel, Williams felt like she wasn’t the exception but the rule.

“We are left out of the national conversation,” Williams said of young conservative women. “And we’re sick and tired of being ignored.”

Welcome to Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit, an annual conference sponsored by the National Rifle Association that began in 2015 and has evolved into an ultra-Trumpian event complete with “lock her up” chants and vulgar T-shirts disparaging Hillary Clinton. The conference, which styles itself as an alternative to a liberal culture of feminism that many Republicans characterize as oppressive, attracted an estimated 1,000 young conservative women ages 17 to 24 for sessions like “How Political Correctness is Making Everyone Stupid” and “In the Age of Resist: Be Revolutionary.”

For many of the women here, the conference was a rejoinder of sorts to the many female Democrats running for office and organizing in the midterm elections. While liberals are hopeful about a blue wave this November, the women here had a different message: Republicans are energized this year, too — by a growing economy, a president they believe in and a belief that a “silent majority” of Trump supporters will again shock the political world this fall.

At lunch, over Caesar salads and protein bars, young women swapped stories about how they “came out” to their family and friends as female supporters of Trump, and traded strategies on how to best cope with a sense of political ostracization that several described feeling on college campuses. They geeked out over the newest clothing from Ivanka Trump and quoted “takedowns” from conservative provocateurs and conference speakers including Tomi Lahren, Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson that they saw as perfect for “triggering liberals.”

“This is my reset for the year,” said Maggie Andrews, a 19-year-old student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette who described herself as a former “radical leftist” who had a “leftist haircut” of bangs and shoulder-length hair.

Andrews said that amid what she saw as unwarranted anti-Trump activism sweeping the United States, people like Peterson, the controversial psychologist and YouTube star, had helped change her political opinions.

“Just one crack in the liberal facade is so important,” Andrews said. “That’s all you need.”

Several women described sharing a politics of aggrievement that grew out of their experiences as young conservatives in the United States today. More than any political ideology, the women at the summit appeared united by their criticism of recent social movements — such as the March for Our Lives against gun control, the #MeToo campaign to raise awareness for sexual assault and harassment, or the Black Lives Matter movement against police brutality. In their view, there was nothing worse than being labeled racist, sexist or homophobic by “the left,” because liberal name-calling was worse than any sin that could precede it.

At the conference, Natalia Mittelstadt, 20, said #MeToo may be turning in to “McCarthyism,” though she also said it was great that women were speaking out about their negative experiences. Nafisa Kabir, a 20-year-old Bangladeshi immigrant set to receive her U.S. citizenship in two weeks, spoke of her desire to see immigration curbed “because a bunch of added people doesn’t make things better.” One 17-year-old wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat said she doubted the widely accepted statistic that one in four college women experience rape or attempted rape — but if it was true, the reason was because “we’re importing rape culture” through illegal immigration and homosexuality.

“The most important thing we need to do is build the wall,” said Morgan Tapley, a teenager.

Though there was none of the guttural cheering and angry taunts that often emanate from Trump’s campaign-style rallies, the president’s hallmark rhetoric and propensity to stretch the truth was also ever-present.

Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, at one point suggested falsely that Stanford University had stopped teaching classes that include William Shakespeare because he was a white man. Any mention of CNN was booed as “fake news.”

Clinton, the first woman ever nominated for president by a major party, was also a preferred target of speakers.

“Can we just take a moment to celebrate that Hillary Clinton is not the first female president of the United States?” Kirk said in his opening remarks to wild applause. He stood smiling on the bright pink stage as the day’s first “lock her up” chant cut through the auditorium.

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s counselor and the main speaking attraction at the conference, invoked Clinton as she praised the assembled audience.

“We kept open the job of first female president of the United States, so maybe she’s in this room,” Conway said. “This country’s more than ready for a female president — just not that one.”

Other speakers at the conference included conservative figures like Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, the NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch and Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

Kirk, 24, began Turning Point USA in 2012 to motivate and organize college conservatives around free market ideals. However, since Trump’s ascension, the organization has gone to lengths to tie its brand — and Kirk’s — in lock step with Trump.

Liberal organizations such as Swing Left and March for Our Lives have focused considerable energy during 2018 on the electoral work of registering young people to vote, but Turning Point USA is continuing its focus on arming conservatives for arguments, with an eye more toward training the next generation of conservative news pundits than the electioneers.

Over the course of the summit’s four-day agenda, there were no training sessions focused on political organizing or campaigning. There was, however, a session for “10 Best Ways to Grow Your Instagram in 2018,” “Suing Your University 101” and a pajama party on Saturday night.

Kirk said in an interview that while liberal organizations are currently outpacing conservatives in organizing young people, conservatives are focused on a broader “culture war.”

“We’re always going to be behind because the left controls higher education,” he said. “They control 2,100 platforms of learning.”

Still, even within the conservative movement, Kirk and his organization are becoming increasingly divisive. For some weeks, Turning Point USA has been the target of intense criticism on social media from conservatives and liberals alike, and a memo from another conservative organization accused the group of inflating its attendance numbers at conferences and boosting its membership with “racists & Nazi sympathizers.”

A recent tweet from Candace Owens, Turning Point’s outspoken communications director, also was the subject of criticism.

Owens, who skyrocketed to national fame after helping shepherd rap artist Kanye West through his transition from liberal social activist to a vocal supporter of Trump, received significant blowback recently after she tweeted that “the entire premise of #metoo is that women are stupid, weak, & inconsequential.”

Owens has yet to apologize publicly, and she did not do so explicitly at the young women’s conference. Nevertheless, she was greeted with a standing ovation before her speech Saturday afternoon, smiling as a song from West’s new album played quietly in the background.

“We’re all with you, Candace!” a young woman screamed from the crowd.

This article originally appeared in The New York Times.

Astead W. Herndon © 2018 The New York Times

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"Castle & Castle": Legal drama series starring RMD, Dakore Akande gets release date

Castle and Castle with RMD, Dakore Akande gets release date

There's a release date for the EbonyLife legal drama series, "Castle and Castle," starring RMD, Dakore Akande and Blossom Chukwujekwu.

EbonyLife TV has announced the release date for Nigeria's first legal drama series titled "Castle and Castle," starring Richard Mofe-Damijo and Dakore Akande.

The series will be exclusive to the network's Video on demand platform, EbonyLife ON, from July 1, 2018.

The series follows the story of a married couple, ‘Remi Castle’ and her husband ‘Tega’ – two lawyers who met 20 years ago when he taught her in law school.


About legal drama series "Castle and Castle"

A former law professor, ‘Tega’ is passionate about human rights. However, as the years have gone by and the nature of the firm has changed, he has had to fight extra-hard to get such cases.

‘Remi’ is a beautiful, brilliant woman who loves her husband, but they have different legal interests – she prefers clients that have deep pockets and pay massive retainers.

Their marriage is put to the test, as a host of family issues crop up and affect their work.

"Castle and Castle" will take viewers through their lives and they band together against outsiders and fight each other when their individual desires clash.

Will their marriage survive or will it succumb to the pressures of their work environment?


Cast and Crew of legal drama series "Castle and Castle"

Produced by Isioma Osaje and Temidayo Abudu, "Castle and Castle" is directed by Niyi Akinmolayan, Tope Oshin and Kenneth Gyang.

The series also features Eku Edewor, Deyemi Okanlawon, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Dorcas Shola  Fapson, Ade Laoye, Diipo Ayo-Adeusi, Anee Icha, Denola Grey among others.

EbonyLife is popular for TV series such as "Desperate Housewives Africa," "Fifty The Series," "Dere," "Sons of the Caliphate" and "The Governor."

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